SSS UMID application at SSS Makati, Ayala Avenue

I really didn’t plan to apply for an SSS UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID). One day I heard some office mates were about to apply for such ID and I decided to tag along. 😀

On January 7, Tuesday, we left the office at 12:15 PM for SSS Makati branch in Ayala Avenue, and finished the process at 2:15 PM.

First thing we did at the SSS Makati office was fill out the UMID Card Application Form.

  SSS UMID Card Application Form (unknown, 403 hits)

Then we fell in line, to the lane they called “fast lane”, if I remember correctly. We provided valid IDs during the processing. They also took photo of us for the SSS UMID card.
My SSS UMID was delivered at home on February 7. So, it took 1 month for the delivery of SSS UMID. My mom received the item for me and the delivery person didn’t ask her for an ID or authorization letter.

Sample SSS UMID:

example sss umid

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