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Playing: Caligo Chaser on Android

Okay, so I just downloaded a new game (developed by Com2uS who also made Inotia 3. I’m trying the free download version, and if I like it I might buy the game and maybe post Caligo Chaser guides here to expand my “gaming” blog category.

This one is categorized as an RPG game, but seems to have more action in it than Inotia 3.

Here’s the Caligo Chaser trailer:
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Inotia 3 – Help killing God of Darkness (Walkthrough)

**WARNING: This guide may spoil your gameplay.

I just beat the God of Darkness in Inotia 3, minutes ago. And guess what? My phone froze and after a few minutes reboot itself. Great, I know. Happens all the time with this game. I have to restart frequently to avoid freezing. The cut-scenes are the usually slow parts of the game. Freezing is nearly impossible to avoid after killing God of Darkness because of the long ending scenes of Inotia 3.

Oh well, looks like I’m gonna have to fight God of Darkness again. If anybody knows of software that would let me play Android/iOS games on a PC, please let me know! It might let me play Inotia 3 without lags and freezing. And that would mean more Inotia 3 guides/walkthroughs in my blog. :D

Anyways, here are some tips that I can share.
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Inotia 3 – Einherjar, silver dragon fight on Twisted Destiny quest

Warning: This blog entry may have spoilers of the game Inotia 3.

When you are on a quest called Twisted Destiny, the Einherjar (silver dragon at dragon’s lair, near Land Scar) will ask you to kill the giant leader named Kenjin, and bring his head to him, in exchange for the rune of abyss.

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Inotia 3: Chaos Composition Recipe Quest – Transcendence Flower and Mana Crystal

Warning: This blog may contain spoilers of the game (Inotia 3)!

Here are some tips for Inotia 3 players in getting the transcendence flower and mana crystal for the quest Chaos Composition Recipe.

You met a suspicious rat in the Suspicious Cave of the Red Wood Forest. In exchange for its incredible skill, the rat has asked you to bring 1 transcendence flower and 1 mana crystal.

The transcendence flower and mana crystal are random drops by monsters in Inotia 3.

Update: After a longer playtime I can say that Land Scar is a good place to farm for transcendence flower / mana crystal. Gotta kill a huge number of monsters though.

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Playing Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia

UPDATE: I just published an Inotia 3 page where all my posts related to the game are listed.

Video games keep me sane during busy days. Those all-work-no-fun days drive me crazy! But since video games also consume my energy, I try to limit my play time too.

Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia is a game I’ve recently been playing during my break times on Android. Gotta love Android for so many great apps that are availed to us for free! The game is also available on Apple products, but I’m not sure if they cost anything or not.

I recommend this game if you love RPG games like I do. Music, graphics, and game system are good. The story is something I’m still not sure about. I grew up playing RPG games (Loving the series of Suikoden and Final Fantasy), and this game makes me feel soooo excited.

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Flash Game – Clannad – Dango Daikazoku Adventure

As a homework in our Flash class, we were asked to design and code a Flash game with two levels. I decided to base my theme on “Dango Daikazoku” from the visual novel (PC game) and anime Clannad.

I always found the dangos cute that I had fun making this game. :) I’m letting you guys play it. Although the game is not that good because it was rushed, especially the second level.

Note: There are times you might not be able to control the character, please just click on the Flash screen to regain control. This happens when you lose focus on the Flash screen.
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