Self-reflection: the difficulty in explaining oneself

I remember having to work with someone before who often speaks vaguely, then gets mad when the person he is talking to doesn’t understand what he means. Let’s call him Mister A. Those days when he threw a fit were very stressful days of my life.

The past few weeks I have been interacting with more people due to lifestyle changes. I noticed that I feel so upset when I fail to get my point across the person I’m talking to. Upon reflection, I think it may be because I need to improve the way I explain myself, and that I shouldn’t be upset at the other person, and instead try harder to communicate better with people.

Even though I am happy that I no longer have anything to do with a toxic person that I call Mister A, I am glad I met him because otherwise, I might not have this self-reflection on improving one’s communication skill.

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