Receive Moneygram money transfer in the Philippines

I had to visit a Moneygram branch today to receive money that was sent to me. Western Union is where I usually receive money from other countries, and they have many branches. I did a lookup in the Moneygram website to find nearby branches but couldn’t find any. A friend told me SM Business Centers offer Moneygram services, so I tried SM Manila, which is a jeep ride and steps away from home (I don’t consider this a “nearby” branch).

Inside the SM Business Center, I asked a lady behind the counter, who was very welcoming and seemed to be bringing her life issues to work, for assistance in receiving money through Moneygram. She asked me for the amount expected and 2 valid ID’s. I gave her my school ID and NBI Clearance. She was demanding (not asking), with an evil glare, for my school certificate of registration that should complement my school ID, but I didn’t have it with me. She told me to try the BDO inside the mall and see if they would accept my school ID without the certificate of registration from school. I said “Thanks” and left for BDO.

I successfully received cash through Moneygram from BDO at SM Manila.

The things that were required for me to receive my Moneygram cash were the following:

  • 2 Valid ID’s
  • Reference Number
  • Sender’s Name
  • Sender’s Location
  • Amount Expected

Sender’s information is important. I almost failed to get my cash because I provided the wrong sender name on the first attempt. lol. I was told that it is required for authorization.

I asked the BDO staff who assisted me if all BDO branches provide Moneygram services, and she said yes. Lucky there are three BDO branches near my place. 🙂

I think that receiving money from Moneygram is almost the same as Western Union. You fill out a form in a branch, submit it to the person behind the counter with 2 valid ID’s that match your name as receiver, wait, and if everything is verified you get your cash in sender’s currency or your local currency. But as of now I think that finding Moneygram services/branches is a bit harder than finding that of Western Union. Well yes, I was told that every BDO branch provides Moneygram services, but I still have to verify this if I get another chance to be sent money via Moneygram.

So… if all BDO branches provide Moneygram services, I am wondering if they can deposit the cash into my BDO account instead of handing it to me. Well, it will be great if that’s possible. 🙂

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  1. why not try bank-to-bank or wire transfer? an easy way to do this is thru LBC bank-to-bank remittance. Your sender can also open an ATM card, in which you can withdraw the money in minutes. Ask your sender if they can find LBC branch in thier place. Hope this help!

  2. i’ve been using western union as my remittance center for 2 yrs now and today will be my first time to visit moneygram. My fiancee forgot to tell me the amount he sent and the answer to the secret question. I am unsure if i succeed today with BDO since i can relate to your experience with their employees (may mga suplada

  3. There is a new online money tranfer website, which offers a fixed service fee of 200Php only, regardless of how much money you send to the Philippines. Your recipient may either receive your money transfer at his local bank account or at any M. Lhuillier branch all over the Philippines.

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