Nuat Thai, Ermita (Review) – Swedish massage experience with a good therapist

I had my best-so-far massage last Sunday at the Ermita branch of Nuat Thai.  😀 I don’t know if it’s Nuat Thai or the therapist I should give my praises to, but I was satisfied with the service. I call it my best-so-far massage because the pressure was just right in my thighs which my previous therapists hurt with their nails. ^_^

This massage place is in Mabini Street corner Padre Faura, which is great because it’s near Robinson’s Place Manila,  which is one of the malls where I like to shop.

Nuat Thai Ermita has a running promo, giving discount if you avail of the covered services within 2 to 5 PM. I didn’t take note of the amount deducted from other services, but the Swedish massage I had originally costs 350 pesos, but I was charged only 300.

We called Nuat Thai to verify the address first before heading there and to reserve for a massage at 3PM. I went there with my boyfriend, who decided not to get a massage and play Bravely Default instead while waiting for me. The staffs accommodated even him and asked him to sit in a small room which looked like one of the places where they do foot spa and massage. He said he had a nice play time because the seat was cosy. xD

The therapist assigned to me brought me shorts to wear during the massage even when I didn’t ask for it. Before the actual massage, she asked if I wanted to have my feet rinsed. It was a quick soak-and-dry thing. The massage room in Nuat Thai  was like in Mont Albo – just curtains. Even with some peepholes that I feared the customer on the other “room” might see me. But the rooms were really dark, so that somehow made up for it.

Unlike my previous massages, my therapist started with my feet, then my legs, then my arms. I was soooooo relaxed that I felt tingles in my scalp. I know I enjoy the massage strokes when I feel scalp tingles, almost the same thing I feel at times when listening to ASMR sounds.

The Nuat Thai therapist brought up the blockages (lamig) that she could feel in my upper back. I know my massage therapist has “care” when she notices the knots before I mention it, like in my first massage at La Costa Spa. In Mont Albo Ermita, when I asked the therapist to focus on the blockages, she just massaged it for a bit then said “Massage isn’t enough. You should try our bentosa.”

My Nuat Thai therapist gave me three pluses:

  • Not sure if this is included in the Swedish Massage service, but she asked me to sit so she could focus massaging my shoulder full of muscle knots. In my previous massages (two), I was always lying on my belly or on my back.
  • She massaged my neck when I said that the shoulder pain feels closely connected with it, even though she said something like… neck massage shouldn’t be part of Swedish Massage type
  • She asked me to lay on my belly again, then cracked the heck out of my back. And my neck! I was surprised by the number and intensity of the cracking sounds.

The therapist at Nuat Thai did her job well with care for the customer. I planned to give 50 pesos only (I’m a bit of a cheapskate) as tip but because I wanted to encourage her to keep up the good work, I gave 110 pesos instead. Now I am concerned about the amount I will give next time, since I told her I plan to choose her as therapist again when I come back. I hope it’s okay to slowly go back to my standard 50 peso tip in time. Hehehe :3


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