Android app dev: image sizes for variety of screen sizes

As a mobile app developer, we need to consider various screen sizes for a wide range of Android devices.

Here’s a quick note of recommended image sizes for Android app icons:

36×36 for low-density (LDPI)
48×48 for medium-density (MDPI)
72×72 for high-density (HDPI)
96×96 for extra high-density (XHDPI)
180×180 for extra extra high-density (XXHDPI)
192×192 for extra extra extra highv-density (XXXHDPI)

Image Scaling

Source: Units and measurements – Layout – Google design guidelines

Images can be scaled to look the same across different screen resolutions by using these ratios:

Screen resolution dpi Pixel ratio Image size (pixels)
xxxhdpi 640 4.0 400 x 400
xxhdpi 480 3.0 300 x 300
xhdpi 320 2.0 200 x 200
hdpi 240 1.5 150 x 150
mdpi 160 1.0 100 x 100

For our reference. 🙂

You may read more about Supporting Multiple Devices.

I also want to share MakeAppIcon. Use that online tool to quickly generate resized images for various Android screen sizes for you.

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