Android: underline text in your app

When I need to underline text in an app that I’m developing, I like doing it programmatically. The code is in the Java file, not in the XML.

Maybe we should make a function for this where we pass the ID of the TextView whose content we’d like to underline.

Disadvantages in this method:

  • It’s done in the Java file, not in UI files such as XML. It makes more sense to add codes for styling in XML files to me.
  • This underlines all text in the TextView. What if we need to underline only one text in a paragraph?

If you have any suggestion, feel free to comment. 🙂

// EDIT:

Here’s a method I prepared to make underlining TextView values easier:

public void setTextViewUnderline(TextView myTextView){
String htmlString = “” + myTextView.getText() + ““;

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