Catzie in the office

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Catzie drawing at the office, ready to eat watermelon

I made this drawing two days ago. I didn’t have the chance to make a blog entry for it immediately. What you see in the drawing is a cute version (lol) of me in the office: using the graphic tablet, drawing THIS on Adobe Photoshop, and feeling happy because I was about to eat watermelon. xD I skipped drawing the background because it would take longer for me to finish. The drawing looks as if drawn with a pencil and I like it. 🙂 It’s not a perfect drawing. It has flaws. But I just enjoyed making it.

Today’s my last day of internship at Marketing Valet. Ahhhh. Finally, some vacation! I plan to spend my time fixing my design portfolio and record pending song requests.

Thanks to this internship I got used to taking a train everyday, met new people, and became more inclined to graphic design. 🙂

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