S&R Subic Menu + Review: non-members enjoy their New York style pizza and more!

S&R Pizzas for non-members are awesome! I especially enjoyed the foods at S&R Subic during a trip.

I first tried foods at the S&R branch Bradco Avenue, Baclaran before a flight with a companion who was an S&R member. I was told that only S&R members can dine in to try their Food Services, except for S&R Cubao branch. I was like, meh, I very rarely go to Cubao, too bad I won’t be able to eat at S&R as often as I want to because I’m not yet willing to apply for membership.

We had a short trip at Subic and ate lunch at S&R near Pure Gold before heading back to Manila.

Following is the S&R Subic Menu. To find out what I think about foods served at S&R Subic, scroll farther down the menu to find my S&R Subic Review.

I should have gotten closer to the counter to take better S&R menu photos but I guess I was too tired and the idea didn’t cross my mind. 😳 But here’s a text version of S&R Subic Menu:

Southern Style Fried Chicken

S&R Subic Product Cost
1 pc chicken with rice P89
Extra Rice P15
2 pcs chicken with rice P149
6 pcs chicken P399

New York Style Pizza

S&R Subic Product Cost
Combo Pizza, whole P629
Combo Pizza, whole P109
Pepperoni pizza, whole P629
Pepperoni pizza, slice P109
Garlic and shrimp pizza, whole P629
Garlic and shrimp pizza, slice P109

Combo Meals with 16oz soda

S&R Subic Product Cost
Pizza Cheese slice meal P109
Pizza Combo slice meal P119
Pizza Pepperoni slice meal P119
Hamburger meal P129
100% all beef hotdog combo P119
1 pc chicken with rice P99

Other items at S&R Subic

S&R Subic Product Cost
French Fries P34
Clam Chowder P89
Chicken Caesar Salad ?
Calzone Vegetable P129
Calzone Pepperoni P129
Chicken baked roll with bacon P139
Beef baked roll P169
Bavarian cream filled churro P49
Cinnamon churro P49

S&R Subic Review


How about we start with an appetizer in this review? 😉


This is Clam Chowder from S&R Subic. It’s a dream for people who love thick and creamy soup. The small chunks of potatoes make the soup feel even thicker. I prefer less potatoes though, because they kind of get in the way when I want to enjoy the creamy texture of the soup.



And here’s S&R' garlic and shrimp pizza! This is what I usually order at S&R because I really like shrimp on my pizza.


Have a closer look. It will probably make you hungry. Sorry! 😳


In this close-up photo of the garlic and shrimp pizza, you’ll see the fresh shrimps, fresh parsley leaves, toasted garlic bits, cheese, and tomato sauce that make up this tasty pizza. But sometimes, the toasted garlic bits can get a little bit too bitter for my liking when I eat too much of this.


And here’s 100% all beef hotdog. At S&R, you can get dressing for your foods at a self-service counter.

Here’s a burger that looks so delicious. Say Aaaaaah~ 😆




Look at the thickness of the burger patty on this sliced burger! Yummm!

I liked how thick the burger patty was at S&R. We really enjoyed the meaty goodness. 😀

Will definitely dine at S&R again whenever I get a chance!

S&R Subic Address near Pure Gold Shopping Center

Ground floor, Pure Gold Shopping Center, Argonaut Hwy, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

S&R Subic Contact Number

I can’t find it. If you have the contact number of S&R Subic branch, please let me know by posting a comment at the bottom of this post. Thank you! 🙂

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