Inotia 3 Walkthrough / Game Guide

This Inotia 3 walkthrough / linear game guide is a work in progress. The goal is to guide you through the game from beginning to end. I will be using an Arch Mage, so it’s perfect if you’re using the same class but still usable for those using a different class.

Even if I’m going to try my best to avoid them, game spoilers may be found in this page.

This is my second time playing Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia from the start, and this time my goal is to write a linear guide / walkthrough. I was a Rogue in my first Inotia 3 gameplay, and now I am choosing an Arch Mage because I want a golem, high damages and for damaging multiple characters.

Part 1: Character Class and Build

Following is the Arch Mage build that I want to achieve:

Inotia 3 – Arch Mage Build

Some explanation follows.

Fireball = 15
Call Lightning = 0
Cold Wave = 15
Foresight = 5
Summon Golem = 1
Infuse Essence = 15
Missile Storm = 15
Explode Golem = 8
Mage Armor = 0
Train = 15
Mana Blade = 0
Chaos Mana = 5
Magic Arrow = 1
Elemental Intensification = 10
Ethereal Form = 5
Golem Master = 0


The above isn’t the original Arch Mage build that I posted in this walkthrough. This new one is an Arch Mage build that is focused on damages being dealt. I’m leaving the defense boost to equipments/items and supporting party members like priests and templars. By the way, I try not to level up my priest’s offensive skills like Celestial Hammer because I want priests to focus on supportive spells.

I’m maxing the spells Fireball and Cold Wave, being good attack skills, are maxed. Missile Storm is also maxed because it’s good for some solid damage, e.g. for takin on bosses. I have to leave one of the spells to 0, and I choose to leave Call Lightning and not the other 3 mentioned because Fireball has a high damage, cold wave is helpful as it freezes enemies, and missile storm is good for fighting bosses.

Foresight is very useful for spamming Arch Mage spells, but maxing it to 15 might not utilize it very well cos my mage can run out of mana, so I leave this at level 5. Summon Golem is left at 1 because I will only use the golem for the Explode Golem skill. Mage Armor is left at 0 because I’m focusing on my offensive skills as an Arch Mage. Train is also maxed so that my Arch Mage to maintain a good amount of mana all the time. Higher critical attack chance positively affects the Train skill.

I would like to max my Elemental Intensification skill to 15, but since the skill points are limited I decided to just do up to 10.

Ethereal Form is a defensive skill which I initially planned to leave at 0, since I am making a damage-focused Arch Mage. But then I realized it’s always good to add this skill because it gives chances of MISS when an enemy attacks. It adds survivavility.

Golem Master is left at 0 because I will only use my golem to do Golem Explode. Sounds mean. lol.

Part 2: Beginning of Inotia 3

Screen and Controls

After the introduction and some scenes you will gain control of your character, who is a Barbarian. You need to defeat the Imp Pursuers to progress. The rounded control button on the lower right of your screen is the Action Button. Press it to do normal attacks. The smaller buttons around it are hotkeys that may contain skills and/or items.

Notice the button on the upper right corner. Pressing it shows a map of the current area. Green arrows indicates passages you may take. Pressing the area map will display a world map of Inotia. Press on the X to exit.

On the upper right of your screen you see your character. As you go with the game your party members will also be shown here. The text “SKILL +” is blinking, and that means you have unused skill points.

Press the Pause button, which can be found on the left of your screen, below where the face of your character shows.

Game Menu Items

The menu items here are Status, Equip (you cannot use this yet), Skill, Party, Quest, and System.

Choose Status. On this screen you will find your character’s stats – current and max HP / MP, experience points, etc. Press the AI Setting button. You can configure whether you want this character to use skills and do counterattacks when you are not controlling him. On the right side, pressing on each skill will change how often the character will use the skill (Normal, High, Off), again, when you are not controlling him.

Exit the AI Setting screen. The Equip menu is unavailable at this time, so for now let us check Skill.

On the Skill screen you will find your character’s name, level, class, unused and total skill points, his/her portrait, and skills that you can set.

Press on any skill. Notice the tiny blinking button that says “info” on the box that appeared. Press it. You will see how much improvement the skill will get if you level this up. Level up your skills by pressing LEARN. Notice also the level number printed in red color… that tells you on what character level that particular skill will be available for levelling up again.

The next menu item, Party, is unavailable like Equip.

Choose Quest. This is where quests are listed. I like this feature of the game because even if I don’t play it for a while, I don’t lose track of what I need to do to progress with my game because it’s listed here on the Quest screen. Clicking on the quest item will display its details.

Now, choose System. The System screen is where you can save, get help/tutorials, configure settings, buy from the Adventurer’s Ship, or go back to the main menu.

Saving is not always available because some maps don’t allow it. Checking the HELP menu item now is highly recommended to make yourself familiar with the game.

