Lazy Bastard: try it for beefy burgers and customized breakfast sandwiches

We decided to walk along Jupiter Street with our Pokemon Go apps turned on, hoping to add a couple of kilometers to our incubated Pokemon eggs.

lazy bastard, makati

Our tired feet brought us to Lazy Bastard. It’s at Jupiter street corner Galaxy street.

lazy bastard, jupiter street corner galaxy street
Entrance to Lazy Bastard in Jupiter St. corner Galaxy St.

We already ordered cheeseburger and slappy joe when we noticed their breakfast sandwiches can be customized. I want to try hashbrowns instead of bread buns (they call this “outsides”)  and sausage patty with bacon and cheese as filling (they call these “insides”). Hehe. 😆 Or maybe waffle outside, with sausage, hashbrown, bacon and cheese inside… Served with vanilla milkshake! The latter sounds less nakakaumay. Too much oil, I know. Their menu even detailed the steps for their breakfast sandwiches:

Step 1: Choose outsides
Step 2: Choose a lot of insides
Step 3: Die Happy

I definitely want to take step 3 by being happy but without dying yet though. XD

After a few minutes, our burgers were served!

The sloppy joe was too sweet. To me, it would probably be enjoyable if the sweetness was just subtle. Lazy Bastad’s sloppy joe is even sweeter than the average beef tapa, and almost as sweet as tocino. 🙁

cheese burger at lazy bastard
Cheese Burger from Lazy Bastard is very good, and I think it’s because I loved the melted cheddar cheese that they used. The burger patty itself is very beefy. I loved it!

lazy bastard, jupiter street, makati

We ordered these burgers as part of combo meals for additional P90 on each meal. We had tots (they’re like hashbrowns shaped like small cylinders) and onion rings. The onion rings are onion slices fried with batter. My companion said it’s like tempura batter. The sides were served in paper bags, but we poured them on our plate for better presentation. Tee-hee.

"Calamantea" at Lazy Bastard
“Calamantea” at Lazy Bastard

Their calamantea (calamansi iced tea) is refreshing and goes well with their burgers (or any greasy food) because it lessens the umay feeling. It’s a must-try!

I will go back to munch on something again at Lazy Bastard when I have the chance, but will never try their Sloppy Joe again. Sorry but it was horrible because of the level of sweetness.

Go to Lazy Bastard if you want meaty, beefy beef patties and cheddar cheese on your cheeseburger, or if you want breakfast sandwich with waffles outside, and a high stack of sausage patty, bacon, cheese, eggs, and whatnot as filling! 😆 Die happy.

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