SkinStation: Laser Diode for Underarms – PREPARATION

Occasionally, I do kikay stuff too! Swimming is something I got into recently, and frequently being in swimsuit, swimming the front crawl stroke which often exposes the armpits, prompts me to keep the underarms hair-free… as much as possible. 😆 For a few months I turned to waxing at Lay-Bare but talking to girl friends made me learn about “laser diode” treatment to permanently reduce (not eliminate) hair. Several months ago I bought a promo package “Diode Laser for Underarms P5K for 8 sessions” from them, hoping for less hassle maintenance of underarm hair.

Today I finally booked for my first appointment. One can do so by visiting their website and selecting “Book” on the desired services. There are no longer available slots 1 week from today. I booked mine for next next week at the SkinStation Glorietta 5 branch. Good luck to me finding where that is; I get lost easily! 😀

So, I always want to come prepared. In Lay-Bare, they advise against waxing for ladies when they have their periods. So I asked SkinStation on Facebook Messenger if having menstruation during laser diode for underarms is fine, and this was their response:

Question: Is it fine to undergo a Diode Laster for Underarms session when I have menstruation?

Answer from SkinStation: Yes it’s okay, as long as the treatment is not for Diode Laser Brazilian or Bikini Line. It’s not contraindicated however it depends on your skin condition. You might get contusions or “pasa pasa” if your skin is sensitive. If you feel discomfort, you can have the treatment done after your period.

Then I ask how I should prepare for my appointment:

Question: Is there anything I need to avoid before the Diode Laster for Underarms session?

Answer from SkinStation:

Here are the guidelines before and after Diode Laser treatment.

Pre (Before):
• Do not shave area to be treated 2 weeks or at least three (3) to five (5) days before your appointment.
• Do not pluck, wax or use a depilatory in the areas you wish to treat four (4) weeks prior to your treatment.
• Avoid any unnecessary UV exposure to the areas to be treated four (4) weeks prior to treatment.
• Avoid self-tanning products four (4) weeks prior to treatment.
• Do not apply Retinol/ Retinoic acid-containing creams/lotions one (1) week before your Diode laser treatment.
• Stop application of NanoWhite Intensive underarm cream one (1) week before your Diode laser treatment.
• No peeling agents or diamond peel one (1) week before the procedure

Post (After):
• Some redness in the treated area may occur after your treatment. Apply post laser or Infladerm. If the redness does not subside in a few hours, please call the clinic at once.
• Do not wash the treated area for six (6) to eight (8) hours.
• Avoid applying exfoliants (glycolics, retinoids, etc.) to the treated area for seven (7) days.
• Keep area clean and wash gently. Do not use hot water. Do not use sauna.
• Apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to exposed treated area for at least six (6) weeks.
• Do not use deodorant or antiperspirant for 12 hours after your Diode treatment.
• Do not apply Retinol/ Retinoic acid-containing creams/lotions for one (1) week after your Diode laser treatment.
• Stop application of NanoWhite Intensive underarm cream one (1) week after your Diode laser treatment.
• Expect hair to grow immediately after the treatment. This is normal. After two (2) weeks, 10% to 15% of the hair will have no resistance. Do not pluck or wax the hair which still has resistance.

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