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Inotia 3 – Help killing God of Darkness (Walkthrough)

**WARNING: This guide may spoil your gameplay.

I just beat the God of Darkness in Inotia 3, minutes ago. And guess what? My phone froze and after a few minutes reboot itself. Great, I know. Happens all the time with this game. I have to restart frequently to avoid freezing. The cut-scenes are the usually slow parts of the game. Freezing is nearly impossible to avoid after killing God of Darkness because of the long ending scenes of Inotia 3.

Oh well, looks like I’m gonna have to fight God of Darkness again. If anybody knows of software that would let me play Android/iOS games on a PC, please let me know! It might let me play Inotia 3 without lags and freezing. And that would mean more Inotia 3 guides/walkthroughs in my blog. :D

Anyways, here are some tips that I can share.

There are times when you cannot damage God of Darkness. And that is when one of your party members is bound by shackles. What you need to do is attack the shackles until 0 HP, and then you can hurt God of Darkness. He will bind a character from time to time.

Prior to facing God of Darkness in battle, I stocked up as many Healing Potions (Large) and Resurrection Scrolls as I can. My characters died many times, especially in the second part of the battle when God of Darkness summoned clones of my party members. Second part didn’t take very long though.

My party members, by the way, were a Rogue (Lucio), a Shadow Hunter (mercenary), and a Priest (Ameli) in levels ranging 42-44.

That’s all the “killing Inotia 3 God of Darkness” tips I have for now. They’re the only ones that helped me in the battle. If I get new ideas on my second fight I’ll just add them here. I wish I could kill God of Darkness fast enough this time so I can save before my Android device freezes! Whew.


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