The available Settings are customization of buttons displayed on the screen, sound on/off, and auto-save. To customize your game control buttons, press CUSTOMIZE. Hold and drag buttons to move them. Don’t worry about making mistakes here because there’s a RESET button right there. To resize, press on a button (selected buttons glow/blink) and drag the controller beside “SIZE”. You can also adjust opacity/transparency of the buttons. I scaled my directional buttons to max size because the default size is too small for my fingers. lol. Same thing goes to the Action button on the lower left corner. Don’t forget to SAVE your settings after modification. You can also press EXIT and close the screen without saving your changes.

The auto save feature is something I always turn off because of times when I need to load my game from previous points.

I want to post screenshots here and explain the interface more but I don’t have a way of doing so while playing the game. Sorry. 🙂 ShootMe is cool, I heard it lets you get screencaps just by shaking the phone, but that won’t work for me because it needs ROOT access, and I want to avoid ROOTing.

Part 2: Your very first quest

You are Lucio at the West Carnian Forest, on the following quest:

Reindeer Leather Delivery
Let’s collect 8 Reinderr Leathers from the forest at the South Carnian Village, and then bring them to Tanner Chess.

The Reindeers on this map are not aggressive, so approaching them would not make them attack you. Attacking them, of course, would make them do so. To attack a Reindeer, approach it and press the Action button. You only need to press that button once because Lucio will keep attacking the target. You need to literally pick up dropped items, as well as money (gold coins) after fights by moving towards them and pressing the Action button. Pick up the Reindeer Leathers that the Reindeers in this area drop. You need 8 of them to complete the first quest. I really enjoy playing the Arch Mage class because most of my spells can hit enemies by group. 🙂

Note: You can also attack bushes. They usually have Leaf of Life, a composition material, in them. If you are wondering what composition materials are for in this game, they are items that are used to “compound” and build greater items. You’ll learn more about item compositions later on in the game. Other than monster drops and bushes, there are two other ways of acquiring items in fields: (1) finding random weapons set on stone and (2) Street Vendors who also randomly appear to make items available to you but not for free. 🙂

If you already killed all Reindeers in the forest but still don’t have 8 leathers, just wait for them to respawn. If you don’t like waiting, you can exit this area to the North (you’ll be in the village of Carnia) and go back South to the forest to find that all Reindeers have respawned.

You will probably level up as you go in this quest. Each level you gain gives you one skill point which you can allocate to any skill you want to level up. You can do so by pausing the game and choosing SKILL on the bottom menu.

So, after acquiring 8 Reindeer Leathers, hand them over to Tanner Chess. Tanner Chess is the first guy you see once you enter the village North of the forest. Note that upon fulfilling requirements of a quest in the game, a yellow question mark (?) on it hovering over a passage indicates where you must go to find the person you need to talk to in order to complete the quest. Question mark hovering over a person’s head, on the other hand, indicates that he/she is the one you talk to to complete the quest. The question mark is yellow if you have fulfilled all requirements and is gray if you haven’t yet.

Quests reward you with money and experience points, and sometimes with items.

Watch the scene that follows after talking to Tanner Chess.

Aftter the scene, notice the yellow exclamation marks (!) over the heads of some NPC’s. These indicate available quests. Talk to people with this sign to initiate the quests. Note that pressing OK would initiate the quest and pressing CANCEL wouldn’t.

Talk to Tanner Chess again to get a new quest:

Part 3: Adulthood Ceremony Quests

Adulthood Ceremony Dress
Tanner Chess asked you to deliver the completed Dress Fabric to Charmer Shuiga on the Islet at West Carnia.

Notice that there’s still a yellow exclamation mark above Tanner Chess’ head. Talk to him once more to get another quest:

Unidentified Item
Tanner Chess has asked you to appraise his dagger at the west Weapon Shop.

By the way, I’m posting quest details as they appear in the Quest screen. You can find the Quest screen by pressing pause, and pressing on “Quest” on the menu on the bottom of the screen.

Since the Weapon Shop is closer than Charmer Shuiga’s place, let’s do the Unidentified Item quest first. Talk to the Weapon Merchant to the left of Tanner Chess. Enter the Weapon Shop. Okay, this is what the interface of all shops in Inotia 3 look like – weapon shop, armor shop, item shop, street vendor… On the left are items you can purchase and on the right are your items which you can either sell or identify. Now, let’s get the dagger of Tanner Chess identified. Press the dagger and press IDENTIFY buton on the box that appears. Press YES then OK. Sell your unwanted stuffs (space for carrying items is scarce in this game) by doing almost the same thing, pressing the item you want to sell and then pressing the SELL button instead of IDENTIFY. Exit the shop by pressing the arrow on the top right. Go back to Tanner Chess and talk to him. You get Item Appraisal Scrolls. So, now you learn that you can appraise unidentified items by either taking them to shops or using Item Appraisal Scrolls. To use the scrolls, go to the Equip menu (pause the game then find the menu item EQUIP on the bottom). Press the Item Appraisal Scroll and drag over any unidentified item. You can also arrange your items by pressing and dragging.

Now let’s find Charmer Shuiga. Go North. Watch a short cutscene. Go inside the passage on the Western part, the one with yellow question mark. Walk North til you find Charmer Shuiga and talk to her.

New quest!

