Inotia 3 – Help killing God of Darkness (Walkthrough)

**WARNING: This guide may spoil your gameplay.

I just beat the God of Darkness in Inotia 3, minutes ago. And guess what? My phone froze and after a few minutes reboot itself. Great, I know. Happens all the time with this game. I have to restart frequently to avoid freezing. The cut-scenes are the usually slow parts of the game. Freezing is nearly impossible to avoid after killing God of Darkness because of the long ending scenes of Inotia 3.

Oh well, looks like I’m gonna have to fight God of Darkness again. If anybody knows of software that would let me play Android/iOS games on a PC, please let me know! It might let me play Inotia 3 without lags and freezing. And that would mean more Inotia 3 guides/walkthroughs in my blog. 😀

Anyways, here are some tips that I can share.

There are times when you cannot damage God of Darkness. And that is when one of your party members is bound by shackles. What you need to do is attack the shackles until 0 HP, and then you can hurt God of Darkness. He will bind a character from time to time.

Prior to facing God of Darkness in battle, I stocked up as many Healing Potions (Large) and Resurrection Scrolls as I can. My characters died many times, especially in the second part of the battle when God of Darkness summoned clones of my party members. Second part didn’t take very long though.

My party members, by the way, were a Rogue (Lucio), a Shadow Hunter (mercenary), and a Priest (Ameli) in levels ranging 42-44.

That’s all the “killing Inotia 3 God of Darkness” tips I have for now. They’re the only ones that helped me in the battle. If I get new ideas on my second fight I’ll just add them here. I wish I could kill God of Darkness fast enough this time so I can save before my Android device freezes! Whew.

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  1. it is actually better to have it close to a city and have verizon android htc version. and i couldnt ever beat him until i fought alone so no shackles could be put on my team mate so if you want to do that its easier but takes longer

  2. Hi ,

    I killed the God of Darkness and then got back to the beginning and carried out a few quests. But i am not able to get any “main” quests like i used to before.
    How do i get that? I am just carrying a few quests like : go meet ‘x’ in ‘x’ village and he gives a task where most of them are repeatable!

    How do i get to a Main quest after killing G of Darkness….please help me.

    1. im not sure abt this but can you recall a prompt that let you choose between two options? after beating god of darkness.

      maybe choosing the other option (the one which u ddnt choose before) will give u the main quests again? im not sure. just a guess

      1. After killing GoD, i get an option to click yes or no. if you click yes it takes u back to the start but you will have to carry out quests given by Elinia and the Frost wind guy.
        But there is no story or a quest that has (Main) written on it. (like how we used to have prior to killing GoD!
        so i am basically killing and killing and killing! and leveling up!

        just want to know if i am on the right track…

        1. Yes u r on the right track VB..the 2nd round of the story is all about levelling up ur that u can use rare chaotic high level sets of item.

    2. Hey. The same happened to me after beating God of Darkness so I think you’re on the right track… lots of new maps and monsters after beating that boss.

    3. you should of been done with the quest before you defeated the god of darkness.the reasons for the main quest were design to lead you through the game so you can find the god of darkness now that you have defeated the god of darkness you can do whatever you want this means do new quest and lvl up also you can go to each portal master and get main quest so you can fight each boss or god. there are like 5 different high level boss

  3. as the last wish/mission given by elinia, she brings back lydia..after that, carp deity, then wats next?no more it finished?

    1. Hi. I haven’t reached that point in the game yet. I deleted the save files by accident 🙁 will let you know when I finally get there.

    1. hi. you won’t be able to hurt him at times he’s binding any party member. what you should do at times like that is attack the shackle binding your party member til 0 HP, and when no one is bound by GoD anymore then you can hurt him.

  4. Oh. So that’s how I swing my sword. I was wondering why I wasn’t dealing GoD damage.

    After beating the game, what’s next? Do I get to play it from the start with my current level and items?

  5. anyone tried to enter the cave where the enemies are 100+? anyone finished the quest there? it is the cave north west of twilight

  6. For those who can’t defeat god of darkness , try use Lucio, Ameli, and Heliti the swordsman. For Ameli and the swordsman make sure to upgrade their healing skill the most. Ameli protection skill is a must, for Lucio focus on the rain of arrow and teammates invisibility. Healers must focus healing attacker, also to stock up plenty of potions and resurrec tscroll. 😀

    1. Arjun,you must first kill the binding chakle attach on ur party member then u can now damage the god of darkness..

  7. I am stuck in de Lauren castle area. Phone rebooted after all artifacts taken and I cant find a way to G of Darkness location. went everywhere on map not luck what did I miss

  8. I used Barbarian(Lucio),Priest(Ameli) and Rogue(Candace) and it works. They’re level 38 only. Took some your advice.
    Thanks for your help.

  9. Soloed him with my lvl 41 mage. Just kept summoning golem and keeping my health up with potions plus lots of aoes. Have full hp build on mage. Close to 3500hp.

