Android app development: click a ListView item programmatically

I’m going to share a code snippet that you may use to programmatically click a ListView item in your Android app. This will not simply highlight the desired ListView item, but also trigger the onItemClick listener.

This code is what I placed in a Fragment’s onLoadFinished() method:

int default_position = 2;
listView.performItemClick(listView.getChildAt(default_position), default_position, listView.getItemIdAtPosition(default_position));

Simply replace the default_position value with the index number of the ListView item you want to click/select programmatically.

That item should be highlighted (assuming you have like, touch selectors) and also trigger the onItemClick listener on Android.

A possible error is . If this happens, wrap your code around a Runnable(), like this: Runnable() {
    public void run() {
        listView.performItemClick(listView.getChildAt(0), 0, listView.getItemIdAtPosition(0));

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