SkinStation Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal – REVIEW

First session of diode laser at SkinStation Glorietta 5 for underarms

I just came home from SkinStation Glorietta 5 branch for my first session of Diode Laser for permanent reduction of underarm hair. Why am I doing this? Because I swim a lot and wish to spend less time worrying about my armpit hair! ๐Ÿคฃ

TL;DR: Everything went smoothly and I liked the SkinStation staff, except that they are requiring clients to buy their Infladerm cream which is to be used for inflammation of the diode laser-treated areas. A friend and a blogger said that they were not required to purchase the Infladerm, but I purchased one anyway because it always feels like a drag to argue, and I was thinking maybe I should buy it anyway just in case my underarms do get irritated.

Before heading out for my appointment I made sure I followed the preparations for diode laser underarm hair removal that I received from SkinStation.

I was coming from MRT-3 Taft terminal around 9AM. The female section is often less crowded on weekday mornings when North-bound. My game plan was to go to Ayala station then pass through SM and Glorietta 4 to go to SkinStation at Glorietta 5, but I only remembered that malls usually open at 10AM! So, I exited through the Glorietta exit and walked through Courtyard Drive (along SM Makati) until I saw the Glorietta 5 building, which I jokingly call “Uniqlo Building” sometimes. The SkinStation at Glorietta 5 is at the 3rd floor. I arrived around 10AM. Mmmm the reception area smelled nice and that relaxed me a bit after the long walks. The receptionist was nice too. What I did before my laser diode session was hand over a printed copy of my voucher “Diode Laser for Underarms P5K for 8 sessions“, and also forward the email I received from SkinStation when I purchased that voucher (including the PayPal receipt which was included in that email).

The wait until my diode laser session wasn’t long. It actually started 10 minutes earlier than my appointment. Right before the diode laser session, I filled out some forms at SkinStation.

The laser technician lady seemed rude at first; I heard her ask the receptionist in a rough tone “Diode laser din ito?” while pointing at me. I just think that it’s kinda rude to refer to people as “ito” (“this” in English) and that “siya” (“him/her” in English) is better. LOL. But while doing the laser diode session, she seemed approachable and nice to talk to, so… no problem to me!

What it looks like in a room where SkinStation does their laser diode underarm hair removal.

Since my session was for underarms, I had to take off my shirt and don a lavender colored cover-up. The photo above is a bit blurry because I was in a hurry — the laser technician was already knocking on the door and I haven’t even taken my shirt off! HAHA.

I was wondering if the cover-up was fresh from laundry, or was it worn my someone else right before I used it.

First thing that was done was shaving of the armpit hair. I shaved them 1 week before my first laser diode, following the preparations for laser diode that SkinStation sent me.

After shaving the armpits, the laser technician at SkinStation put a cover on my eyes to protect them from laser.

And then, she applied gel on my left armpit and began rubbing the laser device on it. It felt warmer and warmer as time went by, but there was no pain. It was kinda relaxing. Then she applied a soothing cream, I think.

She did the same on the right armpit, but it felt much warmer than what I felt on the left. Also, about 1 second before she lifted up the device, I felt a very slight pain. It was very brief, and it’s the kind of pain when you pluck your armpit hair after a loooong time of not plucking it, or first time plucking it. I think it’s not a big deal.

After that, I took off the cover-up, wore my t-shirt, fixed my hair a bit, then headed out back into the reception area. I was required to purchase Infladerm for P220 pesos. Even though another blogger said she didn’t buy it and she was OK, I didn’t feel like arguing, and I thought I might need it if I’m unlucky and got irritated armpits later on, so I bought one anyway.

I’ll use it later after showing. No showering for 8 hours after the diode laser underarm session!

I am not allowed to swim for 1 week, according to the laser technician. Also, I’m not allowed to shave, pluck or wax because the hair might thicken again.

They also told me that the hair will grow right away (maybe tomorrow I’ll already see stubbles) but after 1 week I’ll notice that they will fall off on their own. That’s kinda exciting to see! XD

So yeah, I am satisfied with the laser diode for underarms service at SkinStation Glorietta 5. My next session should be within 6 to 8 weeks from today. So, within September 2 to September 16!

I hope this review of SkinStation’s laser diode for underarms helped you! I will try to update this post or post a new blog entry on my next laser sessions. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: 8 days after my first session for underarm diode laser, the hair can be pulled out without resistance. I also notice that the hair that I pull out don’t have the “root” attached, unlike when I plucked hair prior to laser treatment.

Second session of diode laser at SkinStation Glorietta 5 for underarms

On my second session at SkinStation Glorietta 5, I passed by the huge Uniqlo store as usual…

Sometimes I call Glorietta 5 the “Uniqlo Building” because the Uniqlo store seems to take up most of the space in the building. This photo was taken when I was already done with the SkinStation session.

