NBI Clearance Center – Application, Renewal, Price, Requirements 2017

2017 Update: Do steps 1 and 2 online, and do steps 3 and 4 at an NBI Clearance branch of your choice!

  1. Fill out NBI Clearance application form online
  2. Pay for your NBI Clearance online
  3. Register your biometrics (photo, signature, thumb marks) for your NBI Clearance
  4. Claim your NBI Clearance at Release area

I just applied for NBI Clearance renewal at Robinson’s Ermita this February 2017. The worst part is having to come back after 11 days because of a “hit”.

2015 Update: part of NBI Clearance process can now be done online!

The old NBI Clearance process was long and mostly manually done: fill-up form, data check, payment at cashier, data encoding, photo & fingerprint capture, and finally, the printing of NBI Clearance.


But now, they compressed the processes in 3 steps:


The new process begins with Online registration, appointment, and e-payment, which we can do without visiting an NBI branch. For our Photo & fingerprint capture, we then go to an NBI branch. Printing of NBI Clearance is done after the photo and fingerprint capture.

Much simpler process, right? If you have any trouble, you may contact with NBI Clearance staff via the following numbers during work hours (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM). They were taken from NBI Clearance website on October 4, 2015:
GLOBE NUMBERS: 09179999421 / 09179999418
SMART NUMBERS: 09204129999 / 09995699964

And just a comment – Wow, 8 hours lang sila? Ang convenient siguro ng 9 to 5 lang nasa office.

How to register online for NBI Clearance in 2015?

First, you need to fill up the online form like in the screenshot below. Don’t forget to click the checkbox for “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE”.

NBI Clearance  sign up form online
NBI Clearance sign up form online. Click to enlarge

After clicking the Sign Up button, you will be taken to a new page. In this page, you can set your picture. You can upload a photo from your computer, or take a photo straight from your webcam. If you want to take a photo with your webcam, you must first click “Allow” when your web browser asks permission to activate your webcam.


To set your photo, click on the “Change Photo” button on the top right part of the page. It’s up to you, you can choose “take picture” with your webcam right then and there, or upload photo from your computer if you have a nice photo of yourself saved in there. 🙂

When you’re in that page, it’s time to complete your personal details. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Now, enter your birth place and citizenship under “Application Information”.

Under “Contact Details” section, you are required to enter your complete “Address” and “Mobile” number.

And under “Family Background” section, you must enter your father’s name, his birth place, your mother’s name, and her birth place.

Finally, under “Other Information” section, you need to enter your Educational Attainment (kung ano’ng natapos mo), occupation, religion, height in centimeters (Note: 1 foot = 30.48 cm, 1 inch = 2.54 cm), weight in kilograms (Note: 1 pound = 0.453592 kg), complexion, and identifying marks (e.g. mole or scar on cheek).

When you have entered info on every required field, click the “Save Information” button.

If you’re okay with all the information you entered, you may now apply for an NBI Clearance. Click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button on the top right of the page.

A box for your confirmation will pop up. Select NEW or RENEW under Application Type. If you already received an NBI Clearance before, choose RENEW. If this is your first time, choose NEW. For the Presented ID field, enter the name or ID number of the valid ID that you plan to present. This can be your passport number, driver’s license number, voter’s ID, postal ID, SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, Senior Citizen number, etc. Click the button to submit.

Done? Now we go to the billing process. The NBI site reminds us the following:

Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.

Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall be your GATE PASS when you enter NBI Clearance Centers.

To avoid inconvenience and long lines, please pay your NBI CLEARANCE FEE using your REFERENCE NUMBER at the selected PAYMENT OPTION. If you wish to pay over-the-counter at NBI, please bring your unpaid REFERENCE NUMBER for auto-encoding.

We can pay for the NBI Clearance outside NBI Clearance centers, but we can also pay over-the-counter at NBI. Please be informed that an additional service fee of 25 pesos to be charged if you pay outside NBI OFFICE. Of course most people won’t choose to pay right there at NBI to avoid long lines. There are many options for payment, such as over-the-counter bank deposit, online bank deposit, Globe G-Cash (if system is up), or any Bayad Center.


When you click on the payment method of your choice (in my case, “BANKS ONLINE”), NBI Clearance website reminds us this:


Once you click PROCEED TO PAYMENT here are the next steps:

  1. A payment page will open. Select preferred ONLINE BANKING OPTION then follow instruction.
  2. You will be provided a REFERENCE NUMBER.
  3. Pay your fee to the selected Payment Channel using your REFERENCE NUMBER.
  4. Go to TRANSACTION PAGE and print Application Form.
  5. Bring Application Form to NBI Center for photo image and fingerprint capture.

It’s time to click “Proceed to Payment” button.

I don’t know which payment center is most convenient to you, but I’ll give you an example on how you can pay via BPI Express Online.

The following screenshots shows you the payment gateway they use. If you want to use a BPI Express Online account, your transaction may look like this:


Following screenshot shows Payment Instructions for BPI ExpressOnline or Mobile account:


You will use the reference number that NBI’s system gave you as you do Fund Transfer via BPI Express Online.

A message from the NBI Clearance site after payment process:


To see the status of your REFERENCE NUMBER and application please go to TRANSACTION PAGE.

If you need more assistance please feel free to contact or text:

09179999421 / 09179999418

09204129999 / 09995699964

Or send an email using CONTACT US PAGE.

Now, make sure you have paid for your NBI Clearance through the method of your choice. Track your transaction status by visiting the Transaction page.

And of course, don’t forget about your NBI Clearance REFERENCE NUMBER and 2 Valid IDs on your appointment date!

So, how was it? 🙂 Feel free to share with us your experiences when you have tried to apply for NBI Clearance with the help of the Internet. 🙂

NBI Clearance Application in June 2013 Ever Gotesco Mall Recto

Let me share with you my experience in getting an NBI Clearance this year 2013.

I paid via GCash and entered my details online at NBI-Online.com before booking a schedule and going to the NBI Clearance Center at Ever Gotesco Mall, Recto.

NBI Clearance Payment at Globe Payment Center

Long story shortened: I paid for me and my mom’s NBI Clearance at the Cashier at the Globe store at SM San Lazaro, then took note of the reference numbers and date of payment. I chose GCash over Pinoy Pera Padala (PPP) because the PPP branches are all far from my place.

The following includes my story in detail, including some frustrating event.

Last Sunday (June 23, 2013) I went with my BF to the Globe store at SM San Lazaro to pay for my NBI Clearance and for my mom’s via GCash. Not being a Globe subscriber, I didn’t have much idea how GCash works, but I read that it’s either you have your own GCash so you pay for the NBI Clearance through your phone, or you don’t have GCash so you go to any Globe Payment Center to pay through them.

I asked the receptionist at Globe what I need to do to pay for NBI Clearance via GCash, to be sure. He told me to go to Globe Customer Service, where a guy at Counter 7 told me I need to register my own GCash first before I can do that. I told him that I wanted to pay for NBI Clearance through the Globe Payment Center because I don’t have my own GCash, but he said no, and that I need to register my own GCash to do that. Frustrated, but trusting the Customer Service guy and determined to get the task done within that day, I purchased a Globe sim card so I could get my own GCash. I did the KYC thingy and lined up to the Customer Service again for ID validation and picture-taking. The queue was long. While at it, I told my BF that the process is confusing me, and that I’m wondering why I need to register my own GCash when others said that one can pay at Globe Payment Centers if he/she doesn’t own a GCash. By whim, my BF asked a Cashier lady about it. The Cashier lady told him that if we don’t have GCash we can just pay there at the Cashier! I was so mad at the guy at Counter 7! I told him I wanted to pay right there via GCash because I don’t have GCash, and instead of saving me the hassle and redirecting me to Cashier, he made me buy a Globe sim card and register for GCash, both of which I don’t really need. I just went on and got through the validation process and picture-taking for GCash too, para hindi sayang yung pinila. Good thing the guy at Counter 7 was no longer there, or he would see it in my face how upset I was at him.

And so, I paid for two GCash transactions at the Globe store’s Cashier, both 140 pesos for local employment and ID purpose but paid a total of 320 pesos because of convenience fee / service charge. So I guess there’s additional 20 pesos charged per transaction. I took note of the two reference numbers and the date of payment at the receipt.

Filling out personal details at NBI-Online.com

I filled out me and my mom’s personal details online on the evening of June 23, 2013, Sunday.

First, I registered our accounts using our own email addresses, as well as the reference numbers and date of payment from the GCash receipt. Because the reference numbers, date of payment, and email addresses that I entered were valid, I received a confirmation code from NBI-Online in my email inbox. When I entered that code into NBI-Online, the system allowed me to proceed to filling out our personal details. I had to be very careful in typing our details because I think they are not editable once saved.

Getting the QR Code from NBI-Online.com and printing it

When everything was filled out, QR Codes were generated for our NBI Clearance application. I had them printed on June 24, 2013 at a computer shop because I don’t own a functioning printer. :p

Booking for an appointment at NBI Clearance Center / Outlets

The NBI Clearance Outlet at Ever Gotesco Mall, Recto is the most accessible from my place. On June 25I texted the following to 0917-563-8054:

BOOK 123456789 EVERRECTO 06272013 0800 Firstname Lastname

123456789 being the reference number I got from GCash, 06272013 the date June 27 2013, and 0800 the time 8AM. I believe that the format I used was correct… or is it not? Let me know, because the system rejected it, saying “NBI HELP DESK: Invalid Date/Time range! Using the book format provided, set appointment of your choice on a WEEKDAY date, from 8AM(0800) / 10AM for malls to 4PM(1600) in military time format.” All online resources that list the NBI Clearance Centers, including NBI’s own PDF about booking, state that the Recto branch is already available by 8AM. And 0800 time should be valid because, look at their example, it uses 0800 as the appointment time. I tried 0900 and got the same rejection message. Then I tried 1000 and finally got the booking confirmation, which arrived not a minute past the time I sent the booking request. My guess about the rejection is either Ever Recto’s NBI Center opening schedule had changed from 8AM to 10AM, or the booking system actually has “limited slots” per time and the 8AM and 9AM schedule were already full when I attempted to book those times.

