Steins;Gate anime review

I just finished watching all episodes of the anime Steins;Gate and I LOVED it!

It’s about “mad scientist” Okabe Rintarou and his lab mates, who accidentally discovered/invent a “Phone Microwave” that could send messages to the past. Their experiments and curiosity led into consequences that they couldn’t handle.

Art in Steins;Gate anime

I like the character art of Steins;Gate. They are not like the too cutesy art style that is common in anime, where everyone looks almost the same and looks too young for their age. You’d see how Okabe has a defined face shape, and a some stubble around his chin.

Sound in Steins;Gate anime

There’s a sound effect that I really like. It’s when “something happens to someone over and over and over again”… there’s that spine-chilling sound effect that they play. I think it helped convey the mood to us viewers, while we think “Ohshitohshitohshit why is this happening?!?!” Try episode 13 at 20:35 to check out what I mean.

Story in Steins;Gate anime

Steins;Gate has an exciting plot. I personally like mystery and thrill in the shows I watch, and Steins;Gate sure didn’t lack it.

What I think about each character in Steins;Gate…

Okabe Rintarou

You gotta like Okabe for caring for his lab mates. He can also be funny because he’s a chuunibyou (delusive behavior where one thinks he has a superpower that nobody else has)

Makise Kurisu

She’s my favorite character in Steins;Gate. She’s a cute type of tsundere, and a genius! As I watched the series I always wished she would end up with Okabe because I think they have the chemistry. xD Whether they end up with each other or not, is for you to find out if you haven’t yet.

Mayushi Shiina

Mayushi is an adorable character to me… cute, kind, and all innocent. At some point in the anime, I thought I’ll be happy if Okabe ends up with Kurisu or Mayuri, but not with any other girl. 😆 I still liked Kurisu better for Okabe because I couldn’t feel any romantic chemistry between Okabe and Mayushi. They seem to be more like siblings to me than a couple.

Itaru “Daru” Hashida

Daru is a guy who makes a lot of perverted statements and says he’s not a pervert but a “gentleman pervert”. Setting that aside, I like his geeky character. I always adore people who are savvy in technology and programming so… Daru is also a likable character to me. 🙂

Moeka Kiryuu

Attractive but very weird, this girl is. 😆


I’m not saying the full name of Faris here to avoid spoilers. But I personally don’t like characters who act/speak like cats. In Rokka no Yuusha, I disliked how Hans would always add “meows” or “nyan” to his speech.

Suzuha Amane

Suzuha is someone I saw as just a carefree “part time warrior” but later on in the story as more details were revealed about her, I saw her as a cool, awesome girl. :3

Okay, that would be all for my thoughts on the Steins;Gate characters.

Ruka Urushibara

Cute, polite, very feminine… and might be more feminine than most women. But he’s a dude. 😆

I find it a little disturbing how someone who totally looks and acts like a girl is actually a boy! xD

Concluding this Steins;Gate anime review…

I’ll be honest. Every time I watched a Steins;Gate episode, I was about to fall asleep because I only watched after finishing my house chores in those times. xD So, maybe that’s why I don’t have much to say in this review.

The ending was a bit predictable, but still good.

I’ll definitely watch the movie “Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu” some time.

By the way, there was a 25th episode included in the copy I had. I think it’s a bonus/special episode. 😀 You’ll see Suzuha’s mother in that episode! 😉

Edit: Could this special episode be the one called “Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania” ?

Extra: What would you do if you can do a “time leap”?

In Steins;Gate, there’s a concept called “time leap” where you can leap back in time and still retain your memory.

What would you do if you can perform a time leap?

If you ask me, I would do a time leap after learning more about Android app development, which I’m trying to rush in the middle of a hectic schedule right now. xD I would tinker with codes for hours, then do a time leap and be at an earlier time of the day while preserving new things I learned… and do this over and over until I’m good enough to be called an “Android app developer”. 😆


I used character photos from MyAnimeList.

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