SMTP: Test emails from local computer during development stage using smtp4dev

Web developers need to work on their website locally once in a while. I use XAMPP in my computer to work on my web projects locally.

I’m about to begin working on a project which sends emails when users register for an account. From the live site, I downloaded it to my computer so I could do updates. I tested the registration form and it failed because email could not be sent. I would usually use phpmailer, but that’s a bit time-consuming to configure, so I wondered if my colleague who worked on it before used a simpler solution. Lucky me, she did find a simpler way to test the emails sent/received on her computer during development.

She shared smtp4dev with me and it worked like a charm. I simply run the EXE file of smtp4dev, tested the registration form again, and it lets me view the content of the email I sent. Sweet. This will be very useful. It does not actually deliver the email, but hey, this is a very quick solution to testing email functions that you coded locally.

Click here to go to the download page for smtp4dev

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