Going to NBI Clearance Outlet at Ever Gotesco Mall, Recto

Mom and I were at the NBI Center at Ever, Recto around 9:45AM. The applicants are fewer than I expected. I thought we were going to wait for at least 2 hours, but we were done in 1 hour. But of course, I got a hit like last time. 🙁

According to online resources, what online applicants of NBI Clearance should do upon arrival at the NBI Center is first take the eClearance Lane before proceeding to Step 3 and 4. I asked the guard where online applicants should go because I couldn’t find any sign for eClearance Lane, and he told me we should just proceed directly to Step 3. The queue’s progress was fast, but still took longer than the Step 3 (Biometrics, Fingerprints, Photo-taking) and Step 4 (Releasing) – I mean, the entire process was really faster than I expected!

I was really worried about my mother’s NBI Clearance application because she doesn’t have an updated government-issued ID. Her passport has expired. Her only valid ID is an NSO-issued birth certificate, which of course has no photo of her. Also, being a married woman, I think she needs to present marriage contract too (the copy she has right now is old and not from NSO) – and I had forgotten to request it for her at NSO! But thank God for answering my prayer – she had no problem with IDs. Before entering the NBI Clearance Outlet, I saw a statement above the list of valid IDs that says “You need one of the following”, and the NBI Clearance staffs at Step 3 barely looked at our IDs.

By the way, online applicants of NBI Clearance were asked to write down Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Nickname, and Address on the sheet of paper where our QR Code was printed.

Our picture was taken and all fingers were scanned for fingerprints. If I remember correctly, the fingerprint recording before was with ink and not done digitally.

Release of NBI Clearance at Step 4

There’s a queue at the very far right side of the NBI Center where people line up waiting for their names to be called. It’s either you get it on that day or at a later date. My mother, having an unusual name, got hers released immediately. Mine, of course, had a stupid hit again like before. It is for release on July 4, but I already have work by then! 🙁 My parent’s won’t be able to claim it for me so…. >_< argh!

My comments about the currect NBI Clearance Application process

I think that getting NBI Clearance at Ever Recto is not tiresome, especially if you don’t get a HIT. The lines were actively moving, showing that their system is efficient.

I wish that the hassle that getting “hit” can be alleviated. It is a hassle especially for employees/students because they need to come late or be absent from work/class for two days just to get NBI Clearance. There are 2 possible solutions I can think of:

  1. Hit is determined during online application before the applicant actually goes to the NBI Clearance Center. Though this may be impossible right now because of their current system/procedures.
  2. Avail NBI Center services on weekends

Update, July 4, 2013: Today’s when I was asked to come back for my NBI Clearance. I was there at Ever Recto by 8AM but we were only allowed to go in at 8:30. By the way, there’s a separate queue for people who are coming back for “releasing” due to hit, and another queue for those just applying for NBI Clearance. For less than 5 minutes we waited, seated, outside the cinema where NBI Clearance Outlet is. People lined at the Releasing queue put their recept/slip inside a designated box and waiting for their names to be called as the staff printed the NBI Clearance for him/her. It was over by 9 and thank God, I arrived at the office on time. xD

Update (March 30, 2012):
A fellow Pinoy shared his/her experience at the NBI Main Office at UN Avenue, Click here to read about it.

Tips regarding application/renewal have been imparted by an NBI personnel. Click here to read the tips.

Keep posting your tips and experiences as comments, guys! We appreciate it. Malaking tulong po.

My NBI Clearance has not expired yet, so I’m not so updated with info regarding the new system (if there’s any). I’ll surely update this blog entry with my new experience once I go to NBI again.

Update (November 30, 2011):
According to a visitor who posted a comment, due to a system reset by NBI, all processes will only be for acquiring new NBI clearances and no more renewals, which means it will take at least one month to process. If any of you receive your NBI clearance in less than a month please let us know. Thanks. 🙂

Update (November 2011):
Based on visitor comments we can say that some branches release the NBI clearance within one day (or after a week if you get a hit) and some do so in a month or several months.

Update (July 16, 2011): I have been told that there’s no longer a Monumento branch, and that it’s been moved to Robinson’s Place, Ermita.

We went to Victory Central Mall today to get our NBI Clearance. The NBI Clearance Center is located at the 5th floor of Victory Central Mall, Old Victory Compound, Rizal Avenue, Monumento, Caloocan City.

I must say that the Monumento branch has a very organized process. It took us less than 2 hours to finish. Try going there as early as you can so there are less people.

The information listed in this blog entry were acquired on June 1, 2011. Prices, procedures, branches, and other information may change without us knowing.

There are other branches where you can apply for or renew your NBI Clearance aside from the one at Monumento. Scroll farther down to see lists of other NBI Clearance Centers.

The following photos were the postings at the NBI Clearance Center. If you find the writings in these hard to read, there’s a text version available below the photos.

Who will get an application form for NBI Clearance?

  • First time applicant
  • Lost personal copy of old NBI Clearance
  • Photo-copy of old NBI Clearance
  • Renewal (Single) for change of civil status (applicable for female only)
  • Renewal subject for correction

NBI Clearance Renewal

  1. Applicants for renewal (original copy only) – subject is present, with or without changes of address and purpose may proceed to Step 1 Data Check then to Renewal Kiosk or proceed to Step 2 Payment, and then to Renewal Kiosk (Image Capture)
  2. Inside the processing area, proceed to Step 2 Payment
  3. Please proceed to renewal kiosk for Image Capture
  4. Application for no hit remark, please proceed to releasing section to claim your NBI CHS. Cert. and have your right thumb print.
  5. Application with hit remarks are advised to come back at the specified date indicated in your O.R.

How to apply for an NBI Clearance

  1. Get an application form (FPC – Finger Print Card) at the distributor’s desk
  2. Proceed to fill up area
  3. Submit your filled up application to Step 1 – Data Check
  4. Proceed to applicant’s lane near the entrance
  5. Step 2 – Payment for application inside the processing area
  6. Step 3 – Fingerprinting
  7. Step 4 – Image Capture
  8. Step 5 – Data Entry – Quick Search
  9. All applications with no hit remarks proceed to releasing section
  10. All applications with hit remarks schedule for release

The following are extra information.

How much does the NBI Clearance cost?

The price depends on the purpose of application:

  • Naturalization, Cancellation of ACR, Repatriation – P415.00
  • Change of Name, Business License, NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA Requirement, Permit to Carry Firearm – P165
  • Travel Abroad, Immigration Req., Visa Seaman, Marriage Requirement – P115.00
  • Local Employment, Customs Pass, Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Req., ID Purposes and Other Requirement – P115.00

What are the requirements?

2 Valid ID’s, original copy of old NBI clearance if you are renewing, and your presence. You need to go there in person because they need take a photo of you and your fingerprints.

What are considered valid I.D.’s?

Voter’s I.D., Postal I.D., SSS I.D., GSIS I.D., PRC License , Driver’s License, Company I.D, Valid Passport, ACR (for aliens), Senior Citizen I.D., Philhealth I.D., Student ID

When will you get the NBI Clearance?

Your NBI Clearance will be released the same day you apply for in, UNLESS there is a “hit”! You will find out when you can claim your NBI Clearance on Step 5 – Data Entry. They will place a mark at the back of your receipt, and it’s either without hit (you proceed to releasing area) or with hit.

What is a “hit”?

When you get a “hit” it probably means you share the same name with somebody else. You will have to come back after a week to either claim your NBI Clearance or be interviewed. Refer to the mark at the back of your receipt for the date you have to come back to the NBI Clearance Center.

I actually had a “hit”. It sucks because I have to go to Monumento again next week. 🙁

How long is an NBI Clearance valid?

The validity of your NBI Clearance lasts for one year.

NBI Clearance Center Branches

Satellite Offices for Application and Renewal

  • Quezon City Satellite Office (Quezon City Hall)
  • Marikina Satellite Office (Marikina Riverbanks)
  • Mandaluyong Satellite Office (Mandaluyong City Hall)
  • Las Pinas Satellite Offce (Las Pinas City Hall)
  • Muntinlupa Satellite Office (Alabang Market)

NBI Clearance “RENEWAL” Kiosks

  • Park Square I, Makati City
  • SM MEGAMALL, Mandaluyong City
  • Tutuban Central Mall, Divisioria, Manila
  • Porta Vaga Mall, Baguio City
  • Gaisano Mall, Iloilo City
  • Robinson’s Mall, Cebu City
  • Robinson’s Mall, Cagayan de Oro City
  • Talisay City, Cebu

NBI Regional and District Offices

1) Cordillera Autonomous Regional Office, Baguio City

2) Ilocos Regional Office, San Fernando, La Union

3) Cagayan Valley Regional Office, Tuguegarao City

4) Central Luzon Regional Office, San Fernando, Pampanga

5) CALABARZON Regional Office, Batangas City

6) MIMAROPA Regional Office, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro

7) Bicol Regional Office, Naga City

8 ) Eastern Visayas Regional office, Tacloban City

9) Central Visayas Regional Office, Cebu City

10) Western Visayas Regional Office, Iloilo City

11) Northeastern Mindanao Regional Office, Cagayan de Oro

12) Southeastern Mindanao Regional Office, Davao City

13) Central Mindanao Regional Office, Koronadal, So Cotabato

14) Western Mindanao Regional Office, Zamboanga City

15) CARAGA Regional Office, Butuan City

16) Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao, Cotabato City

17) Laoag District Office, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

18 ) Vigan District Office, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

19) Dagupan District Office, Dagupan City, Pangasinan

20) Bayombong District Office, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

