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Mob Psycho 100 anime episode 2 review (SPOILER ALERT)

I watched the second episode of Mob Psycho 100 last night and though I said in my episode 1 reaction that I found the manga chapters 1 and 2 were funnier than anime’s episode 1, I liked the anime’s episode 2 better than manga chapters 3 and 4. Mob Psycho 100 episode 2 featured funny scenes that were either not in the manga (or did I just forget them? hope not),  or not as well-presented in the manga.

Oh look, it’s a reference to the One-Punch Man manga:


It seems that Reigen has more talent in other fields than being a psychic. He should be massage therapist instead. 😆


NOOOOOOO– close your eyes and scroll past the next photo!


Haha. What a smooth fraud! His massage skills saved him.


“One” really likes this kind of cleft chin. 😆


Tome Kurata, president of Telepathy Club, trying to be cute with a cutesy pose. This is one of the scenes that is funnier in the anime than manga.




Reigen vs. Kurata over the phone 😆 I liked the execution of this scene.



So Kurata has an idea how Reigen is a fake psychic and is only using Mob. 😆 While Reigen has an idea how the Telepathy Club only needs the club room and club budget so they could stay in the room while playing cards and eating snacks.



The second half of Mob Psyscho 100 episode 2 shows us Reigen and Mob dressed as school girls. 😆 I don’t remember seeing this in the first four chapters of the manga. I liked how female Reigen acted and spoke. xD He looked like he could pass as a tall school girl.



…not! Ugh. He planned everything so that only Mob would get into the school to exorcise the spirit.



This is the Mob Psycho Episode 2 evil spirit: The Scent-Ghoul.


This episode actually made me think about my own life 🙁 If I were still in middle school like Mob, I would choose to be a programmer and start my career much earlier than I actually did.


Mob in the bath tub: if this were One-Punch Man, there would be bubble popping from the bath water. lol.


In the end, Mob decided to join a club…Screenshot_2016-07-20-23-18-02

Unexpectedly, the Body Improvement Club! 😆


All for his crush Takane Tsubomi, who likes athletic guys. Awww.

Tsubomi in manga looks so different from Tsubomi in manga. LOL. I think that I was cracking up at the manga chapters 1 and 2 because of the art style. The characters’ faces look funny in the manga. 😆

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