Traditional Dress Delivery
Charmer Shuiga has asked you to deliver the completed Traditional Dress to Carnian Village Chief “Cliff”.

Head out of that house and go East. Enter the door to the house with a yellow question mark to be at the Carnian Chief’s House. Talk to the chief and watch the scenes that follow.

For the adulthood ceremony, you are given the following quest:

Sacred Tree Leaf 1
Let’s move to the Sacred Tree Ground located deep inside the Giant Forest and collect a Sacret Tree Leaf for the adulthood ceremony.

Ameli would have joined your party by now. Since you now have two members in your party, you will notice at the top left of your screen that there are two characters. You can select a “party leader” by pressing on his/her photo. Pressing the photo of the party member already selected as leader would make that whistle sound.

Ameli is of the character class Priest. You will get another Priest later on in the game (I’m trying my best not to spoil your game. lol), and Ameli’s Priest skills are more on the defensive side when compared to that other Priest. Don’t forget to level her skills up! Press the tab with Ameli’s photo on the SKILL screen to see her skills. I always prioritize the healing-related skills of Priests such as Prayer of Light (spell that heals everyone in the party) and Light Affinity (decreases enemy hostility and enhances your healing spell). Holy Arrow, on the other hand, is a just like the Magic Arrow of Mages which is skill I like leaving at level 1 forever because I want to max other helpful Priest skills in the game.

Before we head to the Giant Forest, let’s take other quests. Talk to the Named Hunter Guildsman who is standing near the North exit. He’ll give you the following quest:

The Latent Threat
Named Hunter Guildsman in the Carnia Village has asked you to find a Young Blood Tornado in the Giant Forest and capture it with an Iron Cage.

Don’t worry about how you are gonna use the cage he’s talking about. When the Young Blood Tornado has a low enough HP, you’ll just have to press the Action button near it and you will automatically capture it.

Let’s get another quest. Head to the Eastern part of the village. The passage to it is not very obvious. Head South of the Chief’s house, passing between a tree and that pile of something (forgot what it’s called, help me! :D) and further down you’ll find the Armor Merchant Tina. Talk to her and you’ll be given a quest.

Meet the Portal Master of Carnia
Meet a Portal Master to start a new adventure. You will encounter very exciting tasks.

Let’s complete the latest quest now. Enter the inn, North of the Armor Merchant. Talk to the old man, who is the Portal Master of Carnia to complete the quest. Portal Masters allow you to go to the Hunting Grounds, Boss Portals, and Treasure Portals. The Hunting Grounds is where you collect a number of items from monsters in order to be rewarded a ticket for the Boss Portal. I forgot how we can enter Treasure Portals. My guess is that you are given a ticket for Treasure Portals after beating a boss. Correct me if I’m wrong please. I totally forgot because I deleted my save file (characters around level 50) and haven’t played in a long while.

The monsters are Hunting Grounds are at level 13. They’re too strong to take on now, so come back later when you’re stronger.

Exit the inn, go North of Carnia, and enter the Giant Forest.

Part 4: To the Sacred Tree Ground

Tip: Avoid stepping on puddles or bodies of water because they slow your walking down.

Kill as many monsters as you can to gain a lot of experience points and level up quickly. Don’t run away. A common mistake in RPG games is that some people always avoid fights, which is not good because you will end up with a lower level, and when there are unavoidable boss fights, you will be too weak to kill them, realizing you need more levelling up to do.

Tip for Mages: It’s great using your AoE (area of effect) skills such as Fireball on enemies that are sticked together. It saves your mana because you hurt several enemies in a single spell cast.

Regarding The Latent Threat quest, you will find the Young Blood Tornado (orange) in the center of the Giant Forest, on an elevated area. You can get there by going West. Let’s go there now and kill the wolves surrounding the area first before the Young Blood Tornado because they’re gonna be pesky as we take on what we’re hunting. Hurt the Young Blood Tornado until it screams “Kyaong!~”. Talk to it to put it in the cage.

Don’t forget to level up your skills when you get new skill points! There are times when you have new skill points but have no skill available for levelling up. Just wait for the next character level-up. Some skills require certain character levels (printed in red color on the box that appears when you press on a skill) in order to be available or available again.

You will notice on the mini map a passage at South West. It’s a cave with level 13 rats, so you may choose not to go there yet.

Now go North of the Giant Forest. It’s the Sacred Tree Ground. Watch the scene.

New quest!

Helping the Dying Orc
Ameli needs some items to heal the dying Orc near the Sacred Tree. She asked you to hunt Eperes for 8 Epere Horns and collect 8 Life Roots that can be found everywhere in the Giant Forest.

Go back South and pick up flowers (they’re pink and you’ll see one as soon as you’re back at Giant Forest) as you kill Eperes, hoping they drop horns as they die. This kind of quest can test your patience sometimes because there are instances when monsters rarely drop the items you are required to collect. A tip for collecting flowers is to exit the map using any passage, and come back to find that all flowers you picked earlier are there again.

Once you have collected the required items, go back North and talk to Ameli. After the scene, examine the dead orc’s body.

