Laravel 5.X directory permissions / ownership setup

According to the Laravel docs, “After installing Laravel, you may need to configure some permissions. Directories within the storage and the bootstrap/cache directories should be writable by your web server or Laravel will not run”. After running this command to install Laravel via Composer:

Change directory ownership by running these commands:

Then you […]

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Laravel 5: activate API token guard and print “Unauthorized” instead of login redirect

In Laravel 5, I wrap my API routes in a route group like this:

Notice that I use auth:api and throttle on my middleware array. auth:api turns on the auth middleware with API token as guard, while throttle activates rate limiter for APIs. To get started with API token authentication, you may read […]

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Laravel update from v.5.0.35 to v.5.2.32 hiccups and solutions

I tried to update Laravel 5 today and here were the steps I had to take. First checked my Laravel version before the update:

Edited composer.json in my laravel’s root folder like such:

Run this on command line:

You might need to delete root folder’s composer.lock file before the update can actually […]

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Laravel 5: How to change Auth URL from “/auth/login” to just “login”:

Just sharing a link telling us how to remove the “auth” in the URL for Laravel’s pre-made login system. You need to modify App\Http\Middleware\Authenticate::handle() method and change auth/login to /login. Then you need to add $loginPath property to your \App\Http\Controllers\Auth\AuthController class. Source: How to change default redirect URL of Laravel 5 Auth filter?

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