Windows 7 ASUS Issue: Auto-hides taskbar and changes wallpaper to default with Power4Gear Hybrid

I encountered this issue several times while using an ASUS computer with Power4Gear Hybrid (Windows 7). When I turned the computer on I noticed that my desktop wallpaper was changed into a light gray ASUS wallpaper, and that my taskbar was set to auto-hide. Prior to shutting down, I’m sure my wallpaper was a personalized one and the taskbar was not set to auto-hide.

Solution to ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid Issue (Taskbar set to auto-hide and wallpaper is changed to default)

Here’s a solution you can try:

Run Power4Gear Hybrid, which should have a shortcut located at C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsASUS Utility. The shortcut points to C:Program FilesP4G, but the .exe files in there won’t open for me.

Choose the setting you use (High Performance, Entertainment, Quiet Office, or Battery Saving), and click on Advanced Settings, which should be found at the mid right area.

The window Power Options should appear. Find ASUS P4G Power Setting, and double click on it. Double click on Battery Saving Desktop. You will then be given the option to Enable or Disable it on battery and when plugged in. I disabled both to keep P4G from making my desktop wallpaper disappear. You can also opt to change other settings, if you are experiencing other issues related to Power4Gear Hybrid.

I believe that the above should solve the issues of Taskbar Autohide and Disappearing/Changing Desktop Wallpaper.

If you guys have another solution, feel free to share with us.

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4 comments on “Windows 7 ASUS Issue: Auto-hides taskbar and changes wallpaper to default with Power4Gear Hybrid


  1. I had the same problem–I wanted a sold black background and no taskbar hiding–except that the change-back would come after 30 min, even though I turned that feature off. I have an ASUS laptop with Win7.
    Here is what worked for me: Under Task_Manager->Services find the service “Themes.” For me the status was listed as “Automatic” and I changed it to “Manual,” as follows: Click on [Services…] to get to the Services panel; again find “Themes”, double-click and change the start-up-type to “Manual.” I suppose that “Disabled” would do as well or better.
    Another way, if reboot hurts this solution, would be to use msconfig->Services and disable “Themes.” This is listed as a Microsoft service, so don’t check [x] Hide all Microsoft Services or you won’t find it.

  2. Hey how, in my case was problem, that every wallpaper was after restart owerwritten by default ASUS background. I ┬┤ve found c:windowsasus folder, where the default wallpaper is located. So my solution is to simply paste there your own picture and move the old away or rename to nongraphics suffix. ALl other attemts such as modify registry HK…. themes were in this case unsucesfull same as the solutions described above here. Byez Mike

  3. I wasn’t able to find “ASUS P4G Power Setting” or “Battery Saving Desktop” in the power options window.

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