Dead Orc’s Request 1
The orc named Kundin was murdered by a group of mysterious pursuers soon after you met him in the Sacret Tree Ground.

Before he died, he asked you to deliver his gauntlets to the Frost Wind Tribe Elder. Let’s consult with the Carnian Village Chief Cliff about this request.

Goal: Converse with Chief Cliff.

Examine the Sacred Tree behind the dead orc’s body to complete your Sacred Tree Leaf 1 quest. Examine it once more to get a new quest:

Sacred Tree Leaf 2
Let’s deliver the Withered Sacred Tree Leaf to Chief Cliff.

Goal: Give leaf of a withered Sacred Tree Leaf to Chief Cliff

We should head back to the village. But before that, make sure you have used up your new skills points, if you have any, before heading back so you kill monsters more easily. At this point my Ameli has no skill to level up even if she has one new skill point because all my skills say they are only available for new levelups when Ameli reaches level 4. Oh well. Let’s head South to exit the Sacred Tree Ground and begin heading back to the village. Just follow the yellow exclamation mark (make sure your mini map is on) on the map below Sacred Tree Ground to reach the village.

Once in the village, talk to the Named Hunter Guildsman to finish your The Latent Threat quest. Talk to him again for a new quest:

Named Subjugation: Introduction

Named Hunter Guildsman has given me my first mission to become a Named Hunter: hunt Blood Crystal Spiders in the Frost Wind Cave, Risen Orc Beserkers in the Ancestor Catacombs, Red Rats in the Carnian Underground Passage and Giant Bear Kuma in the Carnian Gorge. The mission reward is available from Named Hunter Guildsman in every town on the Inotia Continent.


1 Blood Crystal Spider
1 Giant Bear Kuma
1 Resurrected Orc Berserker
1 Red Rat

For more details about Named Subjugation quests, please read my Inotia 3 – Named Subjugation Walkthrough / Guide.

I like Named Subjugation quests because of the very useful items they reward us with. The “Named Subjugation: Introduction” should progress as we go on with the game’s plot.

Now go to the Carnian Chief Cliff’s house, located East of Named Hunter Guildsman. Talk to him to fulfill Dead Orc’s Request 1 quest, and talk to him again to fulfill Sacred Tree Leaf 2 quest. Watch the scene that follows.

Now we get this new quest:

Dead Orc’s Request 2

You and Ameli have decided to deliver the gauntlets to the Frost Wind Tribe Elder.

The Frost Wind Village is past the Frost Wind Cave at East Carnia.

Goal: Converse with Frost Wind Tribe Elder Yshirluk.

Exit the Chief’s house and watch a scene. An awakening emblem would be given to you by Charmer Shuiga to unlock a skill (Celestial Hammer) of Ameli. After obtaining such item, pause your game, go to the EQUIP screen, find and press on the Awakening Emblem, and press USE. Throughout the game you will find Awakening Emblems. But based on the experience of a fellow Inotia 3 player and mine, the percentage they actually unlock a skill is very low. They often just fail to unlock anything. Anyways, level this skill up if you have an unused skill point on Ameli and want an offensive spell on your priest. I think some players want their Priests do nothing else but keep party members alive.

Part 5: To Frost Wind Village

We need to go to the Frost Wind Village now. Exit Carnia to the East of the inn. You’ll then find youself in a forest. Walk farther to trigger a scene, which takes you to a different location on the map when it ends. Go to the North and follow the yellow exclamation mark on your mini map to find Hunter Vasily. Talk to him to get a new quest.

Vasily’s Help 1

To help you pass through the Frost Wind Cave, Hunter Vasily asked you to bring 1 Sticky Mucus from Green Sap Monsters and 10 Bear Tongues from Ocher Bears.

Just like in your previous quest “Helping the Dying Orc” where you hunted eperes to collect horns, you need to hunt monsters to collect two kinds of items – sticky mucus and bear tongues. Go hunt the two types of monsters in this map and collect their dropped items. You might need to kill a lot of green sap monsters before one drops a sticky mucus.

Return to the cave entrance at North East and talk to Vasily after collected sticky mucus and bear tongues.

Then, you get a new quest.

Vasily’s Help 2

Let’s use Hunter Vasily’s reagent on the Altar of Frost Wind at the entrance of the Frost Wind Cave to calm the freezing wind inside the cave.

I notice that both Lucio and Ameli have new skill points, two each. So I’m now levelling up what I can.

It’s time to take the cave entrance beside Vasily.

Walk forward and examine the table (altar). This will clear the freezing wind that blocks the path to the inner part of the cave. Watch the scene that follows. You will find that a lot of enemies have appeared. The AoE spells of mages help a lot here.

Go deeper into the cave until you reach the center of a map where you should see an exlamation mark (!) flashing. Examine the Frost Wind Warrior Statue, which will give you a new quest:

Proving Warrior Qualification

To pass the Frost Wind Cave, you must obtain a Blood Crystal Spider Leg from Blood Crystal Spiders lurking deep inside the cave and then insert it into the Frost Wind Warrior Sheath.

