COMELEC Makati for voter's certification, Morong corner F. Zobel street

How to get Voter’s Certification at Makati (Requirements, Price, Location)

Today we went to COMELEC to request voter’s certificate.

It is near Makati City Hall, along Morong St. near its intersection with F. Zobel St. The building says “Gen Pio Del Pilar High School” but Google Map says that the school is permanently closed. For the exact location of COMELEC, see the map above.

Once past the gate, the guard will ask for your barangay name, as the window where you’ll request the voter’s certificate will depend on the barangay where you reside.

The staff that caters for people from Barangay Bangkal Makati only asked for two requirements: 1 valid ID and a fee of 75 pesos. I think the price of voter’s certification for PWD is zero.

There was no queue at the time we went, so the process was pretty fast. We received our voter’s certificate within 5 minutes!

I was worried that it might be difficult for me to get my voter’s certification, because my records here in Makati is still in my maiden name. So I presented an old ID with my maiden name, but the address is not in Makati! The staff still accepted it, to my relief. Anyway, I already submitted a request to change my name before the 2022 election, but they did not change it. I don’t want to go through the process again so maybe I will just use my maiden name next election.

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