  10. LOL . . At lvl 41, beat the GoD.. with simple skill build,, First, build to Ameli, only upgrade the skills prayer of light (active) this is the healing skill, light affinity (passive) will increase healing effect and Holy Ground lvl 30 (active) will protect perfectly your team for sec. thats all, nothing else . . i think other skill are pretty useless at early game when your still not defeating the GoD.. then i got Kuntu, with skills fury tornado, earthquake (i unlocked it using awakening emblem), then i got lucio (Barbarian) with blood-thirsty (life-steal), berserk and tornado whirlwind my team have only 3 skill, haha!, wait, did i say, my team just died once?? 🙂 and use only Medium potions.. first thing you enter activate Fury Tornado by Kuntu this will give your team % of str per attck, then activate blood-thirsty to lucio then quickly use your whirlwind after that go berserk, while lucio is on berserk make sure you activated holy ground so that he wont be affected by shackle.. then use potions if needed, use all skill after cool down.. thats all 🙂 hope it help and ohh make sure ameli is out of range of GoD when attcking to reduce the chance that it wont be shackle, i use to barbarian so i can easily broke the shackle because of high dmge or str, dont forget to use tactics, dont be afraid to use run haha!.. if your think there life wont make it..

  11. Can someone please tell me how to use the resurrection scrols? I use the scrolls and try to use the potion but u have to wait a little to use it, but it dies before that. its so stupid.

  12. i actually defeated the GOD months ago, i actually didnt use any of my resurrection scrolls, what i did is at the beginning of the battle, i used up my lucio(rouge), ameli(priest) and haldeit(templar) .. in the beginning, i let haldeit with the protection buff attack it first so the GOD will shackle him first, and then let my rouge attack it with critical strikes, while healing and buffing by the priest. And be aware of the cooldowns of the priestess’ skills because after using all her skills, i substituted it with another party member. Kuntu(barbarian) is the best sub for its for damage, and the technique is pots power and if any one of your member gets shackled again, just switch it up with Ameli(priest) because of her invulnerability skill and healing/buffs. I did kill the GOD in 2 tries. My lucio is level 40 and the others range form 36-39. i hope this will be helpful and can be added to your blog. Thank you 🙂

  13. just one question.. when i beat up cardis and get laciel sword.. i save the game.. then.. i go back where the portal was.. but i was beaten up by GoD. then i continue my save .. the portal was gone.. i can’t find my way to defeat th GoD . please help.. i can’t find the portal..

    1. Clark,sad to say that there is no way out when u are already inside at the god of darkness..u shoudnt save on that area,u must save BEFORE u enter the boss area.u can kill the god of darkness easy,first u can see the power of god of darkness on ur party member or on you,its a binding shackle that attacks the body,kill it first!then u can damage the boss.dont forget to bring healer with u.

  14. i beat the GoD solo with lvl 41 templar{lucio} and i just kept healing with potions and skills
    the reason the GoD IS EASIER WHEN SOLOED IS THAT when the clone appears youir lucio should be a higher lvl than all others

  15. killing god of darkness is a pain in the B*TT. but there is a very sweet way to send him back to hell.
    ofcourse it depends upon ur character selection too.
    can’t say bout other but if u r an arch mage then job is half done.
    now first thing buy atleast 20 healing potions fight 2-3 turns to perfect ur timing then next time again as soon as u go to fight call the minion aka your golem. after 2 hits GoD will start hitting the minion. that’s when u heal yourself but keep an eye on minion cuz as soon it will god will attack u again. so before minion die u call another one and yes take ur minion to lvl 10 atleast. and learn time shifting active spell it will reduce the recovery time of all spells except potion. and better if u take recovery spell to 3 lvl it will turn ur spell back to use again with a blink of an eye.

    and now finally your a protagonist and as we know hero goes alone so u go alone without any party. so god won’t shack anyone and will attack only golem.

    10 lvl golem.
    20 big healing potion.
    character must be arch mage.
    lvl 3 spell recovery spell.

  16. first when you opened the game are very slower..i recommended you should go to OST and Credit options..and you must waiting in few second..after that go back to main menu and taadaa~ the main menu are normally (not any freezing and lagh are occure) i was trying every i opened this game from my ipod touch 🙂 i hope this tips will usefull THX

  17. My main character is an level 40 arch Mage, the one that can summon golem btw. I’m definitely taking Amelia priest level 39 , but as third character I’m not sure to go with candance rounge level 39, Ada mage lev 38, Juan hunter lev 37 , haldeit templar lev 36, or kuntu barbarian lev 35. Can u plz help me chose? Thanks .

  18. I already finish the firsr game but now i confuse how can I beat the elemental spirit (water, fire, wind..)
    I already go to their shrine, but nothing happen! Why they dont come out?
    I already got the quest to kill them

  19. I defeated the god of darkness in just one attempt.

    I got 2 priests (Lucio and Ameli) and a customize arch mage. They are both at level 45-47.

    Mage deal great damage with their spells and if equipped with unique and rare wands deals normal ranged damages faster. The two priests supports the party thru their healing and protective spells. Celestial hammer is a must for priests and they should be at the highest level as possible. Priests are reliable since they have defensive passive skills making them hard to get killed.

  20. Not trying to brag but ive killed god of darkness twice. I had to kill second time because i accidentally restarted gane but now Im on the second part of the game killing mad werewolves. So if u need further tips ask me at my email.

  21. this game to easy…..i start with barbarian (lucio),priest (ameli) and mage (w emble)..i used 2 sun dagger +31 on my barbarian,…crit damage +700…it killing faster than using any sword…..and i finish whole game in 26 hour 47 minute……..boriiingg…..anyway its still good game….

  22. wew just 2 templars and rogue…haldeit for buff a templar for tank type and lucio DPS for God of Darkness…

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