When you get to the upper area of the map you will find Crystal Spiders (gray-ish in color). The spider that you need is colored red and yellow, and it is in the far West end of the North passage. The Blood Crystal Spider’s location should have a gray question mark (?) on the map. After killing the Blood Crystal Spider, the gray question mark should now be yellow and hovering above the Frost Wind Warrior Sword Sheath. Examine the sheath to conclude the Proving Warrior Qualification quest. A new passage should now be accessible.

Head back where you found the Frost Wind Warrior Statue, and then proceed South to get to the exit on the East. Note that there will be a battle once you exit the cave, so prepare yourself.

After such battle, watch the scene until you are taken to the Frost Wind Village to talk to the elder.

Enter the house with yellow question mark (?). That is the elder’s house. Walk towards the Frost Wind Tribe Elder Yshirluk and talk to him.

New quest!

Wind Spirit King

To meet Wind Spirit king, you must dedicate an Energy Seed to Altar of Wind. You can find an Energy Seed inside Pots on Frost Wind Hill.

Exit the house and let us take care of some quests that are not related to the plot first. These quests are not very quickly accomplished but it’s worth it because it will give you Recipe Book and teach you about item composition. Follow the yellow exclamation mark (?) to the North East of the village. Talk to Herbalist Lastak and accept the quest.

Medicinal Herb Delivery

Frost Wind Herbalist Lastaq has asked you to deliver an Herb Bundle to Healer Azuk at South Frost Wind.

Now go South to find Healer Azuk who has a yellow question mark over his head. Talk to him to finish previous quest. Talk to him again to get a new quest.

False Delivery Item List

Frost Wind healer Azuk has asked you to deliver Azuk’s Letter to Herbalist Lastaq at North Frost Wind.

Go back to Lastaq and talk to him to end previous quest. Notice that his name is sometimes spelled as Lastaq and sometimes Lastak?

Talk to him again to get new quest.

Handmade Item 1

Frost Wind Herbalist Laztaq has asked you to bring Laztaq’s Composition Material from the Frost Wind Inn.

Go to the inn at South West of the village. The material you need to retrieve, Laztaq’s Recipe, is lying at the West side inside the inn. Examine it to pick it up then return to Lastaq.

Upon completion of Handmade Item 1 quest, you should receive Recipe Book, a recipe, and 10 Frost Wind Flowers.

Talk to Lastaq again for a new quest.

Handmade Item 2

Frost Wind Herbalist Laztaq has asked you to create 5 Azuk’s Reagents using the Fusion Machine.

First, open your items/equip screen. (Pause then choose Equip from the menu) Find the recipe and press it, then choose ADD. Every time you get a new recipe, this is what you do to add it to the recipe book. Exit the Equip screen.

Examine the Fusion machine (yellow machine with some blinking lights at its bottom part) near Laztaq. The item Fusion Machine screen should now be displayed. The right side of the screen displays the items you have in your bag(s). The left side shows recipes in your recipe book, as well as the number of required materials you currently have. You can browse recipes here by clicking the left and right arrows beside the current item in the recipe, though I think we all have just one recipe right now – Azuk’s Reagent. Below the Azuk Reagent’s picture is the list of items required to make it – 2 Frost Wind Flowers. Below the list is lets you know how many required items are available in your bag(s). Mine says 10/2 below the flower picture, meaning I have 10 flowers and the recipe requires 2.

Now let’s make Azuk’s Reagents. Press the SYNTHESIS button and choose YES to compound now. There you go, 5 Azuk’s Reagents should now be in your bag. Exit the screen and talk to Laztaq again to complete Handmade Item 2 quest. Talk to him again to get the delivery quest:

Healing Potion Delivery

Frost Wind Herbalist Laztaq has asked you to deliver a Healing Potion Package to Healer Azuk at South Frost Wind.

Talk to Healer Azuk again to end the quest. Walk to the West from Healer Azuk and talk to Chef Muzdreg. Accept the Insufficient Food Supply Quest.

Insufficient Food Supply

Frost Wind Chef Muzdreg has asked you to bring 10 Frozen Meat from monsters on the Frost Wind Hill.

Talk to him again and accept the Portal Master quest.

(I lost copy of the “actual” text for this quest)
Meet the Frost Wind Village Portal Master

Go to the inn and meet the Portal Master.

Go inside the inn again (entrance is beside Chef Muzdreg), and talk to the Portal Master to complete the Portal Master quest. Monsters at this portal are still too strong for me to take on since I’m only around level 8 at the moment, and they are at level 20.

So now, let’s exit the house, go North of the village, and take the North exit. Note that I like buying healing potions whenever I can because a stock of such item helps during tough times when Ameli’s healing is not enough to make my party survive, so you might want to do the same. With regard to weapons and defensive equipments, I don’t usually buy from shops because they cost a lot and I pick up great items in battle fields anyway. Also take note, if you haven’t noticed yet, that healing potions heal the entire party, not just the character who used it.