21) Isabela District Office, Ilagan, Isabela

22) Olongapo District Office, Olongapo City, Zambales

23) Cabanatuan District Office, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

24) Tarlac District Office, Tarlac City, Tarlac

25) Bulacan District Office, Plaridel, Bulacan

26) Cavite District Office, Tagaytay City, Cavite

27) Laguna District office, Sta Rosa, Laguna

28 ) Lucena District Office, Lucena City, Quezon Province

29) Puerto Princesa District Office, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

30) Legaspi District Office, Legaspi City, Albay

31) Bacolod District Office, Bacolod City

32) Dumaguete District Office, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

33) Samar District Office, Catbalogan City, Eastern Samar

34) Dipolog District Office,

35) Pagadian District Office

36) Iligan District Office

37) Tagum District Office

38) Saranggani District Office

Other NBI Satellite Offices

1) Los Banos Satellite Office, Los Banos, Laguna

2) Marilao Satellite Office, Marilao, Bulacan

3) Montalban Satellite Office, Montalban/Rodriguez, Rizal

4) Caloocan Satellite Office, Caloocan City Hall

5) Valenzuela Satellite Office, Valenzuela City

6) Taytay Satellite Office, Taytay, Rizal

7) Philippine Retirement Authority, Makati City

8 ) Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

9) Alaminos Satellite Office, Alaminos, Pangasinan

10) Imus Satellite Office, Imus, Cavite

11) Lipa Satellite Office, Lipa City, Batangas

12) San Pablo Satellite Office, San Pablo City, Laguna

13) Kalibo Satellite Office, Kalibo, Akalan

14) Bohol Satellite Office, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

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  1. thanks for blogging about this Catzie! it’s very helpful as I’m headed to the Las Pinas satellite office tomorrow to get a clearance. (i was going to get one this afternoon but the line was long so i decided to go tomorrow early morning.)

      1. This is my experience in getting this clearance. Kagagaling ko lang ngayon sa NBI pagadian. I travelled more than 2 hours just to get here. Pero bago ako pumunta dito nag-register na ako sa online nbi thing nila. I was so amazed by the hassle free and fast application using online. Paid it sa bayad center at mabilis din naman. Wala kasing NBI office sa Ozamiz City kaya I have to travel here in Pagadian kasi ito ang pinakamalapit. Pagdating ko sa Capitol where the NBI office is located sinabihan na agad ako ng guard da gate pa lang na sira daw yung computer ng NBI kaya hindi daw sila makakapag issue ng clearance. Tumuloy pa rin ako sa office nila at baka sakaling may paraan. Pagdating ko sa NBI Office. Makikita agad yung notice sa lahat ng sulok at poste na may problema nga sila at hindi makakapag issue ng clearance. Kinausap ko yung tao sa information. Taga NBI cguro yun dahil naka uniform ng NBI at may mga kunakausap din sa kanya na mga applicant din. Sabi nya lang na sira daw yung system nila at lwede daw kaming pumunta na lang sa ibang nbi office. Sabi ko kaya nga ako dito pumunta dahil malapit lang sa amin. Sana man lang may notice na agad sa online pa lang na sira at hindi sila makakapag issue ng clearance. Gumastos pa ako ng mahigit 500 para lang sa wala. Malakas pa ang ulan dito ngayon. Sana man lang maging responsable din ang mga taga NBI at magkaron ng malasakit dahil yung abala, oras pera at pagod hindi nila kayang ibalik sa akin. Maganda na sana yung system ng online, yung mga tao lang na gumagamit ang palpak.

  2. i went to nbi last sat july 16 2011
    around 2pm. after an hour & a half i got my clearance. just wondering the difference ng processing during weekdays compared to weekends.

  3. bakit ganun sa las piñas kumuha ako ng nb clearance nung july 7 1 month pa mkukuha lht wla n dw renewal laht bago.. anu b yan? prng dun lang ung 1 month?

    tska ask ko lng din kung pwede ko ba magamit ang for travel dto kng mkhanap ako ng work dto s phil. at hndi a abroad?

    1. Nagkaron ako ng hit dati. Wala naman masyadong usap usap. Pinabalik lang ako a few days after, tapos binigay na sakin yung clearance.

  4. Good Morning. What if I don’t have any valid ID? I am an out-of-school-youth so definitely I don’t have school ID. Voter’s ID wasn’t released yet. Plus, my birth certificate has wrong info. Instead of Male, it was Female. Would they accept that? What if I have this Power of Attorney (I’m not sure if that’s what they call it. HAHA)

    Err. I need NBI asap. Haha. Suggest naman po kayo ng pwede kong gawin. 19 years old nga lang po pala ako. Hehe.

    1. Kung lalaki ka. Wala ka ng kelangan gawin. Kung babae ka at nagtatrabaho. Kelangan mo pumunta sa sss. Bir at ibang govt agency kung saan naka declare yung asawa mo bilang beneficiary mo. Dalhin mo lang yung court petition and court order or finality ng annulment nyo.

  5. There’s no longer a satellite kiosk at SM Megamall and Park Square I Makati so don’t waste time going there anymore, for those living in Novaliches there is a new kiosk opening soon at Robinson’s Market 3rd floor, but no date for opening yet

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  11. sir/maam, if the applicant is below 18 yrs. old,Is it ok if he/she will bring only one I.D.? a school I.D.?

  12. sir ask ko lang kung ano requirements ng renewal kung nasa abroad ang mag papa renew at ipapakisuyo nya ito sa kapatid….? thanks

  13. gud pm ask ko lng po kung meron pong kuhnan ng nbi clearance so robinson galeria bukas november 8 2011 please reply

  14. please reply naman po kung meron kuhanan ng nbi clearance bukas sa robinson galeria please reply pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. bakit sa las pinas city hall ang kuhanan ng nbi 1 month pag walang kapangalan? 3 months pag may kapangalan? kahit ito ang pinakamalapit dito samin better yet mga taga las pinas na pumunta nalang sa nbi main sa taft 1 day lang ok na. but be sure be early as you can if you can make it @6am then it’s all good. ako dumating ako ng 7am dahil wednesday baclaran day. mahaba na ang pila pero still lunch time nakuha ko na yung clearance.

    1. ang tagal po pala sa las pinas city hall. magandang idea nga na sa ibang branch na lang kumuha kung kaya, para mapadali

  16. sir, ask q lng po pwde ba kumuha ng nbi clearance sa mga mall kahit 1st time applicant ka…at pwede ba 1 valid id lng?…mga wat time po ba dpat pumunta dun?

    1. yung kinuhanan ko po dati mall e, so mukhang pwede naman. kung 1 ID lang hindi ako sure. best time siguro na pumunta ay pag kakabukas lang nila para mauna ka 🙂

  17. i though getting NBI is just for 1 day pwera nalang kung my hit ka… pero bakit sa ibang branch almost 1 month bago makuha ang clearance, tas kung di mo pa makuha in that day, another sked na naman to claim your clearance…ba’t ganun????

    pero pwedi bang makuha yung clearance mo sa ibang branch, e present lang yung OR mo???kahit d ka dun kumuha???

    1. Mukhang depende po kung saang branch kayo kukuha kung kailan marerelease.

      Di ko na po alam kung pwedeng sa ibang branch kesa pinagapplyan kunin yung clearance. Siguro mas ok na tanungin muna sa staff ng NBI branch kung pwede.

  18. i think its a false info about the “one day processing”, for my friend had an application of renewing her clearance in tagaytay city province of cavite the nbi personnel there tells her that it may be “processed for 2 to 4 MONTHS upon the application” take note it is in months not in a day processed. thanks

    1. Sorry, but it really took us only two hours to get the NBI clearance from Victory Central Mall.

      Please note: Some branches release NBI clearance the same day you acquire it, and some in a month or so. It depends on the branch you visit when you will be able to claim your clearance.

      I am quoting the comment of another visitor:

      […] better yet mga taga las pinas na pumunta nalang sa nbi main sa taft 1 day lang ok na. but be sure be early as you can if you can make it @6am then it’s all good. ako dumating ako ng 7am dahil wednesday baclaran day. mahaba na ang pila pero still lunch time nakuha ko na yung clearance.

      1. hi did you get ur nbi clearance?i have hit too i have the same name then ill come back after 2 weeks..it is possible na makuha agad un pag balik irelease ang nbi clearance

    1. wala na po ma’am. may bagong procedure na sila, sa Mandaluyong City Hall na po ang processing. Make sure to be there early for they have a 500 slots per day cut-off. been there 12nn and sad to say we were already late.

  19. I do appreciate the National Bureau of Investigation for posting vital informations anent to nbi clearances, it helped a lot people like me having time management problems in securing important documents such as nbi clearance. More power to the agency.God bless.

  20. hi! bukas po ba ang nbi main branch or the one sa ever gotesco recto during weekends? please reply. thank you! 🙂

  21. Lahat po ng sinabi nyo ay tama, kasi nung time na nakuha nila yung NBI Clearance nila na na release lang in days di pa na reset yung system sa NBI. Now wala na pong Renewal lahat ng apply New kaya it will take months to process, 1 month if youre lucky. Sa mga taga Cavite kung gusto nyo mabilis i suggest sa Las Piñas kayo kumuha, kung hindi naman kayo nagmamadali sa Tagaytay prang namamasyal lang kayo maluwag sila dun mabait pa mga Staff. ^^

    1. Nareset po pala yung system? Ang tagal na pala bago makuha yung clearance. Anyways, salamat sa pagsabi. Makapagpost nga ng update. hehe.

