CCNA Exploration 4 version 4.0 Accessing the WAN (Powerpoint Slides 1-8)

If you’re looking for course materials that you can install for offline viewing, click here to check the CCNA Exploration 4.0 Curriculum / Course Material installers, for offline viewing. They have more explanations that these PPT slides.

Finally, Accessing the WAN! My last CCNA (I really hope that it is already!). 🙂 In this page I’m sharing the Powerpoint slides of chapters 1 to 8 for CCNA 4. The .ppt slides (instructors’ materials) are useful if want a quick reading about the chapters or for reviewing before exams.

DIRECT Download the zipped Powerpoint slides:

Or if the link for direct download becomes unavailable due to reaching the bandwidth limit, you may download it from my MediaFire account:

MediaFire Download the zipped Powerpoint slides:

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13 comments on “CCNA Exploration 4 version 4.0 Accessing the WAN (Powerpoint Slides 1-8)


    1. Hello, I’ve been trying to search the Net for ppt’s of CCNA 1 but I haven’t found them yet. But I will surely share them here once I find copies 🙂

    2. Hi, I posted a blog entry with the download link of CCNA 1 slides 🙂 Thanks to Ahmad M. for sharing his copy with us.

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