Restore missing desktop icons in Windows XP or Windows 7

I noticed that all my desktop icons were gone. I thought it was only because my computer was hanging, so I restarted it. After the restart there were still no icons. I’m not the kind of computer user who knows every solution to every small problem so I searched for solutions to what happened. (And I’m posting this in case a visitor needs help with the same thing.)

First thing I tried, based on a how-to page I stumbled upon (for Windows 7), was I right-click on my desktop and chooe Personalize. From the left side of the window that opened, I clicked on the “Change desktop icons.” There I checked the icons I wanted to appear. After clicking OK, there were still no icons.

I did a bit more of searching and then I found a solution that worked. It says that for Windows XP, you right-click on your desktop, choose “Arrange Icons By…” and then click on “Show desktop icons.”

In Windows 7, I right-clicked on my desktop and hovered my mouse pointer over “View,” and from its fly-out menu I clicked on “Show desktop icons.” Simple, isn’t it? lol.

I don’t know what I did that made them disappear, but it’s good to have them back. XD

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  1. Thanks a million! It gave me quite a shock when I saw my icons disappeared. But in an instant I got them restored. No sweat.

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