Laravel 5 Folder Structure, Before and After

Hey! 🙂 This is a page I’m preparing quickly for developers who are used to the folder structure of Laravel 4 and older, just to serve as reference on where we can find things in Laravel 5 now.

If like me, you are new to Laravel 5 but have developed apps using older Laravel versions, you might also be a little confused with the new folder structure. Let the following table of data guide you. Don’t worry, after a while, I’m sure you’ll get used to the Laravel 5 folder structure. 🙂

Find what? Before Laravel 5 In Laravel 5
routes.php /app/routes.php /app/Http/routes.php
Controllers Folder /app/controllers /app/Http/Controllers
Models Folder /app/models usually /app or /app/models
Views Folder /app/views /resources/views
Config Folder /app/config /config

I know, I wrote this Laravel 5 setup tutorial earlier. But I honestly haven’t really gotten used to the changes in Laravel 5 yet because I got caught up in learning Android app development. Not a bad thing though! 😀

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