Transfer funds from Citibank to other banks

I asked Citibank how much they would charge if I would do electronic funds transfer from them to a BPI account.

According to them, we can transfer funds from Citibank to other banks for free if it’s electronic funds transfer. 🙂 I’m starting to like Citibank. Withdrawal from any ATM machine using my Citibank card is free, unlike for example, when I withdraw with my BPI ATM card from a BDO machine, I get charged transaction fee… about 12 or 15 pesos if I’m remembering correctly.

Quoting Citibank’s response regarding funds transfer to other banks:

We wish to inform you that the funds transfer using Citibank Online is
free of charge. However, we suggest that you check the applicable fees
that BPI may charge.

Then I asked BPI if there would be a charge when I transfer funds from Citibank to my BPI account, and they told me there’s a fixed fee of 150 PhP per received funds from another bank.

Quoting BPI’s response to me:

We understand you would
like to know the fees when you send funds from your other local bank to
your BPI Direct account. Please note that the fee is Php 150 regardless of
amount transferred.

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