BPI online account disabled? Here’s what you can do

When you login to BPI Express Online account and get a message that says your BPI online account is disabled, you should be taken to a page where you can reset your password. This is because BPI requires password reset when your online account is disabled.

On that page you will be able to choose between resetting your password via ATM or via phone.

Automated processes are always more convenient to me (i.e. less human interaction) because they are faster so I chose to reset my BPI online password through an ATM. I will only cover the ATM activation in this article, and not the phone activation.

Choose new password (BPI online account disabled)

After choosing ATM, you need to fill out this form like so:


The BPI account number that you will enter on the form should should match the account number of the ATM card that you plan to use for the BPI ATM activator later.

You should receive an email “BPI Express Online Password Reset Nomination” with the following instructions:

This is to confirm your request to nominate a new password in BPI Express Online
Confirmation Date & Time: 10/20/2016 10:00:00 AM
Confirmation Number: XXXXXXX

To activate your nominated password simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to any BPI Express Teller ATM within 20 banking days
2. Insert your ATM card
3. Select: Special Services -> Activate Enrollments -> Express Online

Your nominated password will be activated five(5) minutes after ATM activation.

Please ensure that you keep your User ID and password CONFIDENTIAL at all times.

At Your Service,
The BPI Express Online Team

Activate new password on any BPI ATM (BPI online account disabled)

After filling out that form, you need to go to a nearby BPI ATM for password activation, but only within 20 days! It is best to go to a BPI ATM as soon as you’re done nominating a new password online. Insert the ATM card whose account number is the same as the one you typed in the form earlier online. Choose Special Services -> Activate Enrollments -> Express Online , and after 5 minutes, your new BPI online account should no longer be disabled. You may also use your new password.

Confirmation of BPI password activation

Now, you should receive a new email “BPI Express Online Password Reset Activation”:

Greetings from BPI Express Online.

This is to confirm that your nominated Express Online password is already activated.

In case you don’t remember nominating a new password, may we request you to please reply at once to this e-mail and/or call your 24-hour phonebanker at Express Phone no. 89-100.

Please ensure that you keep your User ID and password CONFIDENTIAL at all times.

At Your Service,
The BPI Express Online Team


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