  22. Depende talaga sa place kung ganu katagal marelease ang clearance. Kahit nareset ang system at wala ng renewal still 1-2 hours lang ang whole process ng new clearance ko. Sa Bacolod po ito at December 2 lang ako kumuha ng clearance (New clearance dahil wala ng renewal). I suppose bago mgDecember pa ang system reset base sa posts nina Francis at Catzie last nov.30. 🙂

  23. Meron bang purpose ng application na for empployment abroad? Kakakuha ko lang ng Clearance na for travel abroad last Dec.2, accepted ba ‘to sa embassy pag nag apply ako ng work visa? thanks. 🙂

  24. um, what if you don’t have any valid ID’s? what are the other supporting documents required? is Birth Certificate is accepted?

  25. pwede ba ang membership ID?like review center ID and ID sa isang pilgrimage? and ilang araw bago makuha?thanks!

  26. sir / ma’am saan po ba pde makakuha ng nbi clearance renewal card??
    Naiisue ba sa mga city hall ng crc??
    Pakisagot lng po

    1. Alam ko wala na yung sa Monumento at Carriedo. Mga robinsons place malls na sila nag aaccept ng application for NBI clearance

  27. pano po makakakuha ng nbi clearance if ung person ay nasa abroad @ unfortunately na lost passport xa?pls help..tanx

  28. pwede ko po bang gmitin ung nbi clearance renewal card as a valid i.d?? dko po kc alm f acceptable po xa..

    1. Usually po considered na valid ID yun. Pero may ilan na hindi siya tinatanggap as ID, gaya ng dati nung may nagpadala sakin ng pera sa Moneygram, ayaw tanggapin ng BDO as valid ID yung NBI clearance 🙁 Sa experience ko, yung ibang service providers tinatanggap naman nila yung NBI clearance as valid ID, gaya ng 2GO delivery, Western Union, etc…

      1. My present NBI CLEARANCE was expired Nov. 19, 2011 this mean i need to renew this documents.

        1st:Can i still renew at 5th floor Victory Central Mall?
        2nd:How to avail the DIGITIZED NBI I.D.?

      2. ask ko lang po sa muntinlupa po ako kumuha ng NBI but hindi ko po nakuha agad sabi may kapangalan daw ako ang balik ko po is oct,30 pagbalik ko po ba makukuha ko na sya agad?sana po masagot nyo tanung ko asap po

  29. ngaun po kc dba kh8 mgrenew k lng nid u p ng 2 valid i.d’s..kung ang ipepresent ko ung nbi renewal card tnggapin po kya nla un dun pagpunta ko..kc ung ibng i.d ko xpired n.ung paz4t ko nlng ang pwede p..kya kulng po ako ng isang i.d pra mkapgrenew ng nbi clearance..

  30. wla po akong valid id, ano po ang pwedeng kapalit to be able to get an NBI clearance.. Hoping to hear from u ASAP.. Plz help me. tnx

    1. pwede nman gamitin mu yong cedulla mu o police clearance pra mka kuha knang NBI kng wla kang police clearance yon ang unahin.

  31. panu po pag nwala ko yung resibo ko ? my tatak n po un pra sa quality control babalikan ko nlng po .. anu po dpat kong gawin asap plz ..

    1. bale try mo tumae then hawakan mo gang pagpunta mo dun sa claiming then bigay mo mismo sa window nila. maganda ung mejo basa pa tae mo or sariwa pa malakas ang amoy. ok?

  32. goodmorning pwede ra usa ka valid id madala neg lukat ug nbi?hope for your response.you can send me thru email.

  33. pag hit po ba eh.. pag parehas ung name middle name at surname? panu po kung may kaparehas ang name at surname lang , magkaiba ung middle name .. mahhrapan parn po ba ako?

  34. gud am. closed n po ang nbi satellite office s puregold imus cavite. san po pwedeng kumuha ng nbi clearance n malapit s imus? tnx po

  35. Getting an NBI clearance is by far the worst government agency process I’ve ever observed. If one is still confused what RED TAPE means, this is the institution that will clear things up. There are six gruesome steps one must fall in “long” lines on. And when I say long, I mean the longest you’ll ever see. This is an embarrassment for an agency who earns more than P100 per applicant at 5000 applicants a day. Upgrading their system and increasing their staff are just some of the “no brainer” things a head of an agency could’ve thought of. If this is a result of corruption, then it’s even poorly done as one wise corrupt would easily come up with improving the process in order to cover more than 5000 a day. Just when technologies are rampant now, it’s disappointing to see agency like NBI going backwards. Is this the agency that can trust to resolve the biggest crimes in our country? I don’t think so.

  36. amh hi po magandanghapon po sa inyo,may itatanong po ako kung ano po ba ibang requirements sa nbi clearance?first timerpo ako kumoha ng nbi.pwede ko bang malaman iba pang require for nbi?thank you po.

  37. san po location ng office nyo sa iloilo..
    anu requirements pag first time applicants ng NBI clearance for abroad?

  38. ask ko lang kun meron pa bang satelite office for renewal ng nbi clearance dito sa Park square1. if wala, saan mas malapit sa makati? ty po.

    ang meron ako yung “not valid for travel abroad” expired na. kun kukuha ako ng nbi na for international travel, pwede na sa satellite office?

    1. wala na po yung sa parksquare makati. if the one in robinsons manila is still there then that will probably be the closest one

  39. pwede ba issupplement yun id with marriage contract kung di pa nakakuha ng bagong id with married name?

  40. bukod don sa list ng valid ID’s posted here, pno kung wala ako non khit isa. what if first time ko kukuha ng NBI, is authenticated Birth Certificate acceptable?

  41. nasa pampanga po ako saan ako makakarenew ng NBI meron ako old NBI clearance, kelangn pa ba ng requirement? tnx po

  42. Meron pba sa victory mall.. Kc change address ako sa nbi.. Tlga bang sa main dpat mgpunta..nd ba pwde sa mga renewals..????

  43. wala na ung sa victory mall (TESDA na xa), nilipat sa katapat na mall, ung ever gotesco grand central mall kaso nasunog na un ehh. saan pa ba pede magrenew? open pa ba ung sa megamall? saan na ung main clearance center?

  44. hi there, i just wondering if i renew my NBI even im not at Philippines right now? im here at Auckland New zealand, coz i need it for immigration purposes thanks

  45. I applied for my NBI renewal today at quezon city branch, I was inform to claim my nbi on April 26, 2012, I badly need my NBI for the processing of my visa by next week. Please advise me on what to do regarding this, if I will not be able to submit this requirements my application will be cancelled. Is this the normal days to wait for the NBI clearance to be printed, please help me.thank you…

  46. @Virginia
    “renewal” lang 1 month pa rin ang waiting time? i guess you should’ve gone to the main office instead. if same pa rin ang process nila sa main branch it should only take you at least 2 days to 1 week if may HIT. pag wala, within the day mo rin makukuha. ang gara kasi ng processing sa mga satellite branches iniipon nila tapos dadalhin din sa main for processing tapos yun tambak trabaho. walang kwenta technology. hahayzzz… buti nabasa ko to. sa main na lang ako pupunta bukas. pero walang matinong info sa google. ewan ko ba kung sa carriedo or sa taft ang main office na pwede kuhanan ng NBI. nakakainis.

    @some others
    basahin nyo yun blog at intindihin nyo. tanong kayo ng tanong eh nasa blog naman yun sagot sa tanong nyo. gusto nyo spoon-feeding. katamaran nga naman. self-help muna kaya nga may google, etc. eh. bato-bato sa langit, tamaan guilty.

    …i’ll post tomorrow what my experience will be at the main office wherever it is.

  47. Isa lang po yung valid I.D. ko. I just recently graduated this March and ang meron ko lang pong I.D. is the alumni I.D. Di pa din po nirerelease yung Voter’s ID ko. Will they allow kahit isang I.D. lang po kasi wala na po talaga akong ibang I.D

  48. Went to NBI Main Office (UN Ave.) yesterday and to my f***ing surprise, the very long line of applicants at 7AM. First thing I thought was they are already “hi-tech” but apparently, half of the process is done manually. Steps 1 and 3 are the longest.

    Step 1: Data verification.
    Don’t be fooled by the people and chairs you see outside the initial waiting area for step 1 after filling up your application form (not me since I’ve already downloaded and printed an application beforehand from the NBI website.) There’s A LOT MORE chairs and tons of people when you get inside the gate. Disregard the tarpaulins that show you the applicant # and releasing time info. It’s not real since if you get a HIT, you’d end up going back in at least 2 days (15 days for me [applied 3/29 and claim on 4/16] for a f***ing reason I don’t know.) Step 1 is all about MANUAL PROCESS where oldie employees of NBI will check each item you wrote on the application form. Everyone’s wearing reading glasses so, good luck.

    Step 2 is payment.
    You can pick which line you’d fall in so it’s your call to be quick. Produce the exact payment amount (P115.00 for local employment/abroad/misc requirement) since if you give P120.00 don’t expect to be given a change immediately.

    Step 3 is DATA ENCODING.
    They will literally record your data on the PC because their old data is “TOTALLY GONE.” So much for being a very important government agency. This is one of the longest wait you’d have to endure. Either you ate a heavy breakfast, brought food or bought from random vendors popping inside the office every now and then.

    Step 4 is bio metrics and photo capture which takes roughly a minute and not longer but is still long because of the line of applicants. This is also when you will know if you’d go straight to the “printing area” to claim your NBI Clearance or the date of your return will be written at the back of your official receipt. Boys are separated from girls at all times and you’d be assisted by oldies who don’t look really friendly due to a heavy work load. I’d suggest greeting them “good morning” or something to lighten their mood (it worked for me.)

