Manila homemade cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies & more desserts at The Tiny Cakery

Update: We have rebranded into Catzie’s Cakery.

When I’m not busy tapping codes on my keyboard, I either watch anime or bake. And there’s this “tiny” baking business in Manila I’m running, and really have a good time baking for people – friends, family, and even people I haven’t met prior to handing over their ordered desserts.
Last year I launched the official website: The Tiny Cakery, reaching my goal of completing it before year 2016 ends.

Visit website:
Visit website:

Coding it wasn’t easy to me. It’s mostly front-end coding and the masonry grid layout gave me a lot of problem, and combining it with Slick Carousel did not make things simpler due to some conflict.

Here’s an Instagram video demo of what it looked like shortly before I launched the site:

It’s not a high-income business — no, it’s not even a medium-income business. I barely make anything with my The Tiny Cakery income. But I really like what I do there and I like the feeling of fulfilment it provides, so I keep doing it. The time when I needed to upload a price list came due to increased number of price inquiry, and I prepared a one-page website for it last year with a price list being its major component. I knew I had to develop a better website, with product grid including photos that will make people drool (lol), and more informative pages so they know right away how to order.

I worked on the official website later last year in 2016. I won’t call it a “version 2.0” of the older website because I don’t really consider that “price list website” its “official website”.

Catzie coding the Tiny Cakery websiteNext step would be a “baking schedule” calendar where customers will see which days I will be baking the goods, and which days are available for booking a pickup on what available locations in Metro Manila. And after this, I want to add an “Add to Cart” feature, initially with manual payments. I believe that even with manual payments, this will make our lives easier. Instead of long chats with customers, they can simply go to the site, select desired products, select date and time of pickup, and then confirm it with me. After that, they confirm orders by downpayment (standard procedure) and then meet up with me on the set schedule.

Hoping 2017 brings us more freshly baked homemade desserts by The Tiny Cakery, and more convenient ways to order with the help of technology. <3

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