Nuat Thai Masangkay (Review, massage rates) – Swedish body massage experience at a branch better than Ermita’s

Here’s a Nuat Thai massage rates / price list that I took from Nuat Thai Masangkay branch, retrieved in July 2015:
Nuat thai masangkay price list, July 2015

In the past few weeks, me and my mom, accompanied by my BF, go to a hospital near Masangkay Street, Manila every Saturday. We were surprised to find that there’s a Nuat Thai branch in there because it’s currently not in the list of branches in the Nuat Thai website.

You will find this Nuat Thai branch at 1211, Ground floor of Diamond Tower, Masangkay St., Sta. Cruz, Manila. If you are coming from Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz or Binondo Church, Nuat Thai Masangkay branch is located past Masangkay Street’s intersection with Recto Avenue. There is a Jollibee branch a bit after Nuat Thai Masangkay, almost facing it.

You may be able ro reach them by calling 230-9971.

Today, my BF wanted a massage for his aching back (says it’s caused by playing an arcade game, maimai) and so we went to Nuat Thai in Masangkay, a branch not so far from home. 🙂

We find that the Masangkay branch is better than Nuat Thai Ermita. The place has a relaxing smell of peppermint and the beds and room dividers are better. In terms of satisfaction in the massage itself, I liked the massage of the therapist in Nuat Thai Masangkay (Emma) as much as I liked the massage at Nuat Thai Ermita (Jenny).

Like in Ermita branch, we were only charged 300 instead of 350 for Swedish body massage.

In Nuat Thai Ermita, I was “asked” if I wanted my feet washed, and I said yes, please, so that the therapist would massage cleaner feet :p The “wash” was actually just soaking then patting dry. But in Nuat Thai Masangkay, they didn’t ask. They just led us straight to the room for washing feet, then really cleaned up our feet with warm water and moisturizing soap. :3 That was nice.

Then we went on to our designated massage rooms. The massage beds were really beds with holes for our faces. In Nuat Thai Ermita, there’s no hole in the bed. If I remember correctly, the beds were just mattresses.

Only curtain-like cloths divide rooms in both Nuat Thai branches, but the ones at Masangkay branch are thicker and secured, unlike in Ermita where the cloths are thinner and have scary openings. :-s

Ate Emma, my Nuat Thai therapist today, wasn’t so talkative but she’s polite and a good masahista. I would always judge a massage therapist whether she notices and mentions my tight muscles (lamig) or not. Emma did not mention it when her hands ran through my tight muscles – she simply focused her pressure on them, and I really thank her for that. I asked her to please massage my shoulders too, and she did, not for a short time.

Aromatherapy massage was what she recommended for my “lamig”. While in Ermita branch, hot stone massage was what Ate Jenny recommended. They are both about 500 pesos. Too pricey for me. Might as well go to Wensha and take a dip at the hot tub there? IIRC, the service is around 800 including buffet, pools/tubs/ and massage. I yet have to make my first visit at Wensha Spa. 🙂

Also, I realize that my required massage pressure is “hard” for back muscles and “soft” for the rest of my body. No “moderate” pressure. hehe. That’s because my limbs are sensitive, while my back is… ugh, most of the muscles in there is so sore. T_T

Anyways, I don’t have Nuat Thai Ermita. I like it. I just like the Masangkay branch better because of the better quality of the place. I think that the quality of service is the same, though I can’t be so sure yet. What if I was just lucky to be assigned the good therapists, hmm? :))

And now, my back hurts again…

My ortho referred me to the Rehabilitation department of the hospital for back pain therapy but I haven’t paid a visit yet. I’m just so sick of being in the hospital every week! 🙁 I need a break. My muscles tell me I need the therapy ASAP, but I’m not ready to commit to weekly hospital visits again. Maybe next month. I also hope I can get a female therapist in the Rehab department. I will be more at ease with female therapists because I fear that the therapy might involve taking off of shirt and/or massaging.

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