    All in all, I’d rate the experience 3 out of 10 because of the time wasted for a clearance. Started at 7AM, finished at 11AM plus a come-back next month sucks. And one last thing I noticed which I think should be very important, that OFFICE HAS VERY POOR SECURITY. No guards on entrances, no bag-checking and frisking, no nothing. Dumb-asses I’d say.

      1. optional lang ang police clearance if wala kang valid government issued ID. pwede rin latest baranggay clearance.

      2. bakit ganito plagi ang sitwasyon sa lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno sa kalsada trapik sa renewal mhabang pila di ba dpat nkakagawa sila ng action dahil araw araw ganito sitwasyon….dpat may corrective action pag wla meaning gnun nlang kpasidad tlga.PEACE

  49. @Marilou
    Other than your school ID, here are other forms of identification that they will acknowledge (as long as hindi pa expired):
    – any gov’t issued ID
    – brgy. clearance
    – police clearance
    – old NBI clearance (parang tanga nga lang kasi mas ia-acknowledge pa nila ang old NBI clearance mo kahit expired na ng 4 years ago kesa sa ID na nag expire lang last year. yan yung nangyari sa lalakeng nakilala ko dun na nakasabay ko. abnoy talaga sila.)

    …but come to think of it, isang ID lang pinakita ko nung nag-apply ako pero sabi nga sa requirements bring 2. sablay talaga sistema. just bring 2 to be sure. and good luck sa pag apply. parang mas mabilis pa sa satellite offices pero need mo maging super maaga.)

  50. @em-ross martinez
    Pwede rin birth cert pero dapat yung original or authenticated by NSO. School ID mo lang ok na kasi student ka naman.

  51. @joyce mateo
    yes. kahit pumunta ka sa satellite office new application pa rin ang kukunin mo. you’re lucky if you got no HIT. pag meron, hope that it’s just gonna take a day or two.

  52. Recently, I applied for an NBI clearance. I got a Hit and was ask to come back after 2 weeks on the same kiosk. Since this is the only requirement needed for my work application, my hiring date will be delayed for 2 weeks as well. My question is,Is it a good idea for me to go direct to the NBI office for the interview? Likewise, can I go there earlier than my scheduled appointment to hasten the process?
    Thank you…

    1. i was asked to return after 17 days to claim my NBI clearance after applying in the main office, I’d say just wait for it kasi probably ganun din mangyayari. you’re the first i saw here so far na may ganyan katagal na waiting time na nag apply sa kiosk. if there will be others, this means na pare-pareho na ang speed ng process ng main office, satellite offices and kiosks. too bad for you because of the delay in hiring though. yan din problema ko e. kupad na NBI given that hi-tech na lahat. biometrics lang ata ang hi-tech sa kanila.

  53. Is the NBI office in UN open tomorrow, April 3, 2012? I’m planning to get my NBI tomorrow as i assume na konti nalang ang tao due to the lenten season.

  54. i went to NBI headquarters (UN Ave.) yesterday (April 2, 2012). hope these information helps.

    1.) they now have their own location for the clearance. so don’t go in the nbi building along taft ave. from the lrt(UN Ave)station, walk in the direction of Roxas Blvd. its on side where time square building is (you won’t miss since it is the closest bldg near the station). you’ll know if you’re already there because you’ll see ALOT of vendors. enter the second gate the you’ll see. the one that has no tart that says “exit.”

    2) avoid having any form of contact with the vendors. they tell stuffs like “d pwede yang ballpen mo. dapat ganito.” or “dapat may envelope kang dala.” and force you to buy their .

    3) bring you own black BALLPEN. signpen or jellpen are not allowed.

    3) no shorts, sando, slippers, cap. in short, wear something presentable and casual.

    4) unless you are planning to go there at 5am (yes, they start giving out application forms as early as 5am), there will, and always be loooooong queue. and i am not exaggerating. i took me 5 hrs to finish all the process (arrived at 11am, finished at 4pm).

    5) because of the long queues, eat a heavy meal before going, bring water, candy, fan, and something to help you keep you sane like mp3 players at portable game consoles. because i’ll go crazy waiting in line. btw, men and women have separate lines at first. but once inside the building, they will be mixed.

    6) women and senior citizens are given priority. SC don’t have to queue and ladies will be be asked by the NBI personnel to cut in the line. i repeat, so ladies don’t just cut in the line and wait for the NBI personnel to tell you so.

    7) immediately proceed to where there are a lot of people and chairs. don’t go where you see people filling out their forms standing because you’ll have to fill it out while sitting in line.

    8) read the tarps before filling out the form. it have the answers for your FAQs.

    8) this tip is according to a NBI personnel. if you visit the NBI website there is an instruction there regarding applying online. but step 2 is no longer applicable. instead, download and print the application form then fill it out. then bring it when you get your clearance. the NBI personnel said that if you do it this way, it will be alot faster. i guess there’s an express lane for this kind of process because we saw some applicants that have visitor’s id hanging around their neck and we never noticed them the in the queue.

    1. Bro, is it true na makukuha mo on the same day ang NBI clearance kahit HIT ka as long as you’ll get it from NBI Taft? I badly need my NBI on April 30, same day sa pagApply ko. Thanks!

  55. Hello sa lahat… Pwede ba ako kumuha ng nbi renewal nueva ecija ako although meron dito regional office matagal daw kasi it takes 1 -3 months bgo mkuha.. And What can you say about sa E-clearance na tintawag nila i read sa website ng NBI may mga nakapagtry naba nun? Mas mabilis ba yun pag e-clearance ginamit mo??

    Need your response inmediately thank you

  56. I cannot believe the volume of people who took the opportunity to come here sa NBI Taft. I was thinking it would be faster and lesser ang number of applicants in light of the holy week. One would think everyone else had gone to their provinces already but this is ridiculous, buti nalang there are a few eye candies *wink 2 hours and running.

  57. san po b may nbi renewal kiosks??wala na sa megamall at marikina riverbanks!!punta kmi knina wlang nangyari init init p nman..guys pls. help..

  58. Pwede po ba ipakuha sa iba ang nbi clearance? Kc may same name daw po ako. Babalik after 10 working days pero di ako makakaabsent.

  59. Guys complete na yung akin meron na din ako clearance pero wala ako magawa sa bahay kaya kukuha ko ulit

  60. i have a question coz i have my nbi clearance since 2001.i want to get nbi this year.can i still my old nbi for my renewal?pls reply. . .tanx. . .

  61. I got there at 7am and finished around 1:15pm. Girls will finish faster. Guys have longer queue than the girls. better use the online facility. Although you still need to go there, you’ll no longer endure the long lines.

    They accept old nbi clearance as valid id fyi.

  62. Enough as valid ID’s na yung passport ko and TIN ID Card, right? anong location ang bukas pag Saturday for me to get an NBI clearance? thank you!

  63. Hi All,

    Ask ko lang po kapag nagparenew ng NBI clearance ok lang ba kahit wala na yung old copy? Kinuha kasi ng employer ko yung copy ng NBI ko. So ok lang ba sa mga renewal kiosk or kelangan ko nanaman ulit magapply ng panibago?

  64. for those of us here abroad whom wanted to renew our nbi.please specify all the details wherein if we choose to send it by mail or to send it to our representative to the philippines.who will renew on our behalf.its kind a confusing.for my case coz ive send it to the philippines instead of going to the consulate coz i dont have the nearest philippine consulate here in Lethbridge alberta.and they dont have services in calgary also.and i cant travel to vancouver and pay a very expensive airfare.ask my cousin to request for the form no.5 but she wasnt able to acquire one we have to get here in canada.now that ive acquired a form no.5 and after filling it up and completing the fingerprints and the other requirements needed to renew. ive sent it to my cousin to renew in my behalf and yet its still not acceptable.any advice about it coz i badly needed it asap for my apply for permanent resident.its very time consuming.please help me.thank you so much!!!

  65. bakit daw po yung iba hinde tumatangap ng student id.? pwede din po ba kung sss number lang po ung dala ko.la pa po ako sss id eh? reply po pls/ need ko tom makakuha eh tnx

  66. Fresh graduate po ako and nasurrender na po yung school ID namin. Wala pa din po akong voter’s ID dahil di pa nirerelease. What if ang dala ko lang is my Library Card ID from my college? I have no other valid ID’s to present. Papayagan kaya nila ang Library card ID from my school?

  67. I applied for my NBI clearance yesterday. I went to Robinsons Ortigas kc un daw nearest sa kin being based in Makati/Taguig area. I got there at 6:30am. konti pa tao but no line. While waiting though, pinaalis kami ng guard where we were all seated as if lined up kc bawal daw mag-stay sa area na un (ung area na malapit sa convenience store na tabi rin ng entrance at taxi stand?). Balik na lang daw kami ng 10am pagbukas ng mall. we were all dispersed, everyone respected the guard naman kc he is just doing his job. Estimate number of people at that time is 35. I decided to go to Mandaluyong City Hall kc dun naglalakad husband ko esp when he worked in Mandaluyong. I heard mass muna sa Edsa Shrine so nakarating ako ng Manda City Hall at 7:30 na. konti pa ang tao. kaso, need daw ng Cedula and they would usually direct you to the blue building. No offense meant to the municipality of Mandaluyong. It is also a way for their city to earn when they issue cedula. In my case, kc ayoko pumila ng pagkahaba-haba (as in nasa 3rd floor na inabot ng line ng kukuha ng cedula, estimating about 50 people? i decided to get a cedula sa barangay namin. I stated my real salary kc I want to be honest. I recommend the same sa inyo if you are employed (nasa atin na siguro what we will declare pag tinanong if earning and how much). I got my cedula in 5 minutes then i went back to Mandaluyong City Hall. Natapos ako ng 8:30am. pwede na rather than hinintay ko pa ang pag-open ng mall ng 10am. So i think, if you go to Mandaluyong City to apply for NBI clearance, dala mo cedula mo and you’re there ng 7-7:30 or a little earlier, you’ll finish early din. but like other offices, they have a 500 count per day din. I wish everyone a smooth and hassle-free NBI clearance acquisition!

