Android app dev: ShareActionProvider in Activity & Fragment

I’ve been taking the Developing Android Apps course on Udacity, and yesterday I encountered a difficulty in solving the Quiz: Share Intent.

One of the course’s goal is to build the Sunshine App – an Android app with weather forecast.

In that quiz I had to implement ShareActionProvider on my DetailsFragment so that a share icon becomes available on my app’s ActionBar.

One of the main difficulties was the error that stated ActionProvider cannot be cast into ShareActionProvider. And at some point there was also an error saying that the methods/classes I’m using require API 14, while my minimum supported API is 9. The Udacity course required that I set it to 9 so I couldn’t change that.

Now, the sharing in my app is working file, and I will share how I did it via Gist. I actually ended up taking a peek at the code provided by Developing Android Apps course on Udacity because I didn’t want to waste any more time doing trial-and-error (I have another project to work on! lol), but I still had to edit their code for ShareActionProvider here and there to make it bug-free.

And so, take a look at how my Sunshine app codes ended up:

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