BPI credit card: change address online

Disclaimer: The process and requirements may be changed by BPI at any time. I am not affiliated with BPI in any way, but let this article be a guide, in case you’re planning to change your BPI credit card’s billing address. 🙂 The process is a mix of phone banking and online. The important thing is you don’t have to leave home to do it!

My BPI credit card will expire on September 2022 and I just received an email with following message from BPI:

Your BPI Credit Card/s ending in **** will be expiring on September 2022. As long as your account remains active and in good credit standing, please expect to receive your renewal card within 2 months before your card expires. To ensure receipt of your renewal card, please update your address and contact information before June 28, 2022 through the following channels:

24-hour BPI Contact Center

Call 889-10000 (Metro Manila), domestic toll-free 1-800-188-89100 (available to PLDT subscribers), or 63+2+889-10000 for mobile phone and international access;

Any BPI branch

I chose to request a change in address through phone because it’s more convenient.

Note: At the time of writing, BPI only processes credit card information update between 6AM-8PM. This is according to a pre-recorded advisory that played during my phone call when I attempted to call last night… at 8:30PM! Sayang hindi umabot.

Prompts and corresponding numbers as of June 3, 2022 (BPI may update the choices any time!):

  • Press 2 for credit card
  • Press 1 for credit card services
  • Press 3 for information update
  • Dial your credit card number

Once a phone banker verifies that you are the owner of the credit card account, they will create a request and reference number for you.

Requirements for BPI credit card – change address online:

Submit the following in JPEG/TIFF file format (max 1MB for all files in the email) to [email protected], with your reference number in the subject of your email. Send the email within 3 days or your request will be cancelled.

  • Clear scan of letter of request to change your BPI credit card’s billing address (must be handwritten and signed)
  • Clear scan of Valid government-issued ID, front and back (must have a photo and signature)
  • Clear scan of credit card, front side

Turnaround time for this kind of request takes 4 banking days. After such period you may call the BPI hotline again to verify if your email was correctly received.

So that’s how you update your BPI credit card’s address through phone and online. Thank you BPI for letting us do this without leaving home as there’s still a pandemic.

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