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I have been playing around with Android app development, particularly on how to retain UI values after configuration changes and minimizing the app to launch a different one.

To retain values after configuration changes, I use ViewModels.

And to retain values after minimizing the app, the following is supposed to do the trick:

But in the phone where I test most of my apps, it doesn’t! Minimizing my app to play a YouTube video, open a mobile game, and watch a few TikTok videos for about 15 minutes, causes my app’s UI data to reset.

I installed the same app to another phone, a Samsung phone under the A Series. The user played a mobile game for several hours, and came back to my app to find all the previous UI values still intact!

I remember that when I was still working with the Squadzip team (still grateful to Roman for suggesting that I try to practice “mindfulness” — it works wonders for a hectic lifestyle!), that Huawei phones gave us the same kind of issue. Apparently, Huawei phones are quite aggressive at killing apps in the background to preserve battery life.

Options that I considered to prevent Huawei phone from killing my Android app in the background:

  • Save UI data to SharedPreferences, on top of using Bundle to save and restore instance state (hesitatant to do this because I don’t really need to save UI data)
  • Simply advise the user not to leave the app if they want their data to be retained (BAAAD IDEA!)
  • Find some sort of “whitelist” in Huawei settings to exempt my app from being aggressively killed

The method I chose to prevent Huawei phone from killing my Android app:

For the current app I’m working on, I chose to change a setting in the Huawei phone because it’s the easiest. It shouldn’t be so hard to explain to app users either.


  • Go to Settings
  • Look for “Battery” and click on it
  • Look for “App launch” and click on it
  • Type the name of your app in the Search field.
  • Turn off the “Manage automatically” setting
  • Click OK on the prompt. (I chose to leave auto-launch, secondary launch, and run in background to keep my app alive.)
  • The description below your app’s name should now be “Manage manually” instead of “Manage automatically.”

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