IE Tester – see how your web pages look in different versions of IE (Windows Internet Explorer)

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Ahh, it seems that I posted this in our MULPROJ days. ^_^

Yesterday I woke up at 6AM. I wanted to go on with my sleep, but I couldn’t. I suddenly remembered that I haven’t tested in different versions of Internet Explorer the layout design of the website I had to submit for MULPROJ that day. It’s like God woke me up to remind me that I had to test the layout. xD

The version of IE that I am using is the 8th, which is the latest version. That won’t be very helpful if I’d like to test the website layout in previous IE versions, which I expected to support less of my codes. First thing that came into my mind was the IE Tester, which I first learned about because of my schoolmate Alwyn Gan.

IE Tester is a free web browser that allows us to view web pages using the rendering and javascript engines of IE versions 5.5, 6, 7, and 8. We would be able to see how web pages look like in those versions of IE.

Thanks to IE Tester, I realized that my website layout’s transparent PNG’s were not actually transparent in IE 6! Phew. IE 6 does not support transparent PNG images. I found a workaround for that though.

If you’d like to test the website you’re coding in different versions of IE, then you might want to download the browser.

Happy coding!~ 😀


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