My appointment for this session was at 11AM and I arrived just in time. The laser technician began my session about 10 minutes later. I really don’t like it when people are not mindful of exact time, but it was no big deal to me because I wasn’t in a hurry to leave and I had a good book with me.

The cover-up cloth looks messy because I was about to wear it and then I felt like taking a picture of the room first, so I placed it back on the bed like that ๐Ÿ˜‚
This is how you wear the cover-up before you begin the diode laser session for underarms.

A few minutes after I wore the cover-up and laid down, the laser technician entered the room. She commented that my underarm hair is thin for someone who’s only undergone 1 session before. I was also told that some clients purchase another 8-session promo package because 8 sessions are not enough to thin out or reduce their underarm hair. I guess I’m lucky? I hope I won’t need the yearly booster shots anymore for maintenance, so that I can avoid additional expenses. hehehe

First, she shaved my armpits — SkinStation advises that we don’t shave 2 weeks prior to the diode laser session so that the technician would see where hair growths are, and shall be targeted with laser.

Next, like before, she placed a paper napkin on my eye, followed by shaded eyeglasses. This is to protect the eyes from laser. I wonder if she also wore shades after that.

The gel that was applied to my kili-kilis was super cold this session! ๐Ÿ˜‚ But there was totally no pain this time unlike the first session when I felt a very brief pain before the laser session finished.

I was able to make small talk with the laser technician today. I found out she performs laser on numerous amount of people each day, around 20 or more. That’s a lot, I thought. She said that the fact that the weight of the laser handle they use doesn’t make the job any easier. Performing laser diode on the legs is a bigger challenge because of the huge areas to be covered. But they are used to such difficult task since they work like that every single day, the laser technician said. The SkinStation branch is in Glorietta 5 so it is close to many offices, and in that area the malls get very crowded by 5PM onward. You can imagine how many office employees schedule their laser sessions in the evenings after work. Their appointment booking system also reveals how early they get fully booked. So far, it’s always fully booked at least 2 weeks ahead… and it kind of reminds me of DFA Passpoint Appointment. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ubusan ng slots!

Like before, I was told not to wash the area for the next 6 hours. And yep, another week of no swim workout again for me. Time to drag myself to the gym! ๐Ÿ˜ด

On my way home I took the MRT train. I sweat so easily, and after the walk from Glorietta 5 to MRT Ayala station, I was drenched in sweat. My armpits were marinating in sweat with my soaked t-shirt. ๐Ÿ˜‚I know, I’m a yucky person. The problem was that I felt a subtle burning sensation during that time. Good thing my train stop was just 1 station away so I was able to change into sando at home within 30 minutes. I looked at my pits, and saw no redness or bumps, so no problem.

Update: after the second session, my underarm hair did not shed like in the first one! I was so worried to I asked SkinStation about it on Facebook Messenger. This was their response:

Shedding will depend on the reaction of your hair follicles to the treatment. Some experience shedding with just first few sessions while it takes a little longer for others. Around 10% – 15% should shed. That’s the hair population in its growth stage. You can also ask that the fluence (energy level) be increased in your next session. Just inform the aesthetician to increase the fluence of the diode laser to better target the smaller hair follicles.

So on my next session I should tell the laser technician (aesthetician) about the lack of hair shedding on my previous, and ask her to increase the energy level of the diode laser.

My third diode laser session will be in October! I’ll try to make kwento here again if I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

Third diode laser underarm session at SkinStation Glorietta 5

From here on I will switch from calling the SkinStation staff “laser technician” to “aesthetician”. Sorry I’ve been using the wrong term. ^_^

On my third diode laser underarm session I told the aesthetician that shedding did not occur at all, after my second session. I told her that the instruction I received from SkinStation via Facebook Messenger is to ask for stronger fluence (energy level) of the laser. The aesthetician said that she can do that and I was glad to hear that.

This third session was my favorite so far, despite going in there still recovering from cough and cold, fearing that I might get cough attacks while the aesthetician was performing laser treatment on my armpits. lol. I often get sick and it’s frustrating. Anyway, it was enjoyable because today’s aesthetician gave me helpful pointers when it comes to shaving, and because I felt that the laser diode really worked this time.

Avoid shaving between diode laser underarm sessions

The SkinStation aesthetician told me that I should stop shaving! She disagreed about the advice I received from SkinStation’s Facebook Messenger that said “It’s okay to shave in between treatment sessions. But do not pluck live hair. Do not wax. And do not shave 2 weeks before your scheduled treatment. What is important is that hair can be seen by the therapist when it’s your schedule for treatment.” The aesthetician told me that shaving the hair in between sessions thicken the hair, making the diode laser sessions pointless. I told her that I swim often, and her advice is to simply trim the thickest hairs with a tiny scissors before swimming. According to her, she can’t explain WHY trimming does not thicken hair like shaving does, when both methods do exactly the same thing, which is to cut hair. But based on her experience, trimming the underarm hair is her proven way of avoiding thickened hair between diode laser sessions. And lastly, she told me that I can safely shave 5 days before my next diode laser underarm treatment, because we’ll destroy the hair follicles soon anyway.