We are now on Frost Wind Hill. Kill monsters and remember to pick up Frozen Meat that they drop, as required by the Insufficient Food Supply quest.

On the South East of this map you should see a flashing exclamation mark (!). Examine the body lying on the ground to get a quest.

Frost Wind Warrior’s Pendant 1

You have discovered a pendant from a dead Orc on Frost Wind Hill. Let’s bring it to Healer Azuk in the Frost Wind Village.

The best time to bring the pendant to Healer Azuk is now, because there’s a follow-up quest to this that requires you to hunt Wargs here in Frost Wind Hill. So return to the village, talk to Azuk, and accept the following quest.

Frost Wind Warrior’s Pendant 2

Baruk’s pendant is missing its gem. Let’s retrieve the gem from Wargs on Frost Wind Hill and then bring it to healer Azuk at Frost Wind Village.

Let’s go back to Frost Wind Hill and find the Shining Gem for the pendant on the way.

I think any of the Wargs in the hill may drop the Shining Gem, but I’m sharing with you how I got mine. Go up the slopes and count the number of slopes you have climbed. On the third (3rd) slope, (consider the entrance to this hill from the village the FIRST slope) go towards the East end and find the upward passage that is full of Wargs. Kill the Wargs and one of them might drop the Shining Gem. In another gameplay, when you are about to climb the fourth (4th) slope, I walked straight North to find a lone wolf and kill it. That’s a wolf that dropped the Shining Gem for me. If that wolf did not drop it for you, hunt other wolves in the map.

Keep killing monsters (and picking dropped items!) until you reach the North end of the map. In the North end, before the exit, you will notice a jar. Prepare for a fight that will be triggered right after examining the pot! …ready? Then examine it. You will acquire Energy Seed after defeating the enemies. Now proceed to the North exit, to the Wind Sanctum. Examine the Altar of Wind, where a question mark (?) hovers over. Watch the scene. You get a new quest.

Reporting to the Orc Elder

Return to the Frost Wind Village Elder and ask him about the gauntlets.

Time to go back to the Frost Wind Village. Kill more monsters on your way to the South and collect more Frozen Meats if you haven’t collected 10 yet.

Once you’re back to the village, talk to Chef Muzdreg near the inn to complete the Insufficient Food Supply quest. This quest rewarded me with a Chef Hat. To the East of the chef, talk to Healer Azuk to complete the Frost Wind Warrior’s Pendant 2 quest. Then go inside the elder’s house (North Eastern of the village) and talk to him. Talk to him again and choose OK when you are ready to leave Frost Wind Village.

Watch the scenes.

We also have a new quest.

Spirit Crystal Orb

Move to the Sacred Tree Ground through the Ancestor Catacombs at West Frost Wind, and then use the Spirit Crystal Orb on Dead Kundin.

Now we have a new party member, Kuntu! 🙂 Finally, one who can tank in my party.

Part 6: To Ancestor Catacombs and back to the Sacred Tree Ground

For now, please check my other short Inotia 3 guides / walkthrough because…

…this Inotia 3 walkthrough is to be continued

Sorry the walkthrough abruptly stops here. I’m busy at work. I’m also busy relieving stress caused by it.

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  2. Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you that it requires ROOT access. 🙁

    Try “Screenshot It!” app then.. it doesn’t require root afaik. 🙂

    Rooting an android device is really risky and can void device warranty (but you can always unroot it anyway 🙂 ) It’s really worth it though if you manage to do it successfully. For example, you can backup/transfer your Inotia3 save file from/to another device. 🙂

    1. Screenshot It has a version which doesn’t require ROOT, but it’s not free. Will try it maybe when I got money to spare. I don’t wanna buy it unless I’m sure it will work great on my Android that keeps freezing 🙁

  3. I am at what I believe is the end if the game where you go into Lydia’s subconscious for the second time to beat the reincarnated bad guy monster. My players ate around 40 level, I just can’t beat it, it grabs you and does not let go and I can’t keep everyone alive. Is this the end? And how can I beat the monster?

    1. Hi. Try leveling up at the Illusion Maze because it might give you a higher chance of surviving the battle. A tip: attack and kill the shackles that he bind you with to free the trapped/grabbed party member. Good luck!

  4. hey, i am new to these games and i really enjoy the game. but, im dont know how to use powers if your not under attack. i need to croos this wall thing and/or cross a frost wind walll thing i dont know what to do to get on the other side. Please respond someone i would like to get back to playing asap. thanks!

    1. I can’t remember this part where you need to cross somewhere. I am restarting Inotia 3 and will get back to this when I reach that point.

    1. I don’t remember getting a treasure ticket from Inotia 3 before. But I’ve read that this can be bought off the online shop (not the in-game shop).

  5. Finally a useful Inotia 3 walkthrough guide!

    Anyway i’m playing arch mage too.
    Just a few comments:

    * Summon Golem – very useful for mages. makes my life easier because it serves as my tank/decoy. monster/s would usually attack it instead of my party.

    * Missile storm – makes me wonder why aren’t you using this? for me its very effective in spamming damage to monsters/bosses at a very fast rate. Combined with Foresight, you’ll be a walking machine gun + spam elemental spells.

