Get a Cedula in Sta. Cruz / Manila City Hall (Not available in our barangay hall)

Cedula is a requirement for a place that I’d like to rent. To me, it’s not easy to get because the barangay hall near my address (Santa Cruz, Manila) doesn’t issue Cedula, and the city hall is not close enough to my house for me to avoid being absent from work. I’m assuming city halls only operate on weekdays. I might update this post when (or “if”) I am able to go to Manila City Hall to get Cedula. If I don’t update it, either I submitted a different tax-related document for the place I’m renting, or I totally forgot. Hehe!

Our barangay hall does not issue Cedula

For a couple of days I planned to ask someone at the barangay hall on my address’ street if they issue Cedula, but always failed to stop by because I was too shy to approach the men standing by the entrance to the barangay hall. I have no idea whether they’re barangay officials who are dressed very casually, or just bystanders (tambay). 😆

Maybe you think it’s weird that I’m wondering if the barangay hall is issuing Cedula. Well, that’s because that barangay hall on our street looks a bit shady. Its entrance is placed along a dark, narrow street (eskinita) with numerous men standing by the entrance. And that barangay hall is very tiny… it could be just around 15 square meters, or even smaller! And all around that barangay hall, there are many catcallers (mga nambabastos ng babae sa kalsada).

Today I knew I had to muster up some courage to go there and ask someone no matter what. And I did stop by our barangay hall. Aha! There was only one guy sitting by the entrance. I asked him if he knows if that barangay hall issues Cedula. Lucky, it looked like he is an official, or at least affiliated with the barangay so he knew the answer. Sadly, the answer is NO, the barangay hall on our street does not issue Cedula, just like I thought. He told me I should go to the Manila City Hall to get my Cedula, and said sorry. I thanked him as I left the narrow street… with my anxiety kicking in. Ugh! Now I have to be absent from work for at least half a day to get my Cedula. 🙁

Getting a Cedula at Manila City Hall

For now, I’m refering to this blog post getting my cedula @ manila city hall. Thanks to the author for sharing her experience, at least I have an idea what to do should I go to Manila City Hall to get my Cedula.

Update, November 20, 2016: I went to Manila City Hall 2 days ago (Friday) to get Cedula. There are 2 types of Cedula: class A and class B. Class A is for employed, while class B is for unemployed. The staff asked me to fill out only the following fields: full name, birth date, birth place, address and my signature. He didn’t ask for my income, and charged me 68 pesos total. But he printed my name in wrong spelling, even my street address is in wrong spelling. I’m pretty sure I spelled those out correctly when I filled out the form. Manila City Hall should instruct their staff to properly copy words exactly as filled out by citizens! Ugh. The thing is, I only noticed the incorrectly spelled name when I was already home. Now don’t go blaming me, I woke up extra early that day and was feeling sick and groggy, so left Manila City Hall right after I took a glance at my Cedula. What a waste of time. I hope my Cedula still gets accepted by the company who requested it. There’s only one missing letter in my name anyway. 🙁

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  1. It’s the bureaucracy. This is what lies ahead of us who really wanted to invest/help in our community. You wanted to put up a business so that you could help “others” within your community and yet these things happened.

    It is the only thing why I don’t vote as a sign of protest, though I invested my own software company (town/city business permit, various dept. permits, brgy permit, BIR, DTI (so far DTI is what I like the most because it is somewhat efficient) with my sweat and blood…. this is where it boils down.

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