Turbo C++ 3.0 Windows 7 Free Download: Compiler with Instructions

UPDATE: If you get the error Linker Error: Unable to open include file ‘C0S.OBJ’ while running your c program (or c++), please try copying the C0S.OBJ from the OBJ folder into the main folder of the compiler. The downloadable c/c++ compiler archive has been updated with this fix.

Note: The procedures on this post were tested on a computer running Windows XP and another which is running Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). PLEASE make sure you follow the instructions carefully and copy the sample C program codes correctly before saying that what you downloaded doesn’t work. Thanks, and good luck. 🙂

Note for users of Windows 7 64-bit: You need to use DOSBox to emulate a 32-bit system because this compiler is not compatible with 64-bit. Install DOSBox, and mount your C: drive, or whichever drive you installed Turbo C in.

The download page for Turbo C++ 3.0 was one of the most popular pages in poochycat.com, my previous domain which had already expired.

(The rest of this post must be viewed to find the download links and installation instructions for turbo c++ 3.0 windows 7 free download)

The Download Link:

  Turbo C++ Compiler version 3.0 (Download from MediaFire) (unknown, 129 hits)

That’s the C program compiler I used to use during my early college terms.

Installation Instructions

Last Updated: November 2011

  1. Download the archive from the link(s) provided somewhere at the top of this post.
  2. Unzip it and place the contents of the archive into a folder inside your Drive C. (e.g., C:tcpp3)
  3. Please observe:
    The above is the TC.EXE file that you MUST run.

    The above is the TC Shortcut file, don’t use it.

    The compiler is the file named TC.EXE. Don’t confuse it with the TC shortcut! Simply double click on that and the compiler will run.

  4. Just before you type your C program code, please make sure you have the correct path for the INCLUDE Directory and LIBRARY Directory. You can check by clicking on Options -> Directories
  5. The path for the INCLUDE Directory must be C:YourFolderINCLUDE. For example, C:tcpp3INCLUDE. The file you downloaded uses tcpp3 as folder name, which is why I’m using the same folder name in my example. Please make sure you specify the correct path to the INCLUDE folder, this is crucial, or else it you would get errors. The INCLUDE folder should directly under tcpp3 folder, and tcpp3 folder is directly under your drive C folder.
  6. And the path for the LIBRARY Directory must be C:YourFolderLIB, for example C:tcpp3LIB. Again, check if you have the correct path to the LIB folder.
  7. Remember to change the YourFolder into the name of the folder you are using for your Turbo C++.
  8. You can now test a C program code. First, select File from the menu and choose new. Copy the sample codes at the end of this blog entry.
  9. After copying the codes, select Run from the menu, and choose Run. There should be an output of Hello World on the screen. The codes worked for me, please copy them carefully.

Hello World sample code for testing in C language

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
int main(){
printf("Hello world!");
return 0;

Hello World sample code for testing in C++ language

cout << "Hello World!";
return 0;

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261 comments on “Turbo C++ 3.0 Windows 7 Free Download: Compiler with Instructions


    1. wer is the “archive from the link(s) provided somewhere at the top of this post”,,,i cant find it utall.pls anyone help me,i need it urgent

      1. what if Im using vista? I cant run the program. unable to open stdio.h and conio.h
        can u give me a trouble shooter 4 that. pls help!

        1. Regarding the “unable to open…” error, have you checked if the directory paths specified under OPTIONS -> DIRECTORIES are exactly the same paths where your compiler’s INCLUDE and LIB folder reside?

          I often encountered such error in the past, later finding out that the directory paths do not match.

    1. YES!!! I know now the solution to “unable to open cos.obj” Just simply click “FILE”, then click Change Directories, click “OBJ” and click it again twice to be sure and OK. I hope it may help.Thanks Poochycat!!! lol.

  1. i
    have downloaded the c lang version 3.0
    but every time i execute a program i m getting a message like
    unable to open stdio.h and conio.h
    can u give me a trouble shooter 4 that

  2. hi..im a 1st yr student in IT..ive downloaded your c++..but the include file cant run a program..what shoul i do,so my program accepts the include file??