    1. I agree with you regarding Summon Golem.

      OK I confess. I am not following that build I wrote above and am actually using Missile Storm. lol. I’ll update that arch mage build some time. xD

      1. Thanks for the guide catzie!
        Done with archmage, i really have enjoyed that class. fire + ice + lightning +summoning a golem to fight for you, is a win.

        i’ll try the Rogue class. any recommended skills for a Rogue build? 🙂

        1. Hey, thanks for visiting my site. I see your other comments 🙂

          I haven’t played Inotia 3 for a long time that it’s hard to recommend Rogue skills hehe. But it’s great to max up your critical attack chance for such class 😀

  6. Oh and one more thing. I was looking for a walkthrough for this quest but I can’t find any.

    The quest “The Rebellious Thunder Lizards” – to deliver the thunder lizard prisoner’s letter to the thunder lizard elder.

    Judeka (the Rogue dark elf) warns me about this, because the dark elves (ally of the silver dragon) and the thunder lizards are not in good terms.

    Should I complete this quest too?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! I just want to answer this question since I already finished the last challenge in part2. It seems that delivering that letter is the right thing to do. 🙂 That’s what I did and the story went on the right track. 🙂

      1. hi meimei,

        thank you for the reply. yes i tried it too awhile ago just to test what would happen and indeed it seems its the right thing to do. I was even rewarded a Thor battle staff for my mage. 🙂

        Done also in defeating the silver dragon. Cheers to inotia-3 players! 🙂

    1. i’m done playing inotia 3 with a arch mage class, remind me again what was the olympus arc challenge?

      it seems i can’t remember that quest.

  7. i love this game and i’ve already finished it till the end.. i guess.. i played it through without using any cheats or walkthrough. hehehe.. i just want to know how does the ending goes. i dont know whether i’ve finished the game or not. it says go to the holy ground and you’ll find a surprise. what is the surprise? is the surprise meeting with Lydia? if so then is that it? i mean is that how the story ends? PLEASE DO TELL…

    1. oh dear i haven’t even reached that point of the game yet. lol. will get back to your question when i finally do so. hope i remember xD

    2. all i know is that the moment you fight the lord of darkness, in the mind fissure of , that’s the last part.

      then you get a chance to repeat the game all over again from your current level and items. 🙂

  8. Hi, thanks so much for this walkthrough guide. It helped me alot, though im quite stuck with the Latent Threat quest. I cant cage the YOUNG BLOOD TORNADO. I dont know if i have the IRON CAGE yet, I cant find the IRON CAGE. Any idea where i can find it? Thanks!

    And also, whre do i get the mana crystal? The one that the “Suspicious Rat” is asking for?.I really tried very hard to find it without googling it but i gave up T__T

    1. Hey there. 🙂

      You should get the iron cage when the quest is given to you. To cage it you need to fight it. When its HP is low enough it will stay still… talk/examine in then you will have it caged.

      Finding mana crystal and transcendence flower can be a pain. I got mine after killing a loooot of monsters in many areas. They are acquired as random monster drops.

      1. You can also find them in level 105 fish like mobs (sorry, dont have the game with me right now forgot the name of the dungeon)You must choose Normal or Hard on that dungeon for the drop rate to be really good.

        1. umm…. you mean Crap Deity Dungeon? Its true this place is the easiest way to get rare items, but its too freaking hard.

  9. Finished the game with my arch mage in my andriod phone.

    The fight with the lord of darkness was a bit tough for me, since a mage can spam lots of damage but has low defense, so my final party combination was:

    * Arch Mage – elemental spell spam + golem to fight and soak damage for the party.

    * Priest – heal, buff, curse, long range attack

    * Templar – tank, can heal a bit, increases defense of the party.

    Next stop, the Rogue class. 🙂

  10. nice game, after defeating the loar of darkness, if you continue the game, you’ll go back from the start of the story with the same level, but it will be a different story.

  11. hey where can i find mana stones and transcendance flowers?? please give me the specific source of those items… thankyou^^
    btw how to download inotia2?? can you teach me how ??

  12. any1 knw what the ogre on top of dione mountains means,i get all 10 darkness crystals but he says it not enough and idk what to do and i need that part done to keep doing quest’s >.< any1 wanna try to help : )?

    1. its a repeatable quest dont mind him ahahaha there are tons of quests there that are repeatable you will know it is repeatable because of a capital “R” at the end of the quest name

      after finishing the game go back to all the portal masters you meet he will teleport you to a place where you could received tons of items but the monsters and boss are too damn hard to defeat ahahaha

  13. Every time I try to get into the adventures shop it will not let me I have yet in the past 2-3 months I’ve been playing to get into the shop what should I do please just email coz I’ll forget to look on here please and thank you

  14. Hi Catzie!

    Just want to ask if you have a complete list of things you can craft? and materials where to find them.