  68. NBI renewal…. what will i do i lost my old NBI copy(original)…. ano po ang mga docs. n dpat kng dalhin? thanks..

  69. pwede ba ako mag renew ng NBI clearance ko for local employment at the same time kukuha rin ng NBI for travel abroad.. thanks! need your feedback

    1. To OWEL: Might as well renew your NBI for travel Abroad. – it serve both local and international. Meaning you use it for local employment also.

      1. HI! Lahat po ba ng NBI sa manila is online? Kasi po d2 sa Nueva Ecija, manual kaya it takes 3months to get the clearance. san nyo po maaadvice na kumuha? Ung makukuha din po within that day. please tell me.. It will really a big help.. Luluwas pa po kasi ako. Thank so much.

  70. pwede ba ako kumuha ng nbi clearance kahit lcr lng dala ko birth. cert.? e panu kung my nbi na ko nung 2009 pa un pwede ko po ba renew nalang yun nasa akin pa naman po yung card ko and old nbi.. help po please.

  71. hello po..ask ko lng..sa ever ako kukuha ng nbi..mblis b don?and mkukuha ko agd ung nbi ko?for renewal ung skin e..pls advice me..buks na ang pg renew ko ng nbi e..

  72. Why there’ no reply on query about NBI in Imus? Whoever the admin of this account should be able to check and answer the inquiry.


  74. panu naman poh ung nsa abroad at need ng renewal for their NBI clearance, kawawa naman cla, kelngn pa bang umuwi pra lng mg apply?

  75. ask lang kung pwede po ba magrenew ng nbi sa robinsons place novaliches and what time po ba dapat nandun?.. i need feed back po asap..

  76. Hi everyone,
    Is it true na makukuha mo on the same day ang NBI clearance even if “HIT” ka as long as mag-aapply ka at NBI Taft? I badly need my NBI clearance before May 2. I already applied here in Cebu this week but “Hit” ako then 2 weeks pa makukuha. I will try my luck to get the clearance on April 30, the same day mag-aapply ako ulit. Please help.

  77. I went to the NBI satellite center at QC today. I was a bit disappointed that fixers are still roaming around waiting for their possible prey. Hope the Quezon City local government shall do something about it..

  78. Good Day! Just want to ask if NBI Clearance Centers are open tomorrow, May 1, 2012 and during Saturdays? Is Victory Mall still open? Hoping for answers! Thanks a lot!

  79. guys i need help what is the requirement to take a NBI kasi first time ko plang kukuha nito anu ba dapat dalhin… reply ASAp

  80. hello poh!just want to ask something bout the requirements of renewing my NBI.Im here abroad at the present but i need a new one as it is required for embassy purposes so pls help me on how to do the process.And is it possible for me to authorize somebody to take charge?pls.reply me back…thanks a lot

  81. pwede po ba makakuha ng nbi clearance pag sabado? un lang po ksi ang day off ko, thanks po

  82. hello po,first time ko po kukuha ng NBI CLEARANCE,.wala po akong valid ID.,kasi na holdap kami last week kinuha lahat gamit ko,.pwde ba birth certificate alhin ko?gusto ko sana kuha agad tomorrow..thanks po,.kung ok lang po sayo pwde txt mo ako dito 09274592020..maraming salamat po…

  83. planning to get my nbi clearance..hinde na ba ngbbgay ng number sa rob galleria ng as early as 7am?? saktong 10 or pagbukas ng mall tlga ngsisimula pila?

  84. hello ask ko lng kung ung NBI for “travel abroad” eh pwede din ba ung gamitin para sa pag aapply ng trabaho locally? para ndi na ako kumuha ng bagong NBI for “LOCAL EMPLOYMENT”…
    slamat sa sasagot…

  85. tanung ko lang, wla na kc akong valid ID mag rerenew ako ng NBI Clearance ko. Anu pwede ko gamitin?

  86. guys share ko lang sa inyo what we did to renew the clearance of my sister .. we take chance and use the e-clearnace even though it’s just new and since we dont have the Gcash. We used the step 2

    1. we went to a Globe payment center and paid 135(115+20) and used the Gcash number of the NBI that is also used for comments and questions and especially help line the number is 09175638053 (pls. do check the NBI website to make sure its still the number) then the Globe issued us a receipt with the transaction num/id.

    2. visit the NBI website click the ONLINE NBI CLEARANCE APPLICATION found at the upper right of the screen, scroll down to the step 2 then click the APPLY HERE FOR NBI CLEARANCE then start to fill up if you are a registered user jut log in but if you are a non registered like us just fill up and type your email, reference number or transaction num/id,date and the purpose the thing is every time we validate it an error always happened saying that we mistyped the reference even though it is correct..what we did.we follow the instruction first thing to do:

    1.type PAYMENT VALIDATION ERROR with the reference num, date and if gcash or globe payment center and send it to 09175638052 a computer generated text will then be recieved but it will not help you with the problem


    2. open your email account then send the same information to [email protected]

    and the last and i think the most important and the most helpful step which is not included in the steps provided by NBI when you encounter that problem is ask the help line

    3. i sent the same message to 09175638053 then after 30 mins. i recieved an SMS from helpline saying to try to validate my reference num or transaction id/num then the rest went well hehe! be sure to text during office hours

    we went to NBI UN that day and saw the long line but thanks to elerance we went straight to 4th floor no need to fall in line and with just 15 minutes in eclerance office and were done. why wait for hours when you can renew your clearance for only 15 minutes.


  87. If ever i fill-up an online application can i go to other branch than the main office to get my clearance?
    i plan to renew my NBI local clearance to change my address and get an international clearance. would that be possible? What should i do?

  88. Huwag kau pupunta sa UN avenue branch, sobrang dami ng tao.

    kung may alam kau na branch kung saan konti lang ang tao, dun na kau..

    1st day – 5 hours.

    pinabalik after 2-3 weeks, p0tek, may kaparehas ako ng pangalan, may kaso ung kaparehas ko, aun, naghintay ng 4 hours, pagktapos, releasing na, buti ung releasing mabilis.

    kung wla lang sana ako kaparehas, release na sana e.

  89. Kung mali ang pagka hit sa iyo sa nbi clearance, may way ba para balikan ang negligence ng staff? Kasi po perwisyo yong pabalik balik tapos di mo naman pala kasalanan?

  90. hi. i’ll be needing my NBI clearance for travel purposes. and this is the first time i’ll apply. can i go to Victory Mall?

    1. ala na po sa victory. merun po sa otis robinsons place. mabilis kung pupunta k ng maaga para maaga ka rin makauwi. matagal lng ang pila sa baba kc wait nyo pa open ang mall, pero after nun mabilis na ang processing sa 2nd floor.

  91. hindi ko nkuha ung nbi ko kc kelangan ko p daw balikan eh ngstart nko ng work ko at umaga ung pasok ko di n ko nkabalik pwede b ipadeliver ko nlng s hauz un?

  92. ang panget na ng process sa nbi ngayon! mas maganda pa nung nasa victory mall ! nakakahilo yung sa un walang nakalagay na direction! renewal na nga lang kailangan pa ng valid id! kala ko kse ndi na kailangan kse last year nagrenew aq hindi na kailangan ng valid id! tapos ngayon kailangan na pala !

  93. ME: Sir kuha po ako NBI Clearance pr s bro and sis-in-law ko,
    need po pr s working visa.
    NBI: Naku, 10 days ito…
    ME: Ha?! bakit ang tagal nmn po. last year 1 day lng nakuha ko n.
    NBI: bago kc system nmin ngayon ky ganon, kung gusto mo
    bayad k ng 1,500 bawat 1 pr 1 1/2 oras k lng maghihintay
    makukuha mo n.
    ME: ang mahal nmn po.
    NBI: Tawagan mo sila baka kailangang-kailangan nila di
    magbayad kn lng…
    ME: di bale n lng po, babalikan ko n lng, di ko afford masyadong

    What can you say people…. More fun in the Philippines pa rin ba?
    It’s more pahirap… nagbago ng system, from COMPUTERIZED TO MANUAL, and to the employees… NO COMMENT.

    1. I’m working in Japan and applied my NBI here in abroad. I filled up an NBI “free form” and let an authorized person do the finger printing then submit it to the Consulate for validation with a payment of 2,425 yen. I thought the Consulate will mail it for me since I filled up a “free form” but I understood it, instead of going back to the Philippines to process it personally, it’s better to pay without questioning.

      I mailed it to my sister with an authorization to process for me. I told her to submit it to NBI Taft and hoping it will be released in few hours since my NBI in 1997 was released within a day when I applied for it.

      I was so happy that my sister got it in few hours after submitting it, BUT to my surprised the NBI personnel asked her to pay an additional P1,500 pesos for the EXPRESS or else my NBI will be released after 2 weeks. She already paid the regular amount which is P115.

      She sent my NBI and in a week it arrived. I asked my sister if the personnel gave her the receipt for the express as I saw only the P115 receipt. She told me the personnel did not give any receipt to all the authorized applicants who paid and requested for an express.
      This bothered me a lot. They paid without receipt for an additional P1,500? It is even more expensive than renewing a passport! Besides, why do some personnel collect additional P1,500 pesos for the express without issuing receipt. Is the NBI Director aware about this?

      For those who want to apply for NBI clearance for you, please let them ask receipt before they pay. I just don’t know at this time where to ask about this situation.

