Joy Bus Manila to Baguio (Genesis deluxe bus)

Manila to Baguio bus with CR: Joy Bus (Genesis Bus Deluxe)

We ran out of seats at Victory Liner Deluxe Bus that’s bound for Baguio on our preferred time because we tried to reserve seats only a week before our trip, and our trip was during a long weekend. Oops! My companion’s sister suggested Joy Bus (Genesis Bus Deluxe) instead, which also provides deluxe bus with a CR (comfort room) in the bus, allowing travel with no need for stopover. The lock of the CR door was broken during our Manila to Baguio trip, as well as the one going back to Manila. It’s very inconvenient, but I would reserve a seat at Joy Bus again as long as I’m seated beside the CR so that my companion could watch the door for me while I’m in the CR. :p

Manila to Baguio via Joy Bus

Joy Bus at Avenida had the schedule we wanted and so we reserved our bus seats via We paid for the reservation via bank deposit. There’s a reservation fee, around P30 per seat, but I think it’s worth it because I was able to reserve a seat online. No need to visit a Genesis/Joy Bus terminal.

October 29 at 12:30AM was our Manila to Baguio trip schedule with Joy Bus. Our bus left Avenida terminal at 12:37 AM. The conductor distributed bottled water and blankets. No snack was distributed because according to him, they ran out.

Joy Bus Manila to Baguio (Genesis deluxe bus)

The seats were comfortable and reclinable. They also had seatbelts. I couldn’t sleep in the bus though, because of the rocking of the moving vehicle. I guess it’s a personal issue for me. 😆 I tried to recline my seat all the way, then lifted the foot rest, and tried to sleep. I kept sliding down my seat whenever the bus would stop from a high-speed movement. ^_^ I think that if the seatbelt on my seat wasn’t broken, I wouldn’t have slid down so often.

The lock of the CR was not working. The CR was clean though. It’s like the CR you’d find at airplanes.

Baguio to Manila via Joy Bus

Time to go home! We reserved seats for our Baguio to Manila trip with Joy Bus when we reserved the Baguio-bound seats. The lock of the bus’ CR was still broken. I think we had the same bus that took us to Baguio. But this time, fortunately, our seat was right beside the CR so we could easily warn other people when someone’s occupying the CR. It would be a very uncomfortable moment to open the CR door to find a person with pants down, wouldn’t it? 😆

We also found out that the “WC” text on the CR door is the indicator whether the CR is occupied or not. If it’s yellow, there’s no one in the CR, and if it’s red, it is occupied.

Our Baguio to Manila trip was supposed to be “Baguio to Avenida terminal” but while boarding, we were informed that we will first pass Cubao to let other passengers to go down at that station/terminal. Then the bus would pass Quiapo on its way to Avenida, according to the conductor.

We left 2 minutes early, at 3:58PM.

Also, this time, the conductor gave us snack (Hansel mocha) with the bottled water. Yay! No more blankets this time though. I guess they only give us blankets if the trip is during hours when all passengers are expected to be asleep, like around midnight.

The conductor was maasikaso. I saw him fixing all the curtain gaps so that the bright sunlight don’t hurt the eyes of the passengers. 🙂

We arrived at Avenida terminal around 9:20 PM. Not bad, I think.

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