Android Kotlin: “overrides nothing” error appears on instantiateItem() function of PagerAdapter

I just began learning Kotlin for work and one of the first errors I encountered is “overrides nothing” pointing at the overrides of the function instantiateItem() for my PagerAdapter The function/method signature was like this: override fun instantiateItem(parent: ViewGroup?, position: Int): Any { To fix the error, I simply removed the question mark from the […]

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Laravel 5.X directory permissions / ownership setup

According to the Laravel docs, “After installing Laravel, you may need to configure some permissions. Directories within the storage and the bootstrap/cache directories should be writable by your web server or Laravel will not run”. After running this command to install Laravel via Composer:

Change directory ownership by running these commands:

Then you […]

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Android: Facebook SDK “Invalid Key Hash” on Ubuntu

I kept getting a different Facebook key hash from the one being actually generated by my debug app when it runs. Turns out I’ve been entering the wrong keystore password. To get your key hash for Facebook SDK on Ubuntu, run the following command:

In case you don’t have the keytool program yet, you’ll […]

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