Experience (Review of Ready for Rain’s Ordering and Delivery Process)

In one sentence, if you ask me how I feel about my transaction with them, I’d say “I’m glad it’s over. Phew.”

I felt that they don’t value their relationship with customers. Shipping was delayed (later than what’s written in Delivery Policy), wrong item was sent, and they made me wait at a JRS branch that’s a bit far from my house for nothing.

Read the entire article for details.

it’s rainy season. Flood on our streets were knee length and I panicked so I decided to buy rain boots.

From, I ordered and paid for a pair of SubLime rain boots on August 12, Sunday. Credit card borrowed from someone was used to pay online. I received confirmation of my order afterwards.

Ready for Rain’s Delivery Policy and Ordering FAQs:

Delivery Policy

Ordering FAQs

Their Delivery Policy stated “Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday will be shipped on the next business day” , which means they shouldve shipped Monday. In their Ordering FAQs, they stated “Within 24 hours of payment, expect an email from Readyforrain with your tracking number” but no tracking number was sent to me within 24 hours. I thought maybe I should just wait until Wednesday since that’s expected date of delivery, but nothing came in my doorstep. There wasn’t even an email containing tracking number yet. It was already 2 days late so I had to follow up via email. Few hours later I received response teling me Air21 didn’t accomodate all their shipments for “Tuesday”. Why Tuesday? Wasn’t it supposed to be shipped Monday? Their Delivery Policy stated “Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday will be shipped on the next business day.” I ordered on a Sunday, and based on the statement in their policy, the item should have been shipped Monday, not Tuesday.

Then Thursday their product arrived at my house. I opened the box, filled with excitement, just to find that they sent me the wrong item. I got the Spade design, which I really don’t like, instead of the SubLime I ordered. I felt upset. They delayed without informing customer, and when they finally sent the rain boots, it’s the wrong product. When I reported the mistake I was told they’re understaffed and overwhelmed with the number of orders. The friend I talked to about this said they can’t use that as an excuse for their mistake, and that the seller just sucks, but nah, I know it’s rainy season and they’re probably processing soooo many orders these days because of the demand for their rain gears. I just thought, “OK fine, they might not be in the best situation… so let’s just get over this as soon as we can.”

So, it was time for me to return the wrong boots. I felt bad because I need to go out just to send the package back to them when it’s them who made mistakes. I’m very busy even on weekends, but I made time to visit a courier because I need to send them back the item that’s not mine. It was also time to wish that they finally send me the correct rain boots.

It was Saturday when I headed out for a not-so-far Air21 branch. But it’s closed. The second closest branch is already too far so I decided to go to JRS instead because it’s near the closed Air21 branch. Before leaving home, I texted the mobile number they provided, asking for confirmation of their warehouse address. Their address was in the slip that came with wrong boots but handwriting was not very legible. I was already at JRS as 12 noon, but still no response. I needed a simple YES or NO. I know they aren’t out of text credits because they were able to text me at 1:40PM that day about something else. Ready for Rain couldn’t provide help to a customer who was making an effort to send them back the wrong item they shipped.

At the JRS branch, the person in charge told us what we need to do was make Ready for Rain call their nearby JRS branch, which was in Katipunan, and tell them that need to pickup an item, the wrong boots, from JRS Escolta, where we were about to send the package. This was needed so that it is Ready for Rain that will be charged for the shipping. After Ready for Rain speaks with JRS Katipunan, JRS Katipunan branch should inform JRS Escolta branch about the transaction and we leave the product there. We called Ready for Rain and told the lady about the process, and requested they call JRS Katipunan right away because we were waiting at a JRS branch. The lady said OK, they will do so. I also texted them the cost of shipping after the phone call. There wasn’t any text response but that’s understandable. Half an hour later, still no update from the JRS people. We called Ready for Rain again and found that they haven’t called JRS Katipunan yet! They couldn’t cooperate. We were waiting at JRS for nothing. Then requested us to just get the wrong boots picked up by Air21 at my housefor them. A big “WHAT THE HECK?!” The package containing the wrong boots was already prepared by the in-charge at JRS. They shouldn’t have told us that they will call JRS Katipunan if they didn’t plan on doing so. They should have told me 2 days ago, when I informed them of the mistake in shipment, that they prefer to get it picked up from my house by Air21. Why, you ask? Because it’s simpler and easier FOR ME TOO, not just for them! What they did was ask me to ship it back to them, and when I was about to send it, they told me they’ll get it picked up from my house.

They shipped correct product Friday and got it Saturday. This transaction with them made me feel exhausted. I feel that I wasted time and effort for nothing.

I’m not telling you that you should not purchase from Ready for Rain. I’m just sharing my very troublesome experience so you know what to expect especially in rainy season. Though I believe that a good seller won’t be like this no matter how “flooded” they are with orders.

I won’t order anything again from Ready for Rain unless:

  • They have a product I really need but can’t find anywhere else in the world, or
  • I want stress.

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