      Also a DRY SEAL in your NBI Clearance is needed for abroad use. You can also check the NBI online application for more details.

      Procedure in applying an NBI abroad.

      1. hi tanong ko lang po, kc need din namin ng NBI Clearance and we are from New Zealand. Pwede ba magpa e-clearance na lang kahit overseas tapos ung kamag anak magaasikaso in behalf.

        Ung araw na un mismo mo nakuha ung NBI pero nagbayad ka ng 1,500? pano sinabi ng sister mo, sinabi ba nya na pwd bang express? kc need namin within the week. d naman kaya maghintay ng 1month!

  94. In fairness to the NBI, i still made it to finish the process by two hours.

    I started at 10 am and finished by 12 noon. And came back at Thursday for the printing.

    Here is the blow by blow account of what happened.

    May 14, 2012

    10:15 Went to SM San Lazaro and went to a Globe Service Center to pay for NBI Clearance Payment (130 something ata).
    I started at 10 pa instead of being in the line ng 6 am in the morning sa mismong NBI at UN.

    10:30 Walked to LRT Tayuman, then went to ride an LRT up to UN.
    11:00 – 11:30 Reached UN station, went to the gate Of NBI. Not the gate sa taft, but sa UN mismo.
    You will see na napakadaming tao dun kaya you will never miss it.
    Bawal ang slippers and naka shorts! I showed my receipt of GCash Transaction, kaya d na ko pinapila sa almost 1 – 2k of people falling in line.

    I did a bit of research and i found out na nasa 4th Floor ung e-clearance nila, kaya dumiretso na ko dun.
    While walking i saw lots of people falling in line, doing forms, sitting in monoblock chairs, paying for clearance.
    siguro abot un ng mga 1 – 2k of people.

    I rode at the elevator and went to the 4th floor, pag dating ko dun 15 lang ang tao!
    Instead na pumila ako, i went for the door kasi ung kasama ko sa elevator naunang pumasok and may sinabi something about sa “ayaw mag print ung QR Code”

    Actually dun sa naresearch ko, plan ko na din na gawin yun bale(QR Code), and sakto naman un ung ginawa nya.
    The IT Girl saw me and asked for my GCash Transaction Receipt, she checked it and confirmed na pumasok sa system nila ung payment ko.
    Yung kasama ko nag gcash sha personally, and d pa ata pumapasok sa kanya sa system ng NBI(she payed 2 days ago pa, while ako 10 am sa mall)

    She asked me to register at the site to have an account, and to fill up some info dun sa pc and print the QR code sa labas.

    11:45 – 12 noon Went out of NBI and look for a computer shop, printed my QR code. (QR Code is working fine, meron lang sha sigurong browser issue kaya ayaw magprint sa IE or Mozilla.)
    It is working fine on chrome, so better look for that one.
    After printing it, dumiretso ulit ako sa NBI, went to 4th floor and gave my QR code sa 4th floor ulit and wait to be called.
    They took my picture sa loob and fingerprint. They handed me out a paper that says printing sa baba and i could get it sa May 17 (3 days after)

    I made it in 2 hours, where in fact, you could do it much faster pa than what i did.
    Here is what you could do, after paying the GCASH Transaction (better to do this on a saturday or sunday), make an account na sa site ng NBI and make a reference sa GCASH Transaction mo and print the QR Code.

    Then by monday, diretso ka nlng sa 4th floor ng NBI (e-clearance) para sa pila. This is less troublesome i think.

    1. @jermteam— ask ko lang poh if sa UN NBI ka na pinagawa ng account?..kasi ive been trying to sign up pero d pede..

  95. hello…kumuha ako kahapon ng nbi clearance sa quezon city hall kaso pinababalik ako sa june 27 kasi may Hit. May paraan po ba na mapabilis yun?

  96. Valid pa din ba ung NBI Renewal Card? and kung san po lumipat ung NBI sa caloocan ung sa victory mall? Thanks

  97. wOw ang dami “Bad Comment” kesa sa “Good Comments”.. well , share ko din experience ko..

    kahapon june 14, 2012 nagpunta kami sa UN.Ave sa main para mag”RENEW” ng NBI Clearance .. mga 8:31am to be exact andun na kami..pagpasok namin may bubungad na “booth” sa inyo para bgyan ng “FORM” para i’fill-up.. ni walang “TABLE” para pagsulatan tpos sobra pa putik sa pila.. magkaiba pila ng babae sa lalake (good!).. sobra dami taong nakapila sa STEP 1, around 9:30am nasa STEP 1 pa din kmi may isang “LALAKE” na MALAKI KATAWAN na sumingit sa pila pero ung mismong nagA”ASSIST” sa pila sa STEP 1 NATAKOT kaya pinabayaan nalang haha ! ..

    Nung nasa STEP 2(DATA CHECK) na kmi para i-check yung nafillup na form namin , NAGSUNGIT ung “matandang nakasalamin na BABAE” sabi “Anu ba yan hindi ko maintindihan sulat mo” .. sabi ko sorry mam kase WALANG patungan or TABLE sa labas para pagsulatan .. ung “LEGS” ko lang kasi ginamit ko na patungan pansulat .. hindi nakaimik ung babae..

    diretso naman kami sa STEP 3 sa may “Building” para mag bayad.. dun na nag samasama ang mga babae at lalake.. kanyakanya na ng pila , ang gulo na .. ung iba sumisingit ,

    pagkabayad namin diretso kami sa STEP 4 sa 2nd floor para sa (ENCODING) .. dito sobrang haba ng pila ulit .. ! habang ine-Encode na ung form ko ng “BABAENG NAKASALAMIN” naiinis ako kasi napapakamot sya sa ulo nya sabi “hindi nya maintindihan” ang sulat ko.. hindi nalang ako nag salita..

    Pag akyat naman namin sa STEP 5 “BIOMETRICS at Picture Taking” mabilis lang kasi hindi NAIIPON ang tao unlike sa STEP 1,2,3,4 .. ang init ng ulo na “LALAKE” na kumukuha ng BIOMETRICS at PICTURE ewan ko ba kung GUYTOM NA GUTOM NA or what ! nanghihili ng daliri sa mga ibang kasama ko sa pila .. nung ako na OK naman kaya lang may nilagay sya sa likod ng RECEIPT ko na JUNE 26 2012 meaning un daw ung DATE na marelease ung NBI ko dahil may kapangalan daw ako .. ang saya .. around 1:30pm na natapos babalik pa ko .. sayang GAS , PAGOD , GUTOM pa .. tpos babalik lang ? taga Valenzuela pa ako …

    gara ng proseso nila .. Angsusungit pa ng Employee.. Matatanda pa at nakasalamin na karamihan .. di ko alam kung nagkamali ng tingin kaya pinapabalik pa ako sa 26..

    (habang nasa STEP 1)
    may isang GUY don na nag aassist ng pila cnsabing “O UNG MGA NAGMAMADALI JAN HA LAPET LANG SAKEN DIRETSO NA AGAD SA BUILDING PARA MAG BIOMETRICS” .. nag tanong ako , sir “magkano” po ang bayad ? sagot nya, “350” lang .. anu yun padulas ?? kawawa naman ung mga walang pera masisingitan lang ng may pera .. tsktsk… pera pera ang labanan …

  98. hillo…ask lang po ako kong pwedi po bang mag renew ng NBI kahit wala na akong ipakita na old NBI? kasi nasunog po kc at wala na akong ipakita pag mag renew na ako at kong pwedi lang ano ang pwedi kong dalhin para maipakita ko sa NBI office at sa ganon makapag renew na po ako..salamat…

  99. sa mandaluyong city hall mabilis lng! lalo na kung patapos ka na darating.. 🙂 ask ko lng kng may saturday un renewal sa mga kiosks (megamall)?

  100. hi, taga calamba po ako, san po my malapit na kuhanan d2 sa calamba ng NBI, pwede po ba ipakita ung old NBI ko na not travel to abroad, tas kukunin ko ngaun eh NBI na travel for abroad, thanks po

  101. Hi, i’d like to ask regarding obtaining for nbi clearance for a relative abroad.. I have a red label letter and authorization letter plus nbi form from the philippine consulate in los angeles, photocopy of passport and valid id’s.. Is the protocol the sane for these tupe of application?

  102. Question lang po… Open po ba ang NBI Clearance center during weekends? Even on Saturday will be enough. I’m staying abroad and I’m thinking of going back over weekend only to get this as it is very urgent. Please advise.

  103. pde po ba kapatid ang mgrenew ng nbi kpag nsa ibang bansa ung my klngan ng nbi?tska ano klngan dalhin?

  104. hi ask ko lang, ganun ba tlaga ngayon sa nbi, kumuha ako ng nbi ng march, last wk ko lang pinakuha sa aswa ko, busy kase,ang sbi sa asawa ko eh wala na daw yung files ko, di ba parang napaka unfair naman ata iyon, ganun nb talaga ngayon? ibig sabihin mag aaply na uli ako ng panibago> nasayang lang yung binayad ko kung di ko mkukuha yun,, just asking…

  105. hello po..im here in canada and mag aapply po ako ng NBI Clearance,,sa province po kami,pwede po pang sa branch po sa amin iapply NBI ko at di sa main office?please i need an immediate reply,,thanks po

    1. hi merly. nagpdala rin ako ng application form for NBI renewal sa pinas. ask ko lang, nagbayad ka ba ng P5000.00? kasi they wanted me to pay that much to process my certificate.-thanks===rj

  106. tanung ko lang po,papano po kung yung aking nbi ay matagal na siya until now hindi ko pa rin sya nare-renew,tapos ngaun gusto ko kumuha to travel abroad,ano dapt ko gawin?

  107. Is there a need for cedula, barangay clearance, muncipal and police clearances for new applicants? Thanks!

  108. question.. nagparenew lang ako ng nbi clearance last feb using the new system na may biometrics pero kailangan ko magparenew ulit.. same steps ba gagawin ko or mas mabilis na since may record na?

  109. pag first time po na kumuha ng NBI valid ids lang po ba ang kailangan? wala na po ba police clearance?

    1. wala na po. jus present lang po ung 2 valid id’s make it photo copied na rin po para just in case na hingi sila ready ka na at di ka na maaabala.,.

  110. May i ask p0.? Can i apply two NBI clearance f0r 0ne time??? will use kc as 0ne 0f the requirments f0r applying a passp0rt,will travel t0 thailand.Then sa purp0se 0f the 0ther NBI clearance is f0r l0cal w0rk..This is my first time kasi..

  111. hi guys. ask ko lang. ive sent my application for NBI renewal sa relatives ko sa pinas. apparently, nanghihingi ang NBI ng P5,000.00 to renew my NBI. ganito b tlga kalaki yung dapat na bayaran? please reply.thanks much!–rj

  112. isa lang po ang aking valid id at ito po yung voter’s id…..pwede po ba ang old id’s o kaya yung birth certificate po….salamat po

  113. oh my god!! Im so surprise kase proper na ang procedure ng pagkuha ng nbi, but then i find out that though the Q.C city hall implement its proper procedure where in STEP 1. is to get APPLICATION FORM on the guard. .my series of time kc, like mine, i came 8am in the m0rning but my form indicates 11 to 12nn. Ok naman sna un, as long na ung GOVN’T EMPLOYEE are not having the chitchat moment, tulad n lng sa payment procedure, you need to wait for long para maentertain ka.. The fact na super dameng mga applicants. Instead n mpbilis ang process, inuuna ang chikahan.. It shouldnt be done like that, we came here early and we need to wait much. Understood ang mhbng pila, but the chitchat and waiting for an hr, b4 maentertain.that is so silly.hay.

  114. Hi There. I’m a fresh graduate and I’m planning to get a NBI clearance soon. I only have two IDs with me (my old college ID and BC)and I’m wondering if they can still accept my old school ID. I also have a police clearance with me. Can it be considered as a valid ID as well?

  115. ask ko lang po.. Meron na kasi akong nbi pero local lang… Kelangan ko po kumuha ng pang travel abroad.. kapag po ba ganun counted as renewal un… O kailangan po panibagong nbi nalang… Naisip ko po kasi kung renewal lang sa sm megamall nalang po ako kukuha.. Please inform niyo naman po ako..maraming slamat po….

  116. may nbi renewal po ba somewhere in makati o kaya sa megamall meron pb cla? need help pls.. san po b mabilis? thanks!

  117. nawawala po yung old nbi at wala din po akong photo copy ng old nbi ko.. paano po ang gagawin ko?


  119. ask ko lng ung sa robinson ermita pwede ba don makakuha ng nbi clearance ung mga first timers? at if ever san banda sa alabang market? thanks

  120. good day!!tatanong ko lang po pwede ko po bng ikuha ng copy o duplicate ng nbi clearance husband ko,kc yung 1st n kinuha nya pinasa n s agency inaplyan nya.wala p po 1 yr.tpos now po need nya ulit nbi kc lilipat sya ng company kso po now ns abroad n sya,,ano po dapat gawin nmin??tnx

  121. Good day. I just went to Park Square 1 to renew my NBI Clearance but unfortunately the guard said that they are not there anymore. So please update your blog to remove the Park Square 1 as Renewal Kiosk. Ill go to Robinsons Place in Pedro Gil for my renewal. 😀

  122. sa ngaun po studeyante p lng aqoh..pro wla aqong voters i.d..ang meron lng po aqoh valid school i.d…pde n po b un??

    at ask ko lng dn qng ung branch nio s city hall ng mandaluyong andon p poh b??1st timer here tnx and gobless…

  123. tanong ko lng po kc po pag kumukuha ako ng NBI clearance HIT po pangalan ko. pero pag sa main office po kaya ako kukuha marereleast po kaya agad?
    tnx po

  124. i had my renewed NBI Clearance since last January 2008 and I want to apply again for renewal. Can I just bring my old personal copy clearance last 2008 for renewal or do i need to apply again?(cedula, brgy. clearnce, police clearance, etc.) thnx

  125. wala po kasi valid ID yung sister in law ko meron po csyang barangay clearance, pwede na po ba yun para makaapply ng nbi clearance. galing po kasi cya province d rin kc makakuha ng nso birth certificate.

  126. …wala pp akong valid id galing po kc ak ng probinsya tapos ung voters id ko d pa po nairelease ng tga comelec tapos ung student id ko naman po ay xpire na kc kagagraduate ko lang ng tertiary nung march..pero me barangay clearance tsaka pplice clearance at nso birtcrtficate pp ako dito pd na po ba in????kilangan ko kc nbi sa work…

  127. my nbi na po aq for abroad pra mkapagtrabaho sana…..ngaun ngaaply po ulit aq ng work here in philippines maga2mit ko bng requirements ung nbi for abroad o kailangan i renew….wla png ilang buwan ang akin nbi clearance for abroad…hope that u can help me….

  128. Tanong ko lng po yong kapatid ko po na nasa canada gusto niyang kumuha ng NBI clearance ano po ba ang dapat niyang gawin para makakuha ng NBI ng hinde siya uuwi.

  129. pwede po bang mkakuha ng NBI ng hinde ka mag appearance I mean thru Enternet lng. nasa ibang bansa po kasi ang kapatid ko ano ang dapat na gawin niya tulongan niyo po ako.

  130. may nbi na po dati ang asawa ko kaya lang po nawala na po pano po ba yon mag aaply pa po ba uli cya ng panaybago

  131. grabeh! 115php lang pala ang NBI? Dito sa DGTE.. 200php nah. wala pang receipt na ibinigay! ciguru, ito ang ituon ng gobyerno! ang corruption na nangyayari sa loob ng NBI hindi ang cybercrime na law nayan!

    1. hala as in? manugkuha byah pud ko nbi clearance next week.. ug sa akong pag search nganhe kay 115 raman lage makabutang,, 200 jud diay? minatay…

  132. nand2 kc ako sa taiwan and i nid a police clearance, ngpunta ako ng MECO pra kumha dun then nid pdala jan sa pinas taz nid ng authorization letter pra sa mgproprocess ng NBI ko jan sa pinas, pro kelangan p po ba ng xerox copy ng passport ko??

  133. you can get your NBI clearance within 3 hours from the time you pay thru Gcash up to the releasing of your clearance on the same day. you can probably do it less than that if your lucky.

    here’s how i did it.
    At 11:00 am I arrived at globe business center in alimall cubao. it took me around 30mins from filling up the form up to paying the cashier.

    at 11:30am while still in alimall i look for a place where i can have my lunch and also go online. i brought along my laptop and my smartbro usb stick with me. within 10 to 15 mins i’m done with my online registration and ready to print my QR form. i immediately booked my schedule for 2pm on the same day at robinson metro east.

    at 12:20pm it’s time to eat my lunch while waiting for my text booking confirmation. after around 20mins i received the confirmation for 2pm.

    at 1:00pm i went to the 2nd floor of alimall to have my qr form printed. there is a computer shop on the second floor. after that i went straight to robinson metro east, it took me around 20 to 25 mins to get there, and still have plenty of time before my 2pm schedule.

    at 2:00pm i went straight to the counter and presented my QR form. the guy took a few seconds to look at the form an verify it. after that my biometrics was taken and told to proceed to the releasing.all of that took around 3mins at the most. unfortunately, at the releasing i was told to return after a week. a criminal has the same name.

    it cost me:
    115 for the clearance
    25 for the convenience fee
    20 for the service fee

  134. Hope this helps:

    NBI eClearance (online registration part):


    How I Got My NBI Clearance in 29 Minutes:


  135. san po pinakamalapit pwede magrenew ng nbi,tga taguig po aq,wla na po ba yung sa park square sa makati,ung sa megamall?tnx!

  136. Hi may open po ba na kiosk ng nbi renewal pag weekends? Im planning to go to nbi kiosks po kasi tomorrow. Thank you so much.

  137. pd po ba malaman zkng san po now pd mag renew,,myrun po ba sa megamall or park square makati..san po mabilis….


    1. It is very informative but how to register online for NBI Clearance in 2023, Is there rules are changed or same rules?

  139. What if I do not have the original copy of my old nbi clearance and only a photocopy of it? Would they accept it? The agency took it last time I travel abroad.

  140. ask q lng po , i hv local nbi clearance , expired n xa,.. tpos renew q pero ggawing trvel abroad… may addtl req b? or cnsider n q as new applicant… pano po kya un…

  141. Can I have my NBI renewal on behalf of me? for i am abroad, can’t personally renew it and need it here.

    1. pwede pa po ba kumuha ng NBI clearance sa Tagbilaran city, sabi po ng pamangkin ko nsa ubay wala daw po mapagkuhanan sa bohol, salamat po

  142. i have the same name…(michelle de luna)…with case staffa in quezon city…so they recommend me to go to quezon city to hve my clearance on that RTC branch…but the truth is i never been there..and i dont know to get there…is there anything else i could do for them to release my nbi clerance without going to quezon city…????

  143. Bakit po 12 days pa bago makuha ang nbi clearance ko, renew lang nman po ako. (Roque Amamangpang Cablao) – bihira lang po ang ganitong name, sa baclaran po ako nag online at nagbayad kanina. Need ko na po sana

    1. Kaya nga po e. Sana man lang may option na ipadeliver na lang sa address ang clearance kapag ready na para di na babalik sa branch nila.

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