Laravel update from v.5.0.35 to v.5.2.32 hiccups and solutions

I tried to update Laravel 5 today and here were the steps I had to take.

First checked my Laravel version before the update:

Edited composer.json in my laravel’s root folder like such:

Run this on command line:

You might need to delete root folder’s composer.lock file before the update can actually begin.

I got an error which I later fixed. Scroll to the bottom of the following message.

So, Illuminate\Routing\ControllerServiceProvider’ could not be found.

What I did was remove the following line from config/app.php:

New error upon running php artisan –version:

I created a folder named “cache” under bootstrap folder to solve that one.

Tried to check my Laravel version again, but this was the new error:

Solution was this:

Then, finally!

Oops, I can’t view my Laravel site on the web browser. It gives the following error:

I opened App/Http/Controllers/Controller.php and replaced all instances of DispatchesCommands with DispatchesJobs.

Next web browser error:

So I replaced the content of my config/auth.php file with the following:

Another error… Oh will this end soon?

…which was caused by this code in my blade file:

I simply passed a string “/” to the url() method to fix it. Then, ta-da! I could browse my Laravel site again via web browser.

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2 comments on “Laravel update from v.5.0.35 to v.5.2.32 hiccups and solutions


  1. Hello, I found this problem.

    I think you have a copy of “Authenticate.php” like “Authenticate – Copy.php”
    and You use “composer update”. This will re-build a classmap when update finished.

    just go to “vendor\composer\autoload_classmap.php” and find
    ‘App\\Http\\Middleware\\Authenticate’ => $baseDir . ‘/app/Http/Middleware/Authenticate – Copy.php’,

    Change it to
    ‘App\\Http\\Middleware\\Authenticate’ => $baseDir . ‘/app/Http/Middleware/Authenticate.php’,

    Good Lucks!

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