Free Download: ShootMe.apk for Android

ShootMe is an Android app for taking screen caps on Android devices. It’s very popular, but has been removed by the developer from the Android Market for some reason.

IIRC, it’s said to take screencaps just by shaking your Android device.

Here’s a download link to a ShootMe.apk file. Let me know if it works or not, because I believe this Android app requires ROOT access, which I do not have.

ShootMe APK and a version 0.8.1 download links for Android

People reported that my file was malware. I’m sorry, I didn’t know! The following link is updated with a clean version of ShootMe APK file so rest assured now:

  ShootMe.apk - screencap installer for Android (unknown, 104 hits)

Please note that you need to have ROOT access on your Android device and enabled access to the lower level graphics.

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