Android Development: Permission denied when running ./gradlew in Mac

I’m using a Mac at the moment to work on my Android app projects. For some reason I need to run ./gradlew in the terminal, but I was getting this error: -bash: ./gradlew: Permission denied To fix this, what I did was run the following commands:

After those commands, my Mac downloaded numerous files […]

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Android NetworkOnMainThreadException at StrictMode fix (with deprecated methods used)

A JSON Parser developed by some members of the Android dev team. But a few weeks after completion of the parser, several methods became deprecated. And when we use that parser, we get errors. Part of the stack trace is as follows:

Not sure if the NetworkOnMainThreadException is being thrown because of the deprecated […]

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Android/Java: get variable data type

For some reason you might need to get the data type of your Java variable. Here’s an example of what you can try:

Then do whatever you like with data_type, whose value should be “String”. 🙂

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Get device’s IMEI in Android app development

Here’s the content of my MainActivity class where I log the IMEI of my test device.

You also need to add this permission to your AndroidManifest.xml file:

Place it inside the <manifest></manifest> tag, but same level as <application></application>. Source: How to get the device’s IMEI/ESN programmatically in android?

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Android: open web page in a browser

To open a web page in an Android app, we need to create a new Intent and start a new Activity with it. Here’s a Java method that we can re-use:

Just pass the URL of the web page you’d like to open to this method. Source: How to open a website when a […]

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Android: underline text in your app

When I need to underline text in an app that I’m developing, I like doing it programmatically. The code is in the Java file, not in the XML. Maybe we should make a function for this where we pass the ID of the TextView whose content we’d like to underline.

Disadvantages in this method: […]

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Android transparent overlay without View

We’re not going to use ViewOverlay here. We’ll use Dialog instead. The overlay does not show on button click. What I did was let the overlay appear when the activity is loaded. First, create the XML file for the contents of that dialog overlay. \app\src\main\res\layout\popup_content.xml

Then add the following code into your activity’s Java […]

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