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UPDATE: I just published an Inotia 3 page where all my posts related to the game are listed.

Video games keep me sane during busy days. Those all-work-no-fun days drive me crazy! But since video games also consume my energy, I try to limit my play time too.

Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia is a game I’ve recently been playing during my break times on Android. Gotta love Android for so many great apps that are availed to us for free! The game is also available on Apple products, but I’m not sure if they cost anything or not.

I recommend this game if you love RPG games like I do. Music, graphics, and game system are good. The story is something I’m still not sure about. I grew up playing RPG games (Loving the series of Suikoden and Final Fantasy), and this game makes me feel soooo excited.

This game is a story-driven RPG game where you can choose among six classes: barbarian, templar, rogue, shadow hunter, priest, or arch mage.

Character Classes on Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia

As defined by the game:

  1. Barbarians are tenacious warriors that suddenly explode with uncontrollable rage to inflict critical damage to enemies.
  2. Templars use their holy power to protect, heal, and reinforce the strength of their party members. They can also infuse their swords with mana to inflict damage.
  3. Rogues are infiltration and poison specialists that inflict critical damage. They are also quick to dodge their counterattack enemies.
  4. Shadow Hunters are snipers whose powerful, long-ranged attacks keep the enemy at bay. They also possess a variety of high strategy combat skills.
  5. Priests use holy power to protect and strengthen their party members while damaging or incapacitating enemies. They are healers that are essential for keeping the other members of their party alive during fierce battles.
  6. Arch Mages wield the power of Fire, Ice, and Lightning to cause area-effective damage to multiple enemies. They can also summon Golems that will back them up in battle.

I’m a rogue right now. This character class reminds me of the days I played Warcraft DotA as Rikimaru (The Stealth Assassin) because of the similar skills like back attack, smoke screen,
poison knife, etc… not in precise terms.

Things I like about Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia

No random encounter battles. Monsters roam about the map and you can easily run away from them when you’re not in the mood for battles.
Hiring mercenaries. You can summon someone and let him/her aid you as a party member, using a Warrior Emblem. Helpful if you lack one or two party members.
Active battles. Less boring than turn-based.

Things I dislike about Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia

The way the game often freezes on my Android device, which is probably my device’s RAM issue, not the game’s.

We need to pick up money and items when monster drop them. It costs additional effort and lazy people like me don’t like this. lol. But it’s the easiest method, I think, because of the battle system.

There are many things I can’t figure out like who can and cannot equip some weapons and armors. (Update: I think the “Level” on the armors/weapons indicate what level a character should be for him/her to be able to equip it. I thought it was level of the item itself!)

When I Google for Inotia 3 walkthrough, I can’t find the text-based complete walkthrough I’m looking for. Mahalo has an Inotia 3 walkthrough that I think is complete, but it’s a video walkthrough. Maybe I should post Inotia 3 hacks / cheats / guide in this blog some time, huh? I’m not good at writing and games, but we’ll see. 😀

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  1. I have beat the game once already, I am a barbarian, im trying to figure out an easy way to build my level and earn lots of money, i also need to find a full walkthrough for the second portion of the game

    1. I am a level 23 templar on the robbing the ancient ogre ruins mission I wish to know if the Candace cherector is enemy or friend?

        1. Help I just started playing this game on my adroid screen is small but its addicting I get frusrated th whe I get stuck on a certain level. Restated the game so many time whe I went 2 google search and got more info from other players.I reallly like the walk throughs on utbe where the players actually video the whole level I’m stuck trying to kill kilgren and get 2 crene

      1. shes a friend 😀 in fact shes the princess of De Lauren . i know that because ive already finished the game 😀 im now busy of collecting rare items from the bosses 😀

      2. Dude,candace is one of ur character after you succeed her all her cn build her up.shes a roque type on level80+ already.keep playing,its a great game!

    2. So,look man.I finished the game – Totally.
      The second part- Its cooler…Cuz u start with lv 40,after killing that “Devil” .The nice part is that you can go and get really nice items from those portal masters-get tickets and enter boss rooms and treasure rooms…You fight again Einherjar ( he`s lv 103 ) , or that Mage, at the entrance of the Dwarf Village….Its nicer cuz you get epic items

        1. is Lydia still Alive?:( i beat the story mode and looks like Lydia will never come back. And lydia is one of my fav. character. now im lvl 47 in rats den..

  2. Try to build a dagger type barbarian. At lvl 70 u can kill a mob 10 levels higher than you in just 3secs! Make a party with a templar and a priest. You need to set the right skills ofcourse. And right more thing, when im hunting a chaotic item on the boss portal, it dropped 350K gold coins instead 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your guide. I need help with mercenaries. I don’t understand them. I have used the mercenary emblem on my characters and I cannot create new ones-I receive a message stating something like you cannot on the current maps until the mercenary has been used, exhausted or something like that. Can you tell me more about mercenaries?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi lisa,
      just to share,there are certain maps that you will not be able to open up mercenary emblems,like caves and dungeons. They are very helpful,especially on defeating bosses. Like every other games, great damagers are useless without great buffers.

    2. you can only new the mercenary emblem if you are in ordinary map. ordinary map is inside the town not in the quest map.

  4. is there another guide for the ogre who wants the darkness crystals from the creatures and stuff at top of mountain in dione town >.< wanna help me : )?

    1. permalink, to go back to the sage… just head back to the dark elven village then head south. when you are already there go left and you’ll see a portal that will lead you directly to the sage and continue your journey. 🙂

  5. does anyone here knows where i can get rainbow crystals??? for the quest in carp dungeon thanks because now i am level 110

    1. Michael can i you help me? after beating Super Hero in Olympus what next? where can i get new quest? I went to sacred trees and rejoined Lydia after that whats next?
      (lv. 102)

  6. to get those rainbow crystals, kill as many carps as u can. it is rare and usually u must kill many carps to get one. for my case, my rogue(main character) killed twenty two carps to get only one rainbow crystal. (level 159) i in third part now.