    I have level 99 Archer (Main), Arch Mage and Templar – with Unique and Epic items. We can trade info about this game if you would like 🙂

  15. finished the 2nd part of the game.. the beggining of the end.. i also finished the olympus and killed “the HERO”.. for me it is esier to kill the HERO rather than MR. CEO.. hehe.. but i left with 2 quest.. in the CARP CITY.. (am i right?) finding red, yellow and blue crystal and rainbow crystal.. where i can find the components for this recipe?????

  16. hi im lvl 105 now my main is barbarian. .
    i would like to ask after i defeated the HERO and MR. CEO where should i go nxt ? thx

    1. there’s no more.. the maximum level for each character is 110.. if you like theres another quest in the carp city.. but it doesnt count in the story..

  17. maximum level is 110.. why is that there is a monster which is level 115 and the maximum level for each character is only 110.. i didnt reach level 15 of all the skills.. i want more level.. 🙂

    1. Actually the max lvls in this game if you scan it with gamecih, is lvl 255 with 1-bit value. so if you’re not lazy yo can exceeds your max lvl and even your max lvl skills to lvl 255.

  18. hello!

    please SOMEONE help me, i get adella’s mirror from calyx, and when i return to adella’s house, jeppy the bat appear with 2 basilisks with it..

    but after i defeat it, there’s still a wood blocking the that a bug for free version? cause i download it free from my Ipad

    please help me!


  19. panu b mkakuha ng treasurer ticket?k2pgnd nah kalabn ung mga boss, how to get treasure ticket plz

  20. So I’m at the part where the fish guy is making the bread and you have to fight off the enemy’s.. How do you kill all of them without him being killed?

    1. I just kept on using tornado blade and blood thirsty for barbarian,and had priest heal occasionally use mana potion.

  21. Hello, i just beat the game except
    For the carp deity dungeon and now i have no idea how to get the red yellow and blue crystals or the rainbow crystals please help

  22. what did you do after defeating the god of darkness? what would happen if i picked no in the choice of

    “Do you want to change your destiny
    yes no ”

    hehe, I picked yes, but i’m curious as to what would happen if i’d picked no, you don’t have to answer it as a walkthrough, please just sum up your experience and what would be the ending at level 110. would it be the same game ending as if i would’ve picked yes as the answer to the question?

  23. Nice guide there! Helped me in the beginning, but of course I’m finishing the game by myself to have more fun.

    Thanks and you’re cute btw. ^^

  24. I tried conversing with the blood tornadoe it says “you quickly captured the blood tornadoe with the iron cage” but nothing happens could u please help?

    1. have you tried returning and talking to the guy who gave you the quest? i think that concludes such quest

  25. Hi, I just newbie for this game (just download it :))

    My question are:

    1. Every leveling up, is there any stat distribution? as far i know, there just only skill distribution.

    2. About inventory, how to move inventory from bag to general inventory?

    I will ask you more in the future 🙂

  26. Hi catzie..ur cute…haha..where u from? Have an issue pla with inotia..can’t seem to change the bags i’ve equipped..i equipped 4-slotted bags. I can’t get it removed.. I can’t beat tje finals boss too..don’t know

  27. wlang katapusan ata tong game nsa carp city dungeon n aq at hard mode dito madali ka mkakakuha n hinihingi n yellow,blue,green fragment para maka gawa ng yellow,blue,green crystal

  28. Hi! I can’t seem to complete the quests “Latent Threat” and “Calm the Madness”. I managed to stun the Tornado Wolf and sprinkle sleep powder to the skeletons/resurrected orcs but it never becomes “completed” in my quest list, even after I go back to talk to the quest giver. Can you help me solve this?

  29. *Stop the female mage that went to the fire sanctum for laciel’s armor.*

    I’ve tried going to the north and east from Cerne Villages, but I can’t find her anywhere help? Which way do i need to go? T

  30. I’ve tried som fun hero builds, and here they are:

    1. Rogue focusing on critical chance
    2. Rogue focusing on evading and dodging (great for “tank”)
    3. Priest focusing on damage
    4. Barbarian with all “Shouts” + everything for + damage (singel target = insane burst, no aoe though)

  31. Im ina bit problem i have started and i stuck in the “The dead Orc’s RQ” i dont know how to get to Frost wind…
    plz help D:

  32. Hello !
    Thx very much for this guide. I would like to make a powerful mage too, so I’ll try to follow your build.
    But I have a big problem with it : indeed, in this game there’s only 6 buttons to use skills. With your build, 7 skills are needed. That’s really too much…
    That’s why, it seems that it would be better to maximize Summon Golem, and to let Infuse Essence at 0. Of course, your golem will not get the max HP (for instance, you gain only +2,8% hp at the first level), but at least it will stay alive a very long time (1mn), which is not bad at all !

  33. I’m at level 23, but I haven’t the recipe book. I’ve read that it gets in the Frost Wind Village, isn’t it? I’m in Dione. Can I go back and get the book? I have tried it but the only way I’ve found was blocked. Thanks for your help!

  34. i want to ask about scret recipe in redwood forest cave where i can find mana crsytal and trandcendense flower (sry i forgot name flower) ?

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