On a side note, the aesthetician told me that waxing is not allowed before laser treatments because the laser may irritate and darken the waxed skin.

Higher fluence (energy level) and the sensations

Because today’s aesthetician used higher energy level on the diode laser used on me, I felt more “plucking” sensations and warmth from the laser equipment.

The plucking sensation was very slightly painful, almost like the pain you would feel when plucking hair for the first time.

The warmth of the laser equipment and the motions during treatment felt like I was being given an armpit massage. LOL. When it gets too warm, the aesthetician reapplies cold gel on the pits, then resumes the “armpit massage”. ๐Ÿคฃ

Update: 7 days after the third diode laser session, my underarm hair began shedding. It worked again this time.

My next diode laser underarm session will be on November!

Fourth diode laser underarm session at SkinStation Glorietta 5

I felt anxious as I walked along the side of SM Makati and Glorietta today around 10:20AM because the malls seemed to be still closed when I’m used to going to Glorietta 5 SkinStation for my appointment around 10:30AM. I found out that the malls there open at 11AM when it’s Christmas season. Maybe that’s why the earliest slot at SkinStation today was 11AM! Anyway, I was lucky because Glorietta 5 was already open around 10:30AM and I was able to rest a bit inside the SkinStation lobby.

During the diode laser session, I asked the aesthetician to confirm if I may shave in between laser sessions, and she told me it’s not recommended because the hair will thicken. It’s a bit confusing because SkinStation leaflets and their staff who responds on Facebook Messenger say that it’s okay. Oh well, I’ll avoid it to be on the safe side.

This fourth session, the laser equipment just felt warm on my skin sans the prickly sensations. The aesthetician said that there are some clients who don’t or rarely shed after session, and that should be fine because they still notice the reduction of hair over time.

From now on, my sessions will be 8 weeks apart! I’ll need to set an appointment for January 21 or a few days later. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fifth diode laser underarm session at SkinStation Glorietta 5

My armpit hair has grown so long. Looking at it, it’s as if the 4 laser sessions had not reduced the amount or thickness of hair.

I’m not gonna hold back — I’m not trying to scare you guys but the 5th diode laser session was painful! In my first four session, whenever I felt a prickly sensation (what they call “pumipitik”), it was only mild and only for very short periods of time during the session. This time, the sensation was stronger and it was felt throughout the laser session. I was worried that something might have gone wrong so I informed the aesthetician about the pain, and she told me it’s because she had to use high energy level because it’s already my fifth session, and that she will try to do it more gently to make it less painful. The device felt so hot on my skin. I tried to endure it to the very end. lol. I only hope that the pain is normal, and that the aesthetician was not making a mistake. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

I think I’ll have my sixth session after another 8 weeks.

Sixth diode laser underarm session at SkinStation Glorietta 5

Before I actually went to SkinStation for the 6th session, I was worried if my appointment was really set. Their booking system was down on the day when I was about to book for appointment so I simply texted them for it. A week before the appointment date I was trying to ask them if the appointment booking is confirmed, but they did not respond. Dunno why I didn’t think of checking my online account right away for any set appointment, but when I did, I saw the set appointment. What a relief.

Also, before leaving home for Glorietta, I checked my underarm hair. So far this is the time when I have the least hair in that area. I guess the diode laser has began to work.

One of SkinStation Glorietta’s laser machine was down on my 6th session, which is probably the reason why I waited over 10 minutes past my appointed time.

I’m glad that my 6th session wasn’t as painful as the 5th! I think the aesthetician’s chit-chat with me helped. Our conversation served as a distraction from the pain. I guess if you have low pain tolerance, try to hold a long conversation with your aesthetician to distract yourself. ๐Ÿ˜…

My next session, the 7th, will be after 8 weeks. I hope that I would be lucky enough not to need booster sessions after the 8th!

Update (2021-12-19): I didn’t push through with the 7th session because first, there’s still a pandemic, and second, I developed chronic urticaria / pressure urticaria (not caused by diode laser) and I’m scared that laser sessions may make it worse.

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  1. I just got my second session done at Glorietta 5 and it was really painful. However i didnt feel any pain during my first session at Circuit. โ˜น๏ธ I switched branches because there was no fallout in my right armpit after the first session so I wanted to try other branches. How unfortunate for me โ˜น๏ธ

  2. Had my second session at Skinstationโ€™s Sm North branch and i donโ€™t see any falling hair or reduction of hair so far. Unlike what other bloggers are sharing, my hair on the armpit looks like the aftermath of shaving. Thinking of changing to other stores.

    1. Maybe the energy level of the diode laser wasn’t strong enough? Someone from SkinStation also told me that for some people, shedding of hair only begins after a few sessions.

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