Hey! 🙂 This is Catzie, and this blog mostly covers topics related to technology — programming, web development, games, software… and sometimes I post food and travel reviews too. From time to time you’ll see posts with just my opinion on various things.

I am 26 years old as I update this page, and I work as web & Android developer as part of an advertising company’s digital team on weekdays, and sometimes work as a baker during weekends. It’s been 5 years since I edited this About page, and I don’t feel like removing what I wrote years ago [yet] so I’m keeping them below. xD

For a couple of years, I neglected this blog because of some distractions. But now, I’m doing what I can to revive this blog. SEO, fresh blog entries, etc…

So, if you like the things I post about, mind if I ask you to follow my blog on Facebook or me on Twitter? 🙂


In 2011 this was how I introduced this blog:

The Catzie.net Blog is a blog about different topics, that Catzie (that’s me) owns. Most of the topics are related to the Information Technology.

About Catzie

I am Catherine Policarpio Keng, better known as Catzie, a Filipino who graduated (with Latin honor, tee-hee) BS – Information Technology from FEU – East Asia College. I’m 22 years old as I type this.

I’m not focused on web development though. I’m torn between that and SINGING. 😀 Check my FB Page: Catzie Music, you *might* find it interesting so “Like” it, maybe? LOL. 😀

Right now I work full-time as web developer and designer for a telecommunication company. I do freelance design works when I can. To relieve myself of stress, or when depressed, I cook, bake, watch movies, play video games, sing with my guitar, or go to nearby grocery stores.

I wonder if I’m the only one who is relieved of stress by doing grocery shopping. 🙂 It works for me every time. Probably because it takes me away from the computer screen, I get to walk and see people (not just “walls” in the workplace), and has something to do with how I enjoy cooking and baking.

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  1. Hi Catzie,

    I’m browsing the some topics in the internet while I’m in the office and I happen to read your blog. I do agree and admire things that you said. I would like to be your friend. Do you think it’s possible?

  2. woah… this is a very interesting blog… simple…direct…informative… and is owned by a pretty girl hahaha.

  3. Hi Catzie,

    I’m glad i found your blog site in the wilds.. 🙂
    I will take the CCNA certification this September and your ccna istallers are great help for my review..
    thank you pretty young lady..

    >> kr00k3dg0d
    gil is my name.. hacking is my game!

  4. hi! you’re very talented girl! 🙂 hi im interested with your artworks, would you mind if we can talk over the landline or give me your email ad so i can tell you my proposal.. thank you 🙂

  5. hii catize…
    a wonderful line i read in ur blog….i even dont know why this happens tht those who are in Love helps others.my girl friend also told me tht i help others so she likes me.

    grt job….i am preparing for CCNA so met u the online high ways…

    nice meeting 2 u

    Enjoy dayz with him!!!!!


  6. Hi Catzie, i stumble upon your blog as i was searching some tips for children of inotia 3 hehehe, your tips are valuable. And i love your blog and nice design your created 🙂 KUTGW. Cheers

  7. Hey catzie. Amazing. You destress yourself by going to the grocery too? I might have bumped into you at one point (if you go to the groceries in malls) Steeg. Your inotia 3 guide (quite useful in the boss fight) is what brought me to your site. But it seems you got tons of interesting stuff here. Hehe. Keep up the cool work!

  8. Now I what i was finding for a long time. that is ccna exploration setup.
    Nice blog Catherine, as your name. keep it up.. and lastly i would like to give my thanks and appreciation for the job you did…

  9. I found your blog while I was surfing for SSS Applicatin requirements.
    And what a coincidence that we are both BSIT graduates. ^_^
    I’m just starting with my career, though.
    I’m also a blogger – a beginner one.
    Thanks for the post about SSS by the way.

  10. hi i am also an IT graduate. pero ala work at the moment. does it pay good as a web designer? what’s your company? baka pwede ako mag apply dun 🙂 thanks in advance.

  11. Found your blog accidentally and I’m impressed that someone like you found a method to express in humble manner an entrepreneurial way of thinking. You have to start eventually… AND you’ve started it right.

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