Mac OS X – Sublime Text 2 key bindings suddenly stopped working (SOLVED)

I’m using a Mac Mini with OS X El Capitan (v. 10.11) with Sublime Text v.2.0.2.

Today, Sublime Text shortcuts like Cmd + / (line comment), Cmd + D (multiple selection), Cmd + F (find) and others stopped working. I had no problem with those key bindings before until today.

Based on research, I found that it could be caused by packages installed to Sublime Text. Aha! It could be the GoToClass package that I just installed today! I uninstalled it since I was desperate and the package didn’t work as I need it to anyway. Still no luck, my favorite Sublime Text shortcuts still didn’t work.

I decided to revert my Sublime Text into a clean install. That fixed my key bindings that stopped working.

I’ll show you how.

First, quit Sublime Text 2.

Then remove the “Sublime Text 2” folder that’s located at ~/Library/Application Support/. You may try to do so by running this command in the terminal:

FYI: The backslashes are required to escape the white spaces in file/folder names. rm is the command for removing files/folders. The -rf flag means that we want to remove the folder we specified and all its contents recursively.

Once deleted, run Sublime Text 2 again. You’ll notice that it’s back to its freshly installed state. 🙂

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