Dragon Quest 8 (Android): Peregrin Quay thief’s key for treasure chests walthrough and tip for easy money with alchemy pot

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When I was younger, I had a Dragon Quest 8 disc in… I’m not sure if PlayStation or PlayStayion 2. But I wasn’t able to make it even halfway through the game, probably because I didn’t like it.

Some weeks ago, an officemate told me that Dragon Quest 8 was already available on Android at Google Play Store. I felt that I wanted to give the game another shot. And here I am, enjoying Dragon Quest 8 on Android. 🙂

I have here some Dragon Quest 8 tips I’d like to share. I’m sure there are already many better guides out there, but I’m writing this anyway:

How to open the 3 treasure chests at Peregrin Quay in Dragon Quest 8? How to find the thief’s key?

We need three steps to make a thief’s key to open the treasure chests in Peregrin Quay:

  1. Get Iron nail
  2. Get Bronze Knife
  3. Combine two items in Alchemy Pot

Let’s get the iron nail.

Enter Peregrin Quay’s inn and find a guy dressed as a thief. You probably have seen this guy in the past couple of towns you previously visited, wondering if he should stay as a thief or change his ways.

The thief will give you the item “iron nail”. I have this fear though, that you need to have talked to him during previous encounters. But maybe that’s just me, having played Suikoden games in the past where I had to talk to characters as prerequisite to seeing them again in the next town or to being able to recruit them on the next encounter.

Now, let’s get the bronze knife.

An easy way to get the bronze knife in Peregrin Quay is to buy it from the weapon shop. But that will cost you money, of course. Good news is you can get it for free. 🙂

To get a free bronze knife, enter the ship in the dock of Peregrin Quay and find a treasure chest. Please look for it yourself because I didn’t take note where exactly I found it. hehe 😀 But I’m sure it’s inside the ship. Enter doors, go down the stairs, etc…

Finally, we combine the iron nail and bronze knife in the alchemy pot of King Trode. King Trode should have told you about his alchemy pot by now, now that you have reached Peregrin Quay.

Go to the game menu, press Misc., and choose Alchemy. Select iron nail and bronze knife, start the alchemy, and voilà – you get the item “thief’s key”!

The treasures I got from Peregrin Quay’s chests were a boomerang, 200 coins and a mini medal. I think the mini medal is for another side quest.

Dragon Quest 8 Easy Money with the Alchemy Pot

You can easily make money in Dragon Quest 8 by buying items, doing alchemy, and selling the product.

I found the recipe for Strong Medicine in a book shelf at Peregrin Quay. If I remember correctly, it’s also in the ship at the dock. Combine two medicinal herbs in the alchemy pot to produce a strong medicine. Strong medicines heal 50 or more HP when used.

A sailor in Peregrin Quay told me that I could find recipes in book shelves if I’m into alchemy, and hinted that I could combine medicinal herb and antidote to produce a new item. So without a recipe, I combined these two items and got Strong Antidote. This item cures poison and recovers 30 HP.

I already produced a large amount of strong medicine, and when I was selling unnecessary items in my bag, I saw that a strong medicine sells for 88 coins. And I realized I could make some money by producing strong medicines in bulk and sell them. 😀

So, to make some easy money in Dragon Quest 8, buy lots of medicinal herbs from the item shop – 100 pieces or more, then make lots of strong medicines in the alchemy pot, and sell those. You need to patiently press the +1 button though, when increasing the quantity. 🙂

There was a time when I think I caught a glitch. But I’m not sure if it’s a glitch. After selling 30 strong medicines to the item shop lady in Peregrin Quay, the selling price went up from 88 to over 200 coins! 😮 Then, curious, I sold four more and I really got paid over 200 coins for each. After that, the selling price was back to 88 coins. 😮 Strange, huh?

You can make even bigger profit by making and selling strong antidotes instead. An antidote costs 10 coins in the item shop. A strong antidote sells for 95 coins.

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