Exception: No signature of method android() is applicable for argument types, Build Gradle // Dev Diary

Today I wanted to make a data class a Parcelable so that I could pass it as an argument in Navigation component. Parcelables, though better in performance than Serializables, take more time to implement! To help us out, there’s a “kotlin-parcelize” plugin that can generate the boilerplate code for us. There were issues though. After […]

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Fix coroutine error: Cannot access database on the main thread // Android Dev Diary

As I was running a test for a ViewModel function, I encountered the following error: […] Main Thread @coroutine java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot access database on the main thread since it may potentially lock the UI for a long period of time. I think it may be caused by the viewModelScope from viewModelScope.launch {} being used by […]

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Dao Error: Not sure how to handle query method’s return type //Android Kotlin Dev Diary

As I brush up on my Room database knowlege I came upon the following error while building my app:

The solution: Set Kotlin version to 1.6.10 then Room to 2.4.2 (Or use more recent compatible versions) in my top-level build.gradle file. Reference: Android Room Kotlin throws Delete Query error

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