Renew BDO debit card – requirements, cost, and experience at Southgate Mall EDSA Branch

Renewing 1 expiring and 1 expired BDO debit card was easier and quicker than anticipated. I was even able to update one of the accounts’ civil status and name despite being from a different branch of account.

I was running errands near Alphaland Southgate Mall EDSA, Makati, so I thought that I might as well get my expired and expiring BDO debit cards renewed here.

Today is the 14th and is already payday for some employees, which is why I expected that I might wait for a long while to finish my transaction. But to my surprise, no one was in the counter that handles debit card renewals when I arrived around 10AM. Lucky!!

BDO Debit card renewal requirements

I called the branch before going there. The BDO staff told me I had to bring these to renew my BDO card:

  • 2 valid IDs
  • The expired/expiring debit card
  • 150 pesos, if card is already expired (free if not yet expired on the day of your visit to BDO)

My transaction today was a bit complicated. I wanted to renew two BDO debit cards: one expired and its branch of account is BDO Southgate Mall EDSA itself, while the other one was just about to expire and its account was created in a different branch. Aside from card renewal, I also wanted to have one of the accounts’ information updated because I haven’t done so after getting married.

Actual documents that I brought to BDO Southgate Mall EDSA branch were:

  • 1 x SSS UMID card, bearing my maiden name
  • My passport
  • Original copy of marriage certificate (presented but not surrendered to BDO)
  • Original copy of birth certificate (just in case)
  • The 2 BDO debit cards I wanted to renew

How much does it cost to renew a BDO debit card?

The renewal of BDO debit card is free if it’s not yet expired, but if it’s already expired then they will charge you 150 pesos.

The process – BDO customer info update and debit card renewal

I was asked to fill out several forms. As I filled them out one by one, the staff started preparing to send a customer info update request to the branch of my other account. Upon finishing the form fill-out, I was asked to get my biometrics taken at a different counter.

One thing I’d like to note is that I updated my employment information but they did not ask me for a certificate of employment. Maybe it’s only required when opening a BDO account!

I asked for a debit card without name for one account, and a debit card with name for the other. Note that if your BDO debit card does not bear your name, you won’t be able to retrieve it should a starving ATM devours your debit card. 😅 (Trivia: The staff at BDO calls the card without name an “embossed card”.)

The entire process took me around 50 minutes. I think it wasn’t bad for that relatively complex transaction.

How many days before I can get my renewed BDO ATM card?

For BDO debit cards without the cardholder’s name, they will be able to release it on the same day. The card with the customer’s name on it, on the other hand, will be available 7 days from the day of your visit to the BDO branch.


I don’t work at BDO so, if you have questions, please contact BDO directly!! 😁

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