    1. I assume you already read every line in the instructions. Don’t the 5th and 6th instructions help? From my experience, that kind of error appears when I don’t set the include directories correctly.

  3. Good day Catz. Got a run around finding your new site just to get another copy of the compiler. lols. I was wondering, do you or does anybody here know how to do a dynamic read on a file? I have been successful at reading the file sequentially but I was looking at how to read dynamically (for people who might get confused, it is like reading a specific section of the file) If anyone might have an idea, feel free to send me an e-mail if you have time. (lordofblades@yahoo.com) Thanks

  4. Trying to compile from the dos prompt from my personal directory other than the turbo c directory. I’m getting the imfamous “Unable to open file ‘c0s.obj’ – this is the same error most people are getting for not setting up the directories properly. From the Turbo C editor, compiling works great. From the dos prompt, I’m close, but not quite their yet? Any suggestions anyone?

    1. Correction, I can now compile from a dos prompt – just can’t MAKE now. Still looking for help on this. Remember, my source is in my own personal directory, so my path at the dos prompt is the same.

  5. hi.

    The Download Link:
    Turbo C++ Compiler version 3.0 (On MediaFire) (2820)

    Is this install turbo c++?

    i need it. i am mongolian. pleasa help me

          1. Sorry that’s all I could provide for now. You might want to check cprogramming.com for good examples of C and C++

            🙂 good luck

          2. hey tell me one thing actually. i m running t.c on 64-bit o.s.
            using dos box o.k .it is working properly until and unless i don`t compile my program but when i m compiling my program it is prompting an error like unable to include stdio.h something like that i know this is because i m setting wrong directory but my question is wt will be the directory in that case while running t,c with the help of dos box.this fucking sit humiliating me please help me out

    1. When does that error message appear?

      I tried running codes on the same compiler just a while ago, but I didn’t encounter any error.

  6. need help..when i double click the TC it says “the system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and microsoft windos application..”what should i do??

  7. thanks for sharing….it runs on C.. why not the example on C++ does’nt? what is the problem?i copied the example exactly..thanks

  8. it doesn’t work in my windows 7 home premium-64 bit 🙁

    i can’t open the tc.exe file maybe because of compatibiliy issues

  9. mine not working on windows 7 64 bit

    it said:

    is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need a x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then co
    ntact the software publisher.

  10. i try to run the tc file but all it gives is “divide overflow”
    i am new to all dis and need help urgently!
    plz help!


  12. When i click TC.exe it shows that “C:tcpp3TC.PIF
    C:PROGRA~1SymantecS32EVNT!.DLL.An installable Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization.”
    what s it…how can i clear it

  13. i installed it but unable to execute it its does not work shows a lot of errors that cant work with stdio and conio and other stuff please i even checked the path directory but it wont work ?(i use windows home premium)

    1. there is another way of writin the program in c++
      void main()
      cout<<"hello world"
      (this does not work in windows 7

  14. me, too. can you send me a working link. or somthing i really need it. for my school work. the thing with the coordinates like

    gotxy(3, 2);

  15. graphics out put is not worked in tc4 &tc3 some programm does not run plz reply me at :-ugharejauday@yahoo.in

  16. it has installed but is not accepting the header files even after setting the correct path in the directory option….
    please help me fast..

    1. Allow me to quote what SANJHOE said in English:

      yup, it will run if you know how to do it correctly

      I have to agree with this guy. You should be able to do it correctly if you read all the notes and instructions thoroughly.

      1. I’m getting a c0s.obj problem, the one predicted above. Tried to solve it acc. to the instructions, but no luck. Any helpful advice?

  17. when i run the sample program it show me error of”unable to open include files and prototype error”
    pls help me to solve the errors

  18. It shows message that ‘pif’ file TC cant be run…It shows only black background just with courser blinking on it and nothing else…plz guide me…

  19. plz help me to compile and run my c++ program .its gives errors of
    “unable to open include stdio.h”
    “unable to open include conio.h”
    “unable to open include iosteam.h” and many other header files even i given the path in include and source directory but not in output and source directory if it is compulsory to give path both in it plz tell me what it is??..
    hoe can i show the output of my programs.

  20. it has installed but is not accepting the header files even after setting the correct path in the directory option….
    please help me fast. I have windows vista 32 bit and intel centrino processor.

  21. After installing an error is coming ” unable to open include file and even when these files are present in the pc. i seek help, pls help

  22. each and every time an error arises that ” unable to open include iostream.h and conio.h “file inspite of their presence in the folder. pls help

  23. hey, thanks for the detailed instructions. But it doesn’t install successfully.shows a number of errors on trying to run the TC.exe file,with the options like ignore,cancel. The dialog box is headed with 16-bit dos error.Please help

  24. After extracting the file, while copying it to c drive, plz change the folder name from tcp3 to TC in c drive, once done you wont get any error like unable to open stdio.h, conio.h, etc……….

  25. It doesn’t work. This message appeared. “this screen does not support fullscreen mode. Choose close to terminate the application.” What should I do. Pls help.. My whole classmate will benefit here.Pls help!

    1. I never encountered this problem so I’m not sure what to do. Maybe try running the compiler in compatibility mode? Or trying running it in a different screen resolution (try Alt + enter)?

  26. catzie this is the error appeared when i try to run the program,
    1. unable to open include file “stdio.h”
    2. unable to open include file “conio.h”
    4. function “clrscr” should have a prototype
    5. function “printf” should have a prototype
    6. function “getch” should have a prototype

    pls help..thank you

  27. these appeared when i try to run your example program
    int main(){
    printf(“Hello world!”);
    return 0;

  28. main file: NONAME00.CCP
    compiling: EDITOR ->NONAME00.CCP

    ERRORS: 5


    what thus it mean? pls help

  29. Catzie

    Hi i already used the turbo C++ thanks just one more question pls. what should i do if the error is function ‘clrscr’ should have a prototype? and function ‘getch’ should have a prototype?

    pls help disregard my two previous question i already used the c++

  30. Can someone please help me solve twp C++ errors in my program?

    Here it is:

    struct customer
    char name[20];
    char address[40];
    int phno;
    class dominos
    customer r;
    void getdata();
    void print();
    unsigned long int getno()
    void modify();
    void dominos::modify()
    cout<<"Enter new details:";
    char na[20],add[40];
    long int pno;
    cout <<"tNew name : (enter '.' to retain old one) t";
    gets (na);
    cout << "tNew address : (enter '.'to retain old one) t";
    cout <> pno;
    if(strcmp(na,”.”) !=0)
    if(pno !=0)
    void start();
    void mainmenu();
    void getdata();
    void add();
    void search();
    void menu();
    void system();
    void order();
    void display();
    void print();
    void delet(long);
    void modif(long);
    void count();
    void mainmenu()
    int ch;
    cout << "1. To add a new customer." << endl;
    cout << "2. To search a customer." << endl;
    cout << "3. To display the records." << endl;
    cout << "4. To take order." << endl;
    cout << "5. To count the records." << endl;
    cout << "6. To exit" << endl;
    cout << "Enter your choice(1/2/3/4/5/6):" <> ch;
    case 1: add();
    case 2: search(); break;
    case 3: display(); break;
    case 4: menu();
    char ch;
    cout<> ch;
    if ((ch==’y’) || (ch==’Y’))
    cout << "Thank you for visiting.";
    case 5: count(); break;
    case 6: exit(0); break;
    cout << "Record not found.";
    void dominos :: getdata()
    cout << "Enter name of customer:";
    cout << "Enter address of customer:";
    cout <> r.phno;
    void add()
    char ch; static int c=0;
    ofstream fo(“customer.dat”, ios::app);
    fo. write ((char*) &s, sizeof(s)); c++;
    cout << c << "Customer details added." << "n";
    cout <> ch;
    while (( ch==’y’) || (ch ==’Y’));
    void menu()
    cout << "Menu" << "n" << "n" << "n" <<"n";
    cout << "Pizza name:- cost(rs.)"<<"n"<<"n";
    cout << "1 Veggie Crunch(veg) 350" << "n";
    cout << "2 Veggie Lovers(veg) 425" << "n";
    cout << "3 Country Feast(veg) 450" << "n";
    cout << "4 Veggie Supreme(veg) 470" << "n";
    cout << "5 Exotica(veg) 470" << "n";
    cout << "6 Fiery Chicken(non veg) 350" << "n";
    cout << "7 Peproni(non veg) 485" << "/n";
    cout << "8 Chicken Supreme(non veg) 485" << "/n" << "/n";
    void order()
    int count=0, vat=0, totbill=0, choice;
    char more,confirm;
    cout <<"Which pizza would you like to order?" <> choice;
    case 1: count=count+350; break;
    case 2: count=count+425; break;
    case 3: count=count+450; break;
    case 4: count=count+470; break;
    case 5: count=count+470; break;
    case 6: count=count+350; break;
    case 7: count=count+485; break;
    case 8: count=count+485; break;
    cout << "Do you want to order more(y/n)?" <> more;
    if (more==’y’)
    goto x;
    cout << "Total bill amount=Rs." << totbill << "n";
    cout <> confirm;
    if ((confirm==’y’) || (confirm==’Y’))
    cout <<"Your total amount is Rs." << count << "n" << "n";
    cout << "Value added tax(vat) Rs." << vat << "n" <<"n";
    cout << "Your total bill amount with taxes is Rs." << totbill << "n"<< "n";
    cout << "Your order shall be delivered to you in about 30 minutes." << "n" <<"n";
    cout << "Thank you for calling domino’s. . . . . .good times start with great pizzas." << "n" <<"n";
    if ((confirm=='n')||(confirm=='N'))
    void system()
    void display()
    clrscr();int c=0;
    ifstream fi("customer.dat",ios::in);
    fi.read ((char*) &s, sizeof(s));
    cout << c << ":";
    cout<< "n" << "n";
    void dominos::print()
    cout<<"Customer name :-"<<r.name<<"n"<<"Address:-"<<r.address<<"n"<<"Phone number:-"<<r.phno<<"n";
    void main()
    void delet(long pos)
    ifstream fio("customer.dat",ios::in);
    ofstream fot("temp.dat",ios::out);
    long po;
    fio.read((char*)&s,sizeof (s));
    if(po == pos)
    fot.write((char*)&s,sizeof (s));
    rename("temp.dat","customer.dat"); fflush(0);
    void modif(long pos)
    cout << pos << endl;
    fstream fio("customer.dat",ios::out || ios::app); fflush(0);
    fio.write((char*)&s,sizeof (s));
    void start()
    { gotoxy(10,2);
    cout <<" xxx " ;
    cout << " xxxx " ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxx " ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxx " ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx " ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx " ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx " ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ";
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ";
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ";
    cout <<" xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx ";
    cout <<" xxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx ";
    cout <<" xx x xx x x xx xx ";
    cout <<" xx x xx x x xxxxxxx ";
    cout <<" xx xx x x xx xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx xxxx xxxxxx xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx xx xx xxxxxx ";
    cout <<" xx xx xx xx xxxxxx ";
    cout <<" xxxxxxx xx xx xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx xx xx xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx xxxxxxxx xx ";
    cout <<" xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx ";
    cout <<" xx xx ";
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ;
    cout <<" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ;
    cout <<"n"<<"n";
    cout <<" branch manager:-"<<"n";
    cout <<" sushant"<<"n";
    cout <<" (press enter to continue)";
    void search()
    clrscr(); fflush(0);
    unsigned long int cphno;
    long pos;
    char ch;
    int modchoice;
    char found='n';
    ifstream fi("customer.dat", ios::in);
    cout <> cphno;
    fi.read((char*) &s, sizeof(s));
    pos=fi.tellg(); cout <<"recrd fount at" << pos << endl;
    cout << "n Do you want the modify the record (y/n)?" <> ch;
    if (ch==’y’ || ch==’Y’)
    cout << "n Enter your choice for modification:-"<<"n";
    cout <<"1 Modify" << "n";
    cout <> modchoice;
    case 1:modif (pos); break;
    case 2:delet(pos); break;
    default: cout << "invalid choice.";
    void count()
    int count=0;
    ifstream fi("customer.dat" , ios::in);
    fi.read((char*) &s,sizeof (s));
    cout<<"n total no of records in file is :"<<count;

  31. I have Windows XP Pro. Just for fun,
    I tried my old version of Turbo C++
    version 1.0… in the Safe Mode and
    it seemed to be working. I didn’t
    test it thorougly though. Anyway, it doesn’t work in the normal mode;
    I just get some stupid comment.
    My guess is that some old
    dos-programmes can be run in the
    Safe Mode in XP Pro.
    What do you think of it?

    Lari G.


  32. plzz help…..i tried with naming d folder as TC also….bt still same error
    1. unable to open include file “stdio.h”
    2. unable to open include file “conio.h”
    4. function “clrscr” should have a prototype
    5. function “printf” should have a prototype
    6. function “getch” should have a prototype

    pls help..thank you

  33. hey niggas..even 4 me it dinot work..but ive got the solution..
    rename ur TC to TC.EXE
    n ul c it workin..big mama..

  34. I need a help please anyone solve me
    catzie this is the error appeared when i try to run the program,
    1. unable to open include file “stdio.h”
    2. unable to open include file “conio.h”
    4. function “clrscr” should have a prototype
    5. function “printf” should have a prototype
    6. function “getch” should have a prototype
    reply me immediately

    1. shikha, can you pls tell me how you resolve those errrors in your Tc? i have problem like as what you posted those errors too..

  35. guys plz help me how to make program in Turbo C. we can choose the following program, Grading System, Hotel Reservation System, Payroll System, Patient System,just make it simple as very simple. it should be 2-3 file handling to search the name etc…

  36. help me
    i have downloaded c++ 3.o .i m operating windows 7. its giving me error that this version is not compatible with 32-64 bit. i have also dos-box but it is not opening in full size .
    plz give me solution as early as possible

  37. C:TCTC.PIF

    invalid program file name,please check your pif file.choose close to terminate the application

    this is d error i am getting wen i install dis file :(((

    plz help me soon

  38. Hi there,
    I ran the tc.exe in XP SP3 and the compiler window is extremely small. How do I scale the compiler to fit my 1920×1200 screen? I don’t want to use dos box. thank you very much


  39. I’m a C++ beginner and try to run the following code copied from downloaded from Google, but just errors. Can someone help me to figure out?

    /* my second program in C++
    with more comments */
    using namespace std;
    int main ()
    cout << "Hello World! "; // prints Hello
    cout << "I'm a C++ program"; // prints I'm a
    C++ program
    return 0;

    1. remove this line of code “using namespace std;”

      and the “#imclude” should be #include stdio.h.

    2. You should write this:-

      using namespace std;
      void main ()
      cout << "Hello World! "; // prints Hello
      cout << "I'm a C++ program"; // prints I'm a
      C++ program

      if you use int main();
      then for geting output you should go to the "windows" option which is in top white line.

  40. hii… am not able to open the file TC in my windows 7 32 bit
    when i tired to click that TC file it just blinks and then it is disepearing what should i do??? plz hellp me ma’m

  41. Wow! Its working Catzie…thank you so much 🙂
    I tried two versions of Turbo C++ 3 before this and both didn’t work, so I’m really glad to finally have a working compiler! 😀

  42. how to copy COS.OBJ from OBJ folder to main comipler folder……….
    there is no OBJ folder in my Turbo C++ 3.0

  43. hiiiiii…..i am also not able to open TC in my window xp….when i click on TC to open it, it get disappear….plz reply me..help me……….

  44. I am able to run turbo C.
    But not C++.
    I want to practice C++ programs.
    So, can anybody help me how to run C++ using these files?

  45. hello!!..
    actually i downloaded everything!!.. my download was process z cmplt bt after tat whn i open th folder in tat turbo c++ it opens fr 5secs and blinks and juss com back.. my system os is windows xp.. plz help me..

  46. I just downloaded TC ++ I can’t run it.When I click the shortcut the monitor screen will be full black.

  47. hi to all i need your help can you help me to answer my assignment. this is the question..

    Write a program that will accept two numbers and display the highest

    N1 N2

    1. depending on your compiler…..
      #int main()
      int N1, N2;
      cout <> N1;
      cout <> N2;
      if (N1>N2)
      cout << "nThe higher number is: ";
      cout << N1;
      if (N1<N2)
      cout << "nThe higher number is: ";
      cout << N2;
      if (N1==N2)
      cout << "nThe two numbers are equal";
      return o;

      Note: It can be much more simplified, you can do that on your own. cheers

  48. when i run the program with the compiler and view the output, nothing shows! I previously used this compiler on a windows xp system and it worked just fine. I’m currently using a windows 7 system, does this new development have anything to do with this change? Please help.

  49. hey…i’m using windows 7…my programms r compil’d n build but they wil nt run…soo no output….plz help..!!

  50. i downloaded turbo c++ recently
    i executed one program but there is no result it is saying it will not include stdio.h what i want to do

  51. please coment it
    * fILE PROGRAM : LIST1.C *
    * Program daftar berantai(link list)*
    * menampilakn data *


    #define PANJANG_NOMOR 5
    #define PANJANG_NAMA 20

    struct simpul_mahasiswa
    {char nomor[PANJANG_NOMOR + 1];
    char nama[PANJANG_NAMA + 1];
    struct simpul_mahsiswa*lanjutan;
    struct simpul_mahasiswa*ptr_kepala=NULL;/*Ujung Link List*/

    void pemasukan_data(void);
    void masukan_string(char *keterangan, char *masukan,
    int panjang_maks);
    void tampilkan_data(void);
    /*————-PROGRAM UTAMA————–*/
    /*————-AKHIR PROGRAM UTAMA——–*/
    void pemasukan_data(void)
    char jawaban;
    struct simpul_mahasiswa*ptr_baru;

    ptr_baru = (struct simpul_mahasiswa*)
    malloc(sizeof(struct simpul_mahasiswa));
    masukan_string(“Nomor mahasiswa : “, ptr_baru->nomor,
    masukan_string(“Nama mahasiswa :”,ptr_baru->nama,
    ptr_baru->lanjutan = ptr_kepala;
    ptr_kepala = ptr_baru;
    printf(“Masukkan Data Lagi (Y/T)?”);
    jawaban = toupper(getch();)
    while (!(jawaban=’Y’ || jawaban=’T’));
    printf(“%cn”, jawaban);
    puts(“Memori tak cukup!”);
    break; / *keluar dari do-while */
    while (jawaban=’Y’);
    void masukan_string(char*keterangan, char*masukan,
    int panjang_maks)
    char st[256];

    printf(keterangan); /*tampilkan keterangan*/
    gets(st); /*baca string dari keuboard*/
    if (strlen(st)>panjang_maks)
    printf(“Terlalu panjang.Maksimum %d karaktern”,
    while (strlen(st)> panjang_maks);

    strcpy(masukan,st);/*salin string st ke masukan*/
    void tampilan_data(void)
    struct simpul_mahasiswa*ptr_sementara;
    puts(“nisi daftar berantain”);
    while (ptr_sementara)
    printf(“%s %sn”, ptr_sementara->nomor,
    ptr_sementara = ptr_sementara ->lanjutan;

  52. using tc ++ v 3.0 on win xp sp 3.
    gave me errors 5 errors when i compiled a program.
    how to fix this prob.any help would be highly appreciated .

  53. plz contact me i am in a problem my brother wants a C programming software if u can help contact me plz plz plz…..(ankurtiwari97@gmail.com)

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