Free photos for your web and graphic designs

I searched the web for stock photos that are for free. As a graphic designer with low budget, I often need these. I know a lot of other designers need free stock photos too so I decided to share the links I found through this blog.

Most of the sites I found let people use the stock photos for commercial purpose and royalty-free. Some require a link-back or credit to the photographer, and some do not.

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions first, as well as the licenses for each individual photo. 🙂 Some are linked right on the terms page.

If you have other resources to add, please do comment it on this post! Thanks in advance. 😀

  1. ImageAfter
  2. VectorVaco
  3. Morgue File
  4. OpenClipart
  5. SXC
  6. Shutterstock’s Weekly Free Image 😉
  11. ImageAfter

Don’t forget to comment if you know of other free stock photo resources! 🙂

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