Lazada owes me money. Their customer service people disregard my requests for assistance.

Think twice before buying anything from Lazada. They can send you the wrong item, have you return the wrong item with a promise of refund, give you no refund, and never get back to you again even when you already paid!

Long story short: I purchased an item last year (already paid) and Lazada sent me a wrong item. Lazada picked up the wrong item but has not given me the correct item I ordered or a refund. All transactions up to the time they picked up the wrong item was done through email, but when they acquired the wrong item, they stopped responding to my messages. It’s been about 2 months already.

I got my hands full with what I do in my daily life right now, and the money that Lazada owes me doesn’t make me feel any better. Their customer service people are being rude too, by ignoring my messages.

So yeah, Lazada, thank you for taking my money for nothing, and thank you for your poor customer service.


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  1. Mine is a car camera and is it worth a thousand++, the camera is not switching on and I returned it back…. instead of refunding my money, the item is shipped back to me saying it is a new item (and working). Tried it once, it worked! BUT after 2 days it won’t switch back on again….. and this time I can’t return the item because the “return item policy” will expire after seven (7) days.

    From then on, I stopped ordering from Lazada (and their partners).

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