    1. is there a part 3???as far as i am character is already on level 110.where did you get the quest for part 3?please answer!!!!

  7. How Do I Use The Recipes, On The Game? Once I Find A Recipe All It Says Is Drop, The Add Option Is Hollowed Out And I Can Ton Click On It. Can Someone Tell Me What I Am Doing Wrong?

  8. Up Date On Recipes.

    After Asking For Help On How To The Recipes, I Started To Search The Internet For The Answer, I Ran Into This,.

    “Inotia 3. I can’t find the way to get recipe book in Inotia? Where is the recipe in Inotia? What should I do to get recipe book in Inotia 3?”

    What Book? And Where?


    In the orc village upper right corner talk to the man there (Azuk) and do the things he and the healer say eventually he will give you the recipe book.

    This Might Help Some Of You.

    Thank You Catzie for The Use Of Your Blog.

  9. How do you use the awakening emblem? Because there are times when I use in a story character and it works but other times it doesn’t even if there are points to be filled and even in the generated characters, they dont work as well. I was planning to awaken all skills of a shadowhunter but it failed. Can somebody answer the question?

    1. Rogue, hands down. Max out Assasinate, Hiding, Smoke bomb and you’ll be doing 1500+ dam in less than a second by lvl 40 (with friendly buffers).

  10. Best game in the world.please help me to find the treasure box in the village of carnia so as to get carnian treasure ticket.please please please.

  11. is there recipe for 16 slot bag recipe, and for the 12 slot is so hard to find magic parchment ingridient. can anyone tell me where to find those ingridients…

  12. can someone tell me how am i supposed to make a rainbow crystals to open the other dimension in the carp deity. ive already finished the game but im trying to collect those rare items and tryin to upgrade them by composing elements with the use of fusion machine.

  13. Guys if ur confusing what team u wana build up,best team is barbarian/templar and arc mage..

    Barbarian-inflict massive damage by releasing xplosive skills.
    Templar-regenarate parties life,shield to protect parties from damage,counter attack the enemies.
    ArcMage-back up a poweful golem to attck enemies,releasing a skills that can stun at uhe same tym making greater damage to
    the enemy,a wide range skills that cn kill enemies w/o giving a chance to hit you.

  14. really FUNtastic game…im really getting addicted to it..currently on lvl 89 and still playing! thumbs up for this game!

  15. Hey ! Is somebody in here finished the quest in carp deity dungeon ? Cause I try it ones . it was so hard you have to protect the sword and i failed . i have to start all over again . Is somebody in here finish that quest ?

  16. hello im lvl 109 how i can get treasure ticket? if you want fast lvl and easy money use your arch mage and tanker to enemy templar

  17. Where is the best place to hunt for magic parchment? I’m into preparing for the chaos recipe and a bunch of consecrate scroll recipe. Is there a particular foe that usually drop this item or place where it is abundant? Or any help will do, hehe. Thanks!!

  18. I’m t level 23 but I dob’t have de recipe book. I think that I can get it in the Frost Wind Hill,isn’t it? But I’m on Dione. So can I get back to take the book. I just tried but the way was closed.

  19. I’m so hooked at this game!
    I’m a Rogue.
    Does anyone here know if there’s any way this game can be played on a computer, netbook, etc.?
    I’d greatly appreciate the reply!

  20. how can i defeat the boss of carnia portal master..i am lvl 30 and i can’t level up myself… and also where can i find lots of ore???

  21. just finished the game…but when im already starting the 2nd portion of the game i cant use my 2nd party member (rogue) which i was able to get from cinsecrated emblem…pls help…i cant even delete him so i can still play with 3 characters

  22. my character are now in level 38 just 5 day after i download this game..and my party are 3 priest (1 main priest is me and then ameli and lydia)i use heal skill and hammer summoned only it very works..i just use 1 small potion if my heals skill are still coldown..

  23. Hi guys i just want to ask where’s the way from Dione to Frost wind cave, Ancestor Catcombs, Carnian Underground Passage, Carnian Gorge.

  24. This page is cool but i think my rouge lvl 108 is more cool. Hehe 🙂 with laciel’s sword lvl 100 on the right hand and warrior in hell’s axe other rare items as well. 🙂

  25. I’m enjoying this game so much:)
    Now i have three active characters of lucio such as arc mage, templar and shadow hunter, all of them have defeated the God of darkness already and currently on the second journey of this game:)

  26. In every team I have assembled I used a priest, minus one team. I assembled a team of three templars, where my character excelled in shield use and healing, and the other two used two handed weapons and healing. So long as you put the healing ability on “high” in AI settings, and keep the attention on the shield user, the game becomes a breeze. I agree though, the next best team is a rogue with shadow hunter and priest as teammates. As for the rogue abilities- max out the abilities that trigger evasion, critical hit chance, attack speed, and the smoke b omb ability. No need for a lot of active abilities, just trick attack and maybe needles.

  27. I stopped into good guys olympus 6f finalized until all quests such party after it spent to explore the game … the boss of 335,333,95 crene drop coins that is enough. pra vc definitely end your need for gold vc is replaced by whatever you want …. I have no difficulty in playing the unique problem of a high percentage of castling and stay invisible with a single attack, so step out anywhere without fear of dying that only use potions XL, my doubt is if I go beyond that Olimpus 6F or I can go further, why has the dungeom crystals but the drop is hard … please help me out hugs!!

  28. Where the hell is the rainbow crystals?!
    I’ve been farming carp deity dungeon for too long and got noting.
    If there is a recipe for this Item please